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State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

Dancing Man Recovering After Being Hit By SUV

EAST STROUDSBURG — A man known in the Stroudsburg area for dancing around town is recovering after being hit by an SUV.

Dequan Waters-Smith is taking a break from dancing around the Stroudsburg area. He had surgery after being hit by an SUV on Friday.

Police are investigating but say the driver is likely not at fault.

With crutches by his side, Dequan Waters-Smith is taking it easy and staying off his feet. He’s recovering at his home near East Stroudsburg.

On Friday, he got hit by an SUV with a plow on the front and suffered a broken leg.

“I didn’t see anything.  I just felt the motion of me flying in the air, pretty much,” Smith said.

Many people in the Stroudsburg area may recognize Dequan. Newswatch 16 profiled the young man who is known in as “The Dancing Guy.”

On Friday, Dequan was walking on Cranberry Road on his way to visit a friend in East Stroudsburg.

“Pretty much, I was doing my normal route.”

Police say an SUV with a plow attached to the front came up from behind and hit him. Dequan says the next thing he knew, he was on the ground on his back with people surrounding him.

“I was trying to remain calm. I was holding the lady’s hand and they put blankets over me.”

Dequan says he was walking on Friday morning when he was hit by a plow on Cranberry Road. Police say by law you should walk against traffic, but police say that day, Dequan was walking across the street with traffic.

As police investigate, they are learning Dequan wasn’t following the rules of the road.

“A Blazer actually, with a plow on it, was approaching him and a school bus was coming in the opposite direction and unfortunately for Mr. Waters-Smith, he was not on the shoulder,” said Stroud Area Regional Police Captain Brian Kimmins.

Dequan’s former coworkers at Cluck University Chicken in East Stroudsburg heard about the incident and hope he makes a full recovery.

“We just hope he recovers quickly,” said manager Robert O’Hara.

“I was just hoping everything was OK and he’s make a speedy recovery,” said coworker Danny Roos.

Police are still investigating. It’s unknown if anyone will be cited.

Police want to remind everyone by law you must walk against traffic at all times.


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