Robber Sentenced for Holding Up Three Banks

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HAZLETON -- A bank robber who wore a surgical mask to commit the crime was sentenced Thursday in Luzerne County.

Shawn Kelley of Hazleton held up three banks in the Hazleton area within a matter of days back in 2012.

Kelley was sentenced to just over eight years in prison.

At the sentencing in Wilkes-Barre, the defense said Kelley's robbed the banks to sustain a heroin addiction.


  • m James, Columbia County

    Marijuana should not be legalized, it certainly didn’t help alcohol when itwas legalized, which is now some of our biggest social prolems – alcoholism and DUI”s..The same thing will happen if they legalize marijuana..

  • Sundown

    So some low-life brandishing a gun gets out in 8 years and does it all over again? Hopefully he can be reconditioned…Violent criminals need more time served!

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