Shoppers Remain Wary of Possible Retail Data Breach

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DICKSON CITY -- Arts and crafts retailer Michaels may be the latest chain store to suffer a security breach, but customers in Dickson City shopped at the store on Sunday despite a possible attack.

"Well, I'll definitely be paying cash today and I'll be thinking twice before I use my debit card at a lot of stores," said Courtney Davies of Greentown.

Some shoppers hadn't heard the news.

"I found out about it when I left the store, after using my credit card," said Maria Wilson of Dalton.

This isn't the first possible security breach at a retail store. Just a few weeks ago, Target had a similar issue, but shoppers in Dickson City said they're still coming out to both stores.

"The chances of you being the person who gets their identity stolen isn't actually that great," said Dana Reese of Fleetville.

"I think it's just a concern with using credit or debit while shopping, or using the internet. If you use any form of payment other than cash, you're taking your chances. I just assume there's no privacy anyway," added Wilson.

The CEO of the company said the investigation is still ongoing, and they cannot determine if any customers have been affected.

Shoppers said they hope it doesn't happen at another store.

"There some sort of attack on retailers or something? Yeah, I don't know it does really surprise me," said Davies.

The retailer has released a statement regarding the investigation.

For more information, click here or call 1- 877-412-7145.


  • JK

    Moral of the story is use cash. Sheeple have been fed the bank’s lie that cards are safer than carrying cash. BS! Your chances of being mugged carrying cash are very low, but the chances of being gouged by the bank’s fees and also fraud combined are higher. How many read all those pages of tiny light gray print that come with your card? And direct deposit? Yey! The money gets put in your account so thieves have quick access with your stolen id. Trust me been there done that! Some things are best done old school! And no, the banks aren’t all that quick or helpful in fixing up the mess THEIR system makes of your life when it happens because it is more money for them to continue in their ways!

      • JK

        Yes you are assuming and you know what is said of those who assume.. Nowhere did I say keep money in a mattress. There are other ways of doing things besides what is offered by the corpgov/govcorp one and the same…learn to think for yourself and explore the world outside your narrow view of how things “have always been done”. Start doing what’s best for you and not what everyone else does trying to be one of the herd.

    • ryry

      Sounds like you had a bad bank. With our bank, if your money is stolen out of your account, its put back in a few days. Our account was flagged as compromised, and they sent a new card out. No action required on our part. We have fees, but you just avoid being charged them. We have never paid any fees to our bank. And if your mugged, you never see it again.

      • JK

        If you are mugged. not your. Also it wasn’t just one bank. Also in both cases it was the banks error (twice in eight years time). They admitted to their errors but wouldn’t fix it. You don’t know the whole story, so don’t try to tell me how it was, you weren’t there. Also there are myriad voices added to mine so I know I’m not alone in my experiences. Well wishes for your continued charmed life.

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