Accused Prison Guard Fired

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SCRANTON — A corrections officer at the Lackawanna County prison, accused of raping four inmates, has been fired.

Officials say Joe Black of Dickson City was let go Friday after a hearing.

Earlier this month, he was charged with raping four female inmates and sexually assaulting three others at the prison between 2002 and 2011.

The investigation began more than two years ago.

Black had been suspended with pay up until he was fired Friday.


  • Hammertime

    They must of had some good evidence to fire him before being convicted. So have fun on the other side creeper!

    • Eye4aneye

      You call him a scum bag . They don’t tell you the one girl he dated . The other girls just see money signs . You think these girls in jail are upstanding cpeople . Come on wake up !!!!!

      • Carol

        The one girl he dated?…. This is the County Prison, not Christian Mingle! He was hired to do a job, not to coerce sex from inmates when he’s in a position of power.

    • Sundown

      I am sure they did not convict a member of law enforcement on the fly! if he got away with it, there would be whining going on here too! he is a big fat POS who thinks he’s all that..NOT! @Carol, lol!

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