Moosic Diner Reopens with a Fresh New Look

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MOOSIC -- An eatery in Lackawanna County opened it's doors again, this time with a new look and attitude.

The Moosic Diner reopened in December under new management.  The diner closed last November, after the owners started a catering business in Taylor.

The owners asked Bernie O'Brien, the former chef at Bruticos, to take over the diner.

The diner has a new look, new menus and a new policy for customers.

"My policy is we say no to no one.  Whatever they want, whatever they need.  That's what I'm going to do," said O'Brien.

Chef O'Brien said all of the food served at the diner is homemade.


  • Bobbi

    Yeah the G. family really blew it!!! They had a gold mine going and because of their greediness and being cheap they ran off the best thing they ever had!!! Karma is doing it’s work now…

  • Bobbi

    The true ‘owners’ screwed up after charging $8000 a month rent to the former mgt.for over 10 years and wouldn’t cooperate or put a nickel in the place to fix anything… The former mgt. of this diner left to open Lucca’s restaurant in Taylor at the former Family Affair site. The food is excellent at Lucca’s!! The place is packed for a reason… I am not the least bit surprised by the above comment either…

  • Disgusted

    I was a regular patron of the Moosic Diner. The new management had it closed for about a month and I was quite surprised to see not much had changed. The food however, has become downright awful. The parking lot is more empty each day I drive by. It’s sad that such a staple with so many possiblities has turned so bad.

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