Results to Marijuana Legalization Poll

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A CNN poll earlier this year showed that 55% of Americans support making marijuana legal for adults.

That poll supports a Gallup poll in 2013 that came up with almost identical results.

That was the first Gallup poll where the majority of Americans favored such legislation since the polling service started posing the marijuana question back in 1969.

Newswatch 16 wanted to see how our viewers felt on the topic so we asked you to take a poll.

Here are the results:

Nearly 15,000 votes were counted.

  • 79% think marijuana should be legalized for all adults.
  • 9% think marijuana should be decriminalized for medical use.
  • 12% think marijuana should remain illegal.

Thank you to the thousands who weighed in.


  • joey

    And for anyone who would like to throw the “gateway drug” argument out there, federal websites have even refuted that myth. The schizophrenia possibilities…less than 1%? But anti depressants are legal when they cause people to have homicidal ideations. Paranoia? ..yea from getting caught. Munchies? So what? Latest research shows regularnusers don’t show any abnormal weight increase for some reason. Alcohol: go out partying and go to bars not knowing what you’re doing. Cannabis: sit home with friends, a pizza, and watch TV

  • cronic pain

    Lets see keep it illegal spend billions trying to get it off the streets OR make it legal and make billions in taxes hmmm fg

  • Someguydie

    Either way I’m still gonna smoke everyday, it doesn’t limit your potential unless you make the decision that your gonna be lazy and do nothing. Legalize 2014

    • J. Pudish

      Agree with you on this one. I own a business, went to college for a BA in software development, have and keep up a CDL, Have 4 kids, pay my taxes, bills, and buy all the food for everyone in my household. Clean, cook, do all my own work on my vehicles. Well i guess im not lazy. And I make plenty of money. More then most I know that do not smoke.

  • Brenda

    I have chronic pain, and I would rather smoke a bowl then be addicted to pain pills. Booze ruins more lives. Legalize

  • sinsibility

    A lot of people in PA use marijuana safely, privately, and without causing any harm whatsoever. They do not deserve to be stigmatized or criminally prosecuted when they do so responsibly.

    Having it legal allows public discussion that begins to do away with the misinformation that has lead to all the irrational fear about it.

    While you might not ever use it yourself, it has been around you all of your life. It’s not going away, so let’s get it where responsible use can be defined, understood, and reasonably regulated.

  • Albert Hoffman

    Would you really rather see a someone get feed pharmaceutical addictive drugs or would you rather see someone eat a brownie or some a few doobies or a non addictive harmless natural organic earth?
    really think about it medical all day legalize

    • Sean

      “A growing body of research show that marijuana can cause a true addiction syndrome encompassing both physical and emotional dependence.” “One of the main reasons people deny experiencing withdrawal symptoms is that their onset is often delayed for several days or weeks after cessation of use.” “Urine tests of chronic marijuana users can remain positive for three weeks to several months.” (Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs (Inaba, D.S. & Cohen, W.E. 2011, CNS Productions, Inc. www.

  • PreBigBanger for John Hanger for Governor of PA

    Full Legalization for Adults is the only way to free us from the pharmaceutical companies’ grip.

    Plus, today’s medical marijuana regulations are getting it wrong again, by demonizing THC, an essential part of daily health and healing.

    Some people have reported getting CBD headaches, since the medicine has low-to-no THC.

    Don’t let politicians write arbitrary laws about your CBD/THC ratio, when most of them don’t even know what these components mean.

    Pharmaceutical companies want to maintain control and force us to pay them for a plant that we could grow easily in our backyards.

    Vote for full legalization for adults; let us grow our own medicine.

  • e

    I have always found it amusing how the majority of the local population, whom are alcoholics, tries to put down anyone who smokes marijuana so they can feel better about themselves and their violent habit. Again these are things that define Northeast Pa. LOL.

  • Drew Pizzo

    Let’s gather around God’s Plant and celebrate the end of prohibition for marijuana. Go Green America.

  • JIM


  • Barbara Walter

    I think if you want 2 smoke it u should be able 2 . Everyone over 21 is able 2 drink legal. Well I think if or over 21 u should be able 2 smoke it legal. Well now if u smoke u have 2 buy it of drug dealers that’s making the money why not make it legal& let the state make the money 2 help fix the roads & help get us out of the debts that we r in ? I have a bad back & a lot of other troubles so if I can get it I smoke it & it helps me that I can relax & then get some sleep when I don’t I don’t sleep good & that’s most of the time I might smoke 3 or 4 times a month . Well years ago when it was easy 2 get back in the 60 I really didn’t like it I tryed it sometimes or I smoked it when I was with a bunch of friends that did I did it then but it was a lot easier 2 get & not as much bs as now. If they made it legal the jails wouldn’t b over full & they might get the people that really needs 2 b in there like the people that rapes ,kills or many other things than light up . If we want it we get it some how so it should b made legal. If u drink that’s fine but light up a joint that’s not fine . W ell that is wrong Cruz most people that drinks drive & they can kill a love 1 I lost a good friend over someone that was drinking & I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who did but I know people that drives after they smoking & they drive safe. So I think they should make it legal so alot of people can b able 2 smoke & not b in pain. So if u have it light up & smoke if I did I would do it but I don’t have any right now back in the days who ever had it would share it now if they have it they try 2 keep it for them self cuz its hard 2 get 4 some people. So puff puff pass 4 all of us

      • Mike

        Illiteracy has nothing to do with the effects of pot. The people on here who cannot spell or use correct punctuation were illiterate before they started smoking weed. So don’t try and make a case point that smoking marijuana causes brain damage or whatever you were getting at, Jeff.

        Ignorance and illiteracy starts at our sub-par joke of a public school system that lowers the bar for passing students, thus cutting many people short of a decent education. That’s if they’re not busy skipping class to go get high *rollseyes*.

        Like many have said before, do your homework before you get schooled. If you don’t know the pro’s and con’s of marijuana use and come here stating it should be illegal than you are more ignorant than the illiterate wellfare smokers who just know it makes them feel better.

        More research needs to be done to better understand the other minor cannabinoids and their medicinal properties. The plant is nothing short of a miracle. For pain relief, It’s up to 25-50% more effective than morphine without the harmful side effects. That’s just one reason it should be legal. It’s safer. Give me one good reason it should be illegal. You can’t.

        To the guy who said drug dealers will just switch to selling harder stuff if it becomes legal, well that might be true for some of them, but many people who only sold pot prior to legalization will probably still sell pot after legalization, without accountability. A fewer percentage of those people will probably attempt to open their own smoke shops, selling it legally and paying taxes like they should. Switching to harder substances has more to do with lack of proper education and unemployment. It’s the money they are after, not the propagation of the drug cartels opiates. If they had money they wouldn’t be selling a highly addictive, highly illegal substance that will eventually land them behind bars.

        People need to stop with the gateway drug argument, seriously. It’s not a gateway to selling harder stuff, it’s not a gateway to your kids trying harder stuff. ALCOHOL is the real gateway drug. Once I started drinking I started doing cocaine. I’m fortunate to still have enough braincells to tell me to stop, and I did. I’ve been sober for about 2 years.

        Marijuana is a billion dollar industry which is continuing to grow and is here to stay. Get used to it. If you’re smart, try and make some money off it. Don’t be stupid.

  • Meg

    We waste so much money prosecuting people for selling and smoking pot when we could use those resources elsewhere. In addition, if it were taxed highly then the country could actually make money off of!

  • J. Pudish

    Its people like this take makes the US the way it is. I’m guessing you voted for Obama to. Am I right? You really need to stop listening to everyone that opposes it and gather your own information. Maybe some of us are Liberals. “open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values” Yes maybe some of us are. I know I believe I should have the right to do what I wish without someone like you telling me when I can wipe my but. You don’t like it. Don’t smoke it. But I do have to say you are the minority here. Way out numbers by millions across the US. And also by people much larger power then our local government.Corbett can veto all he wants. It just hurts him more in the long run. It will get passed and it will be soon. They can not look away from the numbers.

    As I said you are the minority here. Regardless of what we are. It doesn’t matter what party you are from. Republican, Democrat, Liberals, or any of the others. There are people who support it. Me im about being free. Free from people that tell me how to run my life. If its a live and learn experience. Let me learn on my own. I don’t need someone to do it for me.

    Seems like you don’t even really know what marijuana is what it does’t or what the benefits are.

    I think that makes you the idiot here.

  • Patrice

    I feel it’s about time. Does more good then bad in my eyes. Helps people with cancer and give them an appetite so they can eat when the disease and treatments are making them sick. The cannabis has been proven to give them the ability to eat, giving them a chance to a better life. My son has ADHD and anxiety and it helps him get through the day. It gives him hope and he knows it does more good then bad. It has been proven it helps people that have seizures. This plant has been around for along time and it has more benefits then negatives. It is all natural and it is not altered like all this other drugs that are destroying lives. There is no documented cases of anyone dying or overdosing on this natural plant. Makes people relaxed, happy and creative. It is another herb that grows for our benifit like parsley, thyme, basil, rosemary ect. I feel our jails need to be filled with real criminals not for a plant that does good things. When something is illegal that is why we have drug dealers and crime. If this is legalize not only will people benifit but so will the Goverment. Money from this will help out country get out of dept. Like the gold rush now we have a green rush and this is more beneficial for man kind.

  • Sean

    Okay would you want someone behind the wheel smoking pot or the person doing your heart surgery or the dentist doing your root cannel? How about a parent who smokes weed and watches their children? Come on people, get educated there is too much addiction (and for those who say pot is not addictive, you are wrong, yes it is) I adopted 3 children who’s parents were or still are pot heads. The foster care system is full of their kids who’s lives are shattered because getting high was more important than buying their baby milk or diapers. So what about Colorado, talk to me 5 to 10 years from now and lets see what the real affects are.

      • Sean

        Read the book, Uppers, Downers, and All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs by Inaba and Cohen. Be informed than come back and talk with me.

    • Greg

      Completely not true! No studies, no government, private, or even DEA studies have found it addictive. You are 100% wrong, and you are unable to show proof (because there is none) It kills cancer cells (that’s a fact) It has 0 recorded deaths ever. People use it all the time, either way these laws won’t stop anything. It is just a major waste of money, we raise tax’s to pay for this enforcement and hurt the American people.
      You just need these drug laws to protect yourself, because you need the government to help and care for you. You would never be able to say no if it was legal, what a nanny state you promote. Pretty soon you will be preaching for the government to tell you what to eat. How bad is this going to get? How much will the American people (including yourself) rely on government. No responsibility for oneself.

      • Sean

        Go out and purchase Uppers, Downers, and All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs by Inaba and Cohen. Be informed

    • Meghan

      how many foster kids’ parents are alcoholics and “shatter” their childrens’ lives? its hypocritical for one to be legal and the other not. it’s proven that marijuana is better, particularly healthwise, than both alcohol and cigarettes. both have been legal for quite some time in colorado, long over 5-10 years, and is still functioning just fine. sorry, your argument is invalid.

      • Lori Senk Mellios

        First of all marijuana is NOT addictive, and has numerous medical benefits. And as to whether I would want any of the professionals you mentioned smoking performing their jobs…it depends. However, alcohol is legal…highly addictive…and attacks every major organ in your body…but it’s LEGAL! Cigarettes cause cancer and all kinds of lung and bronchial problems, not to mention being one of the most addictive things out there…but again…it’s LEGAL! Marijuana is nothing more than a plant, a part of nature…how do you justify making God’s gift of nature illegal???

    • Ben Dover

      when people are left with arguments such as “Okay would you want someone behind the wheel smoking pot or the person doing your heart surgery or the dentist doing your root cannel? How about a parent who smokes weed and watches their children? ” what does this say about prohibition? ill answer though im hoping you got it already…..its dead and people are left looking like complete idiots trying to justify it.

      its a simple formula most people use many times every day. if I do this whats the pros vs the cons? there is no sane, logical argument at ANY level that supports the prohibition of cannabis. if you think it should remain illegal you are one of 3 things.
      1. stupid
      2. uneducated
      3 a beneficiary of the prohibition industry (law enforcement/corrections/etc.)

    • Jeffrey V Jacobsen

      They wanted Cannabis over milk they could’ve gotten through WIC? Diapers? Did social services tell you that? Are you related to Nancy Grace or something? I don’t know where to begin. If the foster children’s biological parents only smoked cannabis and that’s why they lost their kids to you. Wow! There really isn’t a God after all. They probably abused prescription drugs and alcohol in order to lose their kids. I could really tell you what for but you’ve already made up what little mind you have.

    • Derf

      Sean that wasn’t even remotely correct about foster care.I myself was raise in Children and Youth for 17 years.I went on to get married have three children and adopted two more.It’s not because of pot that the Children and Youth Service are over run it’s because people having children that are not responsible enough to have them.You don’t blame a pencil for miss spelling a word so please let Children and Youth out of your argument when it comes to pot,the two are not even remotely connected.Maybe in your case they did smoke pot but that had nothing to do with their children bad choices did.I’m sure if you took a survey on people that are good parents but yet smoke pot you maybe surprised.I’m not saying smoking pot makes you a better parent but I’m saying you can smoke it and still be a parent.Blame your government for making it so easy for parents to have children for money then when in their minds it’s not worth it anymore they can just get rid of them.An example the mother of the two children I adopted 2 years ago went out had another and now that child is in foster care.Drugs aren’t her problem the refusal that she is mental is but if your government were to regulate these situation she would have had no choice.In closing I’d like to congratulations on adopting those 3 children it was a very honorable thing you did but think about it,if it wasn’t for life’s imperfections in people your nor I would have been blessed with these children.

      • Sean


        The point I was trying to make is that many of these parents choose substance (drugs and/or alcohol) over their role as a parent. Ingesting just a small amount of pot can cause impairment, just as having a “couple” of drinks. Both can diminish a person’s ability to parent. We are becoming a nation that runs to substances to cope instead of learning healthy coping strategies.

    • Dave

      This is directed at Sean and all the other people who are so uneducated it’s sickening. Sean states the question “would you want someone behind the wheel smoking pot or the person doing your heart surgery or the dentist doing your root cannel? How about a parent who smokes weed and watches their children?”

      Well let me ask you this Sean. Would you want someone behind the wheel drinking alcohol or the person doing your heart surgery or the dentist doing your root canal drunk? How about a parent who gets drunk and watches their children?

      If marijuana was legal people would treat it like we treat alcohol. You wouldn’t get high when you need to go to work or need to be driving somewhere, or need to be uninhibited.

      And as for the addictive part Sean? It has been studied numerous times by creditable agencies that it is not addictive. You state we need to get educated, well us “pot heads” as you would like to call us ARE educated. You are the one that is not educated and you sound like a complete fool when you state the things you did.

      Marijuana is a cash crop. If it were to become federally legal it would change this economy and the way of life as we know it. Forget about people getting high, the prospect of a real hemp market is what has me the most excited. Imagine the new medicine and new materials hemp would provide us? It would solve the country’s economic troubles and bring the United States back as an economic powerhouse.

      If you are not for the legalization of marijuana, you are completely uneducated on the issue.

      So my call to action is, please get yourself educated on the legalization of marijuana and the benefits it will bring.

      • J. Pudish

        Ill say one thing to sean. I would rather get in a car with someone stoned then someone drunk. Any day. For most people it doesn’t impair you like you think it does. Why don’t you smoke some and find out for yourself. Like I said I would get in a car with someone stoned but not drunk. Plain and simple. You do not lose coordination when stoned. Unlike people who are drunk. Hell they can’t even walk.

      • Sean

        “A growing body of research show that marijuana can cause a true addiction syndrome encompassing both physical and emotional dependence.” “One of the main reasons people deny experiencing withdrawal symptoms is that their onset is often delayed for several days or weeks after cessation of use.” “Urine tests of chronic marijuana users can remain positive for three weeks to several months.” (Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs (Inaba, D.S. & Cohen, W.E. 2011, CNS Productions, Inc. www.

        P.S. I am not advocating drinking alcohol either. That is an assumption on your part. I have seen the effects of drugs and alcohol. We have enough social ills and legalizing pot will not make it better. Its just adding gas to the fire.

    • Russ

      Haha your dad’s a smoker. Brian if you don’t like it that’s your choice. But for the little girl that went from having hundreds of seizures a week down too one a week because of medical marijaunna the answer is clear. Legalization is the only answer. Look up info before your dad kicks your as*.

  • Sterling

    Yes it should be totally legalized all the way around it can be grown naturally with out any thing like any other plant : carrots,potatoes,beans,strawberries,tomatoes,etc.. So that said god created it it’s natural then should be no law under it.Plus no one has ever died from it by it self and also it helps people with pain in joints such as arthritis , Glaucoma patients , Cancer patients, Neck and Back pain from accidents, could go on and on. Point is Government made mistake with Alcohol and they corrected it.Well it was a mistake with Marijuana also so it should be Legalized again now to.

  • Greg Strazdus

    I want it legalized, and I am most certainly not a liberal. I am more anti-government than anything. I want the government out of the business. I want them out of our personal lives. If you want it illegal you are basically preaching big government.

  • alicia

    i think only the oil and edible hemp should be used. not the smoke. i cant see how smoking it can help health issues but ingesting it might. i have seen where the drops cure cancers[ on the internet].

  • Analise

    Legalize it. And to this brian calling everyone a liberal idiot…you sound like you’re in desperate need of a prescription antidepressant. For real.

  • Brandon

    Brian’s comment “u have to get an education” as he’s spelling like an 8 year old… And by the way. I have an education in criminal justice and almost every CJ and Sociology professor believes in legalizing pot. We pay $35k a year to incarcerate a person. Over %35 of inmates are incarcerated for misdamener drug offenses. Do the math! And get an education yourself

  • Lori Senk Mellios

    Brian, you are obviously VERY uninformed. Marijuana is NOT addictive…NO ONE has ever over dosed on it, and it has MANY medicinal benefits. You don’t like the way it smells???? Then don’t smoke it. And I am FAR from a liberal…I am a conservative, but I have done the research and firmly believe marijuana should be legal.

    • Sean

      “A growing body of research show that marijuana can cause a true addiction syndrome encompassing both physical and emotional dependence.” “One of the main reasons people deny experiencing withdrawal symptoms is that their onset is often delayed for several days or weeks after cessation of use.” “Urine tests of chronic marijuana users can remain positive for three weeks to several months.” (Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs (Inaba, D.S. & Cohen, W.E. 2011, CNS Productions, Inc. www.

  • Luke

    brian, you hypocritical moron, YOU are the idiot. Same as anyone else that supports innocent people being murdered, beaten, or kidnapped for ransom by badged thugs…..simply FOR INGESTING A PLANT. Cannabis is going to be decriminalized because people are finally waking up to the lies and the fraud that the govt created 100 years ago that cannabis is dangerous. We the People are sick of $20 BILLION a year being wasted on harming law abiding who are just minding their own business. Something cops, judges and other hypocritical pro Prohibition should try. The DEA has been exposed as the biggest drug importer in US HISTORY. Why does our govt get to break the law and make BILLIONS but other people simply ingest a plant and need o go to prison? FOR NOTHING. End the failed wasteful drug war!!

    • Jean59

      Great reply Luke, now you know what you are taking about. I didn’t want to post stuff like that but I am so glad you did. Brian is another one of those who has been listening to everyone else and not doing his homework. He doesn’t think for himself and believes everything that everyone tells him. Let him go, he will see that when smoking marijuana doesn’t kill anyone, helps so many people and puts more money in the state that he lives in, he will stop with his mouth. This is when they usually have nothing to say when they find out that we were right. Beautiful when they get silent. :)

    • brian

      cure cancer!!! dont u think by now they would have had a cure but it would put to many people out of work federal govt must control population ever here of the builderburg group

  • Maria Pizzo

    Marijuana isn’t as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol and yet those are allowed– the prohibition ended for them and it’ll eventually end for pot, too. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Gladys Girton

      ta know I agree 100% with you they should leagalize it and stop listening to the anti drug people i know so many people today and back in the day and they never went out stealing for it or commiting crimes because they smoked it all it did was make them hungry and let me tell you these people should have to take care of people after chemo treatments i did for ten years broke my heart they could not eat threw up all the time and was in pain.

    • Jean59

      Your just another rep that doesn’t know how to spell or type and just likes to pick on people who are more intelligent than others. Being an Liberal is a great thing you should try it, you wouldn’t be so miserable, smoke a joint, be happy. :)

    • Gumba

      Brian your just a troll. Give it up already your just trying your hardest to get people going.. Go troll you friends on Face Book and let intelligent people talk about important things.that effect there life. Instead of your negativity and liberalism talk. i know plenty of conservatives that smoke marijuana

  • Jean59

    Legalize it and stop arresting and fining people just because they have some on them or smoking some in their home. Have you ever heard of anyone dying because they smoke marijuana? No, tests were even taken that when driving a car while under the influence of marijuana they might drive slower but they drive better then if under the influence of alcohol. Years ago the marijuana you smoked made you laugh, and you had the munchies, that was it, what harm did that do? If the suppliers can go back to making that same marijuana, please, I would rather deal with that than an alcoholic who is throwing up all over the place and who could die of alcohol posioning. It also comes with helping people with illnesses such as eating disorders, (women can eat good without the gage reflex), muscle spasms for back and leg pain, of course cancer patients, and most of all adults with anxiety disorders and ADD and bi-polar disorder (helps with mood swings). Tell me how could you not legal something that helps so many illnesses, plus put revenue in a state that could be in the billions?? To me it is common sense, so what I say to the legislators in PA, get smart and get all the votes you can to legalize marijuana and help the state and the people. It took one man years ago to start a smear campaign against it and he won, but it can take all of us to get it back working for the people again. Remember Billions of dollars in revenue, jobs, happy people, less stressful people, less painful people, equals happiness. Oh yeah! and there is no proof that it leads to something worse like coke or heroin, if this was always available the other drug needs would go down, I believe that, Back in the 80’s if weed wasn’t found, that is when others went looking for something else, right?

    • Jim Brony

      Two brothers high on pot slammed into a vehicle on the Selinsgrove – Sunbury bridge and killed a young father and his son. You’re kidding yourself if you think driving high on pot is any safer than booze. Tell the wife and mother that pot is safer. No doubt driving drunk is a hazard and has caused health issues when abused, just don’t perpetuate the lie that pot is any safer.

      • Kevin

        How many people have had accidents and killed people with absolutely nothing in their system? Lets not be one sided!

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