Pressure is on to Repeal Biggert-Waters Act

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MUNCY -- Pressure is on for lawmakers to reverse a flood insurance law.

People in part of Lycoming County keep putting pressure on the federal government to reverse the law that's causing flood insurance to skyrocket.

About 100 property owners met near Muncy on Saturday and said something must be done to keep insurance rates down.

Lawmakers in Washington approved the change in 2012 because the national flood insurance program was billions of dollars in the hole.

Even Congressman Tom Marino, a Republican from the Williamsport area, voted for the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act. Now, Congressman Marino has introduced legislation to repeal it.

Jeff Waltman of Muncy said his flood insurance went from nearly $600 per year, to $9,000 per year, and he refuses to pay it.

"A lot of stress, a lot of stress. It's probably going to be a lot more stressful until a resolution happens here," said Waltman.


  • Squandered Youth

    People of Pennsylvania: this reform would have been passed already if your Senator Toomey hadn’t blocked it. He may do so again today. It would beh helpful if, you, as his constituents, made it clear to him that he is hurting you and that you don’t appreciate it.

    • B D Bailey

      You’re kidding, right? He’s fighting to keep rates from rising by a factor of ten times or more!! THAT is what would REALLY hurt the people of Penn. and the whole US! This was another example of passing laws with no clue as to what the effect would be.
      This turkey needs killing.

  • Michaelene Shirey

    I am a small business owner and I must close my store due to the rise in insurance. Although my business is not directly involved to the insurance increase my personal finances are affected. I must seek full time employment in order to pay the increased insurance rates. I am concerned about all the future ramifications this increase in insurance will produce. Perhaps this is the straw and breaks the camel’s back to the fall of our economy.

    • Mary Bristol

      My grand daughter, my son,and my husband and many other people from the Trout Run area are also affected by this. My grand daughter bought her home after this Biggert Waters act was passed but of course, she was not aware of this. Her home has never, not even in 1996, had any flood water even in the basement. It is so frustrating to not be able to do anything. Congress can just pass this without even a thought about the affects. She was paying 1200 a year and it just went up to 1550 and that is without FEMA tacking on the 7000 that we were told they would be charged. I realize that we are not the only people affected but you would hope that we could get some help resolving this. I have talked to some of our senators and they just tell me that it is federal law and they have to abide by it. We realize this but if you don’t have the money to pay for it then I guess you loose your home. Then the lost tax base will affect the other tax payers in the area.

  • Tony

    This reform was part of a much larger bill that basically was the authorization to allow the federal government to transfer money that it received from fines levied on BP for the oil spill in the gulf to states that paid for cleanup. This is a great example of why we need line item veto. This is exactly how pork barrel projects get funded by hiding these bills inside of a much larger bill that may have nothing to do with each other subject wise.


    Did they Vote for this before they read it , so they could find out what was in it?

    Sounds like the scam to raise rates to make Insurance companies rich is similar to Obama Care making Insurance Companies rich.

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