Selenski’s Former Attorneys React To New Charges

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Hugo Selenski, his court-appointed attorney, Shelley Centini, and private investigator and former Pittston police officer, James Sulima, all face charges ranging from witness intimidation to solicitation of perjury.

According to the state attorney general's office, Selenski wrote letters threatening witnesses, in some cases telling them to lie, in his upcoming double murder trial in Luzerne County, which were shown to those witnesses by both Centini and Sulima.

Centini is a partner at the Dyller law firm in Wilkes-Barre.

Attorney Barry Dyller released this statement about the charges:

"I have complete confidence Shelley is innocent of all charges. I'm sad for Shelley, I'm sad for the Commonwealth itself, that it chose to charge an innocent person."

"I know Shelley Centini for quite a number of years, I know and I have employed Jim Sulima as an investigator. I have always found them to be very ethical, very aggressive, a very good lawyer and a very good investigator," said Demetrius Fannick.

Fannick was Hugo Selenski's attorney during his 2006 trial when Selenski was found not guilty of killing two people.

Selenski is still awaiting trial on charges he killed two other people.

Fannick said he and Selenski got along well.

Fannick keeps a picture in his Kingston office that Selenski drew in prison showing himself breaking out.

Hugo Selenski used bedsheets knotted together to escape the Luzerne County correctional facility in 2003. He turned himself in three days later.

"Nothing that Hugo did or allegedly did or is accused of would ever surprise me. He's almost a legend, a cult-hero. "

According to state investigators, Centini and Sulima met with at least five witnesses and on at least one occasion provided a witness with money.

Those investigators said Centini and Sulima met at least four of those witnesses at an eatery in Larksville and later the threatening letters were hidden or destroyed.

"Shelley and I tried a case together a few years ago. She was my co-counsel. There's no question, she's very smart. She's academically inclined. She knows the law and she works hard at what she does," said attorney John Pike.

John Pike was co-counsel for Hugo Selenski during his 2006 trial and remained his attorney until 2011.

In paperwork, an investigator for the state attorney general wrote, "The grand jury notes that Selenski's legacy of violence is not his burden but rather his weapon, which he effectively uses to bludgeon anyone who would speak out against him. "

"He never asked me to do anything that I thought was inappropriate," said Pike.


  • Hollie

    There are millions of “officers of the law” guilty of unethical behaviors all the time. They think they are God on Earth, who are untouchable when they are really working for the Devil. Maybe Selenski smooth Attorney Centini over with his “charm”, everyone says he has, making her fall romantically for him. As we all know this would not be the first time this has happened.

    I never thought my child would allow my millionaire sexual predator to pay her attorney bills to keep my grandchildren from me neither, but she did! I never thought my first attorney would take a bribe from him neither, but he did! Then he unethically stupidly ignored me not signing a Precipe to Withdrawal from Counsel until months later I did not sign until 2 months later.

    During all those months I have proof he refused to represent me, as the Judge never asked why he was unethically not representing me. This is against the law! If an attorney does not want to represent you, they and the client must sign the Withdrawal form, but this was not done until months later.

    Then when I signed the Withdrawal form because the Prothonotary’s office informed me he would still get my legal papers since he still is LEGALLY my attorney, I stupidly signed the form. Then the unethical Judge told me in writing to go get an attorney, but I find it no a coincidence for months he did not say this.

    He waited until I signed that form hindering me from seeing my grandchildren for over a year until I found one to represent me. Then they were stricken with an illness resulting in them closing their practice. I went to another attorney, who I am pretty sure took a bribe also as they were doing things behind my back smiling in my face knowing they just did the opposite of what I told them to do.

    What attorney do you know only charges a retainer fee of $1K for over 25 hrs of service? A corrupt one that’s who! Then I get a phone call from a friend overhearing another client of his screaming in another attorney’s office stating that same attorney took a bribe from his exes’ rich family. I contacted that attorney, who informed me I was on the right path with the AG reports.

    But, it’s okay! They underestimated my extreme intelligence they were obviously not aware of and my kid thought the predator’s money would rule over my intelligence. I have the power of excellent writing skills, shorthand, a memory like an elephant, and I keep ALL paperwork.

    Corrupt people are not going to come out and say, “Hey, you know the other day I made $10K off this stupid client, who put all their trust in me. They also are not going to say, “You know, I had sex with that client and it was awesome. They are really misunderstood and I am in love with them.”

    So do not ever say NEVER! This is how our corrupt judicial system works, but it appears some are getting theirs back ten folds. So AG office, here I come bringing down this county as they deserve! They messed with the wrong grandparent and their beloved grandchildren.

    What hurts the worse is my “child” teaming up with my predator, who they know, sexually abused me when I was just a little child. The predator wants revenge on me for telling everyone in a letter what he did to his half-siblings, cousins, and God only knows who else.We all know what it says about Revenge and Predators in the Bible!

    • mike

      your posting did not exhibit your “extreme intelligence.” Instead, your rambling missive exhibited the necessity of seeking medical attention.

      • hollie

        Mike, I knew there was going to be one or a few idiots who read my post of truth as rambling. To you it may be rambling. To me and others its the truth. You obviously do not know the truth sometimes cannot be put in a few words especially when you are dealing with a corruption case. Your intelligence shows by not starting off a sentence with a capital letter. Riding that short school bus must have been tough on you. I am so sorry for your lack of intelligence due to no brain.

  • Bill D.

    I also can’t see a professional who went to school for this long to become an attorney, giving up her life and career for the likes of Hugo either! Money is usually a motivator to be dirty, but what the hell could they possible get from Hugo? Just saying, hard to believe!

  • Bill D.

    I find it very hard to believe that Jimmy Sulima would be dumb or crazy enough to destroy his career and life by intimidating a witness for the likes of Hugo Selenski!

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