A Look Back at the Selenski Saga

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A bombshell dropped in Harrisburg on Monday involving one of our area’s most notorious criminals, Hugo Selenski.

Selenski’s attorney Shelley Centini and private investigator James Sulima are now accused of intimidating witnesses in Selenski’s upcoming double murder case.

A grand jury presentment said they delivered threatening letters from Selenski to at least five witnesses expected to testify against Selenski at his murder trial in March.

Selenski is locked up. Centini and Sulima were arraigned and released.

The Selenski saga is a real life drama that has played out like a feature film right before our eyes.

In 2003, authorities discovered bodies buried in a shallow grave on Selenski’s property in Luzerne County.

After the gruesome discovery in Kingston Township, Selenski's next address was the Luzerne County jail, at least for a while.

The murder suspect bragged that the jail would never hold him, and a few months later he made good on that boast in one of the most audacious jail breaks Newswatch 16 has ever seen.

For three days, the jailbreak made national news.

The murder suspect, Hugo Selenski, was on the run, and there was much speculation as to where he might be.

He could have been everywhere and anywhere from Mexico to Canada.

In the end, Selenski didn't get very far.

In 2009, after Selenski beat his first murder rap in Luzerne County, he went on trial in Monroe County where the charges stuck.