POL Outdoor Club

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We're saying goodbye to the barrel in the cabin and starting the POL Outdoor Club for future product giveaway's.  Learn how to get your number and your membership card for the POL Outdoor Club.


  • garfield tuttle

    I would like to know where all the money from the casinos and gas wells is going ?. they say our state is in financial trouble. they keep cutting programs

  • Bob Carvello

    In answer to your survey: I’m running a business I don’t need anything done do I hire someone just because I can get them for $7.39 an hour?
    Or I’m running a business and I need boxes moved from point “a” to point “b”. I have nobody available to move them. Do I just sit back and lose money and let the boxes stay where they are or do I pay somebody $10 an hour to move them? If I pay the $10 can I write the salary paid off my taxes from the profits made by moving the boxes? The problem cost of an employee is not what you pay them an hour but rather the benefits and taxes you pay. This gave berth to the Associate and consultant game now played.
    It’s a silly question! Anybody who has been in business knows that if you have work that has to be done you pay as little as you can but you’ll pay as much as you have to get the job done as long as a profit is gained absorbing any loss in profit or passing the cost on to achieve your margin..

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