Road Closure Causing Problems

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WRIGHT TOWNSHIP -- Sunday's snow is making getting around even tougher for folks dealing with a road closure and detour in part of Luzerne County.

Route 437 is the most direct way to get from Mountain Top to the Poconos.

But frozen groundwater buckled the pavement and forced PennDOT to close the road.

Alyssa Davis works at P and D pet supply in Mountain Top, but lives in White Haven. Normally her commute is a cinch.

However, when buckling pavement forced PennDOT to close 437 and detour drivers down Tunnel Road, Allysa's ride got a little rougher

"The first time I came through there, actually I was stuck behind a 53 foot tractor trailer, so that was a little scary coming through Tunnel Road, cause it is very narrow.

Authorities said since the problem was caused by frozen ground water, repairs will have to wait until the weather is warmer. For now, traffic must follow the four mile detour, adding 10 to 15 minutes to a trip.

Route 437 is the most direct route from Mountian Top to the Poconos and points east. Josh Detweiler lives along the detour and said traffic has doubled on Tunnel Road which has twists, turns, and plenty of potholes.

"This is starting to get a lot of potholes here. You throw in the extra traffic. It is not good for the road," said Detweiler of Dennison Township.

Some drivers have been ignoring the detour, and taking 437 anyway, something local police said has to stop.

The White Haven Police Department has posted warnings on its Facebook page, and handed out citations to more than a dozen drivers. Officers said anyone caught on the closed road will be slapped with a $150 fine.

However some folks are finding silver linings in the situation.

Tom Hollock lives right on 437.

"Less traffic, easier to get out of your house," said Hollock.

Then there is Tom Allegretto whose restaurant, Charlie Weaver's, is tucked away on Tunnel Road in a spot that is somewhat secluded.

He's hoping all the new traffic brings more exposure and hopefully some hungry drivers.

"The secret is out, that's what I am hoping, the secret is out," said Allegretto.


  • Jon

    I commute from MtTop to Allentown everyday. I timed the detoured (Tunnel Road) route and Rt 309 to I80 route. Even though the Rt309 to I80 route is more distance, it is actually 2 minutes quicker. With that route there are no bone jarring potholes and it is much safer in my opinion. It adds about 8 additional miles to my commute and about 10 more minutes. My advice, take the Rt309 to I80 route.

  • Laura Yeager Bolinsky

    I have been coming to Charlie Weavers restaurant since I was a little girl. Had my first Shirley temple there and many great memories of going out to eat with my parents and grandparents!!! My Nana always wanted to get their cole slaw recipe!! Delish!!! The food is always amazing and I am so glad it has been around for so many years!! I look forward to bringing my daughters in to create the same special memories !! I hope this article brings them more customers!! They derserve it!!!

  • Jane

    Charlie Weavers is one of White Haven’s best kept secrets! (Well until now ) A family friendly restaurant, excellent food, hospitality, and owner that truly cares about customer satisfaction! Come on out and enjoy yourself while supporting a local business :)

  • Jenn

    Its sad that people have to post negative comments on a public bulletin board especially in a time that everyone including restaurants such as Charlie Weavers are hurting. From my own experience Charlie Weavers is a hidden gem where else can you go for a 16oz prime rib (delicious may I add) with two sides for such a great price ? I guess when you are used to eating garbage you would think Charlie Weavers food is awful but for people with a gourmet palette their food is great . :)

  • Alice

    Linda, you are surely not talking about the Charlie Weavers we frequent. Great food, great prices, and great people who take care of you! No one leaves this restaurant hungry or dissatisfied and most have a doggie bag to carry home.

    • Brenda G

      Linda, I am not an employee at Charlie Weaver’s, but my husband and I frequent there often for the great food and their staff who always make us feel welcome. It saddens me that you choose a public forum such as this to slander a great restaurant. I tend to agree with Bob, if you cannot say anything nice, please say nothing at all.

  • Norm Warner

    The road closure is a problem but it provides an opportunity to see other sights on the way to Mountain Top such as Charlie Weavers Restaurant. My family loves the great food and friendly atmosphere. In this fast pace world sometimes you need to take a detour to relax and enjoy different places such as Charlie Weavers.

  • Judi

    Charlie Weavers is an excellent place to eat. The atmosphere is cozy and homey. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. The food is delicious and when he brings out the smoker and smokes his meat, there is nothing better. Anyone passing by should definitely make it a point to stop in.

  • Elizabeth

    Not sure that Linda was at the right place.. Charlie’s has amazing food, and I totally agree that it is one of the best kept secrets that needs more exposure. Everything is prepared fresh, and the prime rib is to die for. Very family friendly, And the staff is very friendly as well. Just has to add my on two sense.. Tom is a great guy that has come out many times just to say hi and insure our meals were prepared to our liking.
    As for the road, hopefully this inconvenience will give them time to fix the problem correctly already.

  • Diane

    Won’t mind taking the detour. A chance to stop in Charlie Weavers, say hello to good friends and have great food. Always a nice time at the end of a long day.

    • Walter White

      Lake Francis Road? Are you kidding? That’s like driving on the moon. It washed out in the winter of 1995 and hasn’t been fixed since.

    • Bob

      For my money this is the best keep secret in the area. Tommy has the best prime rib and fillet mignon anywhere and the smoker is putting out some great bar b que ribs. Check it out sometime and Linda, remember the old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anythig at all.”

    • Sharon

      Linda obviously your palate is in need of repair. The food is worth traveling 2000 miles for which is what I do. Quality, excellence of preparation and price outweigh your worthless comment.

  • Joe

    This problem has been going on there for YEARS! Look at all of the money that could have been saved if PennDOT addressed the problem before repaving that section of road. Instead, the detour takes you on the County owned Tunnel Road. All I can say about that is how can a road become worse after the county workers patch the potholes?

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