Officer To Be Charged In Crash Death

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Investigators announced Monday afternoon that they plan to file homicide charges against a Williamsport police officer involved in a crash that killed a man.

According to state police, Officer Jonathan Deprenda will be charged with homicide by motor vehicle and involuntary manslaughter.

Troopers said Deprenda was involved in a crash while responding to help another officer. They said he was traveling 88 MPH when he collided with James Robinson earlier this month.  Robinson was killed in the crash.

State police said Deprenda will be arraigned Tuesday morning.


  • Inger DiGirolamo

    An officer has to make a split second decision if he needs to use his gun and if and when he does it is questioned and scrutinized. Responding to aid another officer must now also thought about. I feel terrible for what happened, but to charge the officer with homicide?

  • sue

    He should be charged, doing 88 mph on a city street is uncalled for. I feel sad by this whole situation, but the officer has to face the consequences of what he did. This decision is hard too, due to my dad being a retired police officer.

  • jamesblaker

    I think that’s awesome that the cops getting charged with his murder it’s about time they are held accountable for their actions James is never coming back this guy needs to go to prison to be away from his family so they can see how it feels to lose somebody

    • Mike

      Jamesblaker you are a moron. Please don’t ever call 911 or ask for police assistance for anything. I hope the next time you have some sort of “accident” that you can somehow be charged criminally for whatever it is!! I mean since obviously if a cop does it that it’s no longer an accident and must be somehow purposely done right?!? you sir are an idiot!

  • Mike Sue

    i dont feel the officer should be charged as he is. it was an accident and accidents happen. he was doing his job. i feel sorry for the robinson family, but i also feel sorry for the officer. he will have to deal the best he can with what has happend.. enough pain and suffering has come about. no need for any more.

  • joe

    This is Williamsport even if he is convicted he will keep his Job just like the other officer that was convicted of theft and he kept his Job..

  • Robyn

    Thankful it wasn’t me or a family member in the police officers position…..we would of been charged with murder.

  • adam

    I don’t think he did it maliciously and was doing it to help another officer but that particular road is not one you want to be doing 88mph on no matter what time of day.
    there should be some punishment though regardless of him being a cop. and by him being charged i take it that they feel he didn’t follow proper procedures.

  • dirt dogg

    I think they overcharged on the homicide so they have wiggle room to plea it down. He’s a lousy driver for sure but that hardly makes him a “bad cop”.

  • ron polcyn

    its about time that some of these cops are found guilty of the crimes they commit some cops think because they wear a badge they can do what ever they want its about time somebody put them in there place this was an innocent man that died because a cops poor judgement thank you i was raised by a police officer and cops should not do this my grandfather was a good cop and a good man thank you

    • April Woo

      Don’t celebrate, yet. He’s only been CHARGED…He hasn’t been CONVICTED. I really hope justice is served. I somehow think he’ll get off with a slap on the wrist, though. Either way, I feel a civil suit coming on.

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