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Results to Marijuana Legalization Poll

Posted on: 7:10 pm, January 24, 2014, by , updated on: 07:51pm, January 25, 2014

A CNN poll earlier this year showed that 55% of Americans support making marijuana legal for adults.

That poll supports a Gallup poll in 2013 that came up with almost identical results.

That was the first Gallup poll where the majority of Americans favored such legislation since the polling service started posing the marijuana question back in 1969.

Newswatch 16 wanted to see how our viewers felt on the topic so we asked you to take a poll.

Here are the results:

Nearly 15,000 votes were counted.

  • 79% think marijuana should be legalized for all adults.
  • 9% think marijuana should be decriminalized for medical use.
  • 12% think marijuana should remain illegal.

Thank you to the thousands who weighed in.


  • Rob says:

    Well, look at all the scientists and doctors we have here! All it takes is someone to say ‘yes’ and someone to say ‘no’ to get everyone’s panties in a bunch.
    I have a confession, I’m not a scientist or a doctor. I’m a 21 year old individual who is educated, holds a very good job, owns a brand new car, owns half of his home which houses three family members, volunteers at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter regularly, and, wait for it, smokes the evil flower called MARIJUANA! I’ll add in that I smoke marijuana or marijuana derivatives on a daily basis, and have done so for about two years now; have been smoking for four years in total.
    Not being a doctor or scientist, my opinion may not matter much or at all to anyone reading it or trying to pick a fight with me, but I must say (without calling anyone out and being an immature person like a lot of commenters on here are), educate yourselves. There wouldn’t be a debate on this topic if there weren’t any risks, but that also goes true with saying that there is a debate because there are benefits, too. We’ve all been in an argument where we were ignorant to the topic of discussion, and not being able to counteract one valid point with another (meaning, there are sides to every argument, and you must know everything side, in this particular case, the pros and cons, and there is a huge field of pros as well as a huge field of cons. I know, I’m sorry, but it’s true).
    With that being said, what I do in my personal life does not revolve around this evil, sadistic plant believe it or not (since I’m sure whoever read this far already titled me as a ‘stoner’ or ‘scumbag’, ‘low-life’, ‘dirtbag’, ‘pot head’, or any combination of those). I enjoy marijuana just as someone who likes to drink alcohol, enjoys alcohol. You can enjoy anything in moderation and at the appropriate times, but too much of anything is harmful. People can look at someone or a group of people who drink alcohol and call them ‘drunks’, and the same goes with marijuana; stereotypes at are terrible thing and are forever going to be with us. But the labels that go with such a stereotype aren’t always justified by the actions or mannerisms of the person carrying said stereotype, they’re put there by ignorant people who called it like they saw it, not knowing the whole picture.
    Now, you may think from some of the topics I stated, this next part is going to be ‘typical’, but hopefully you didn’t just read but actually understand what Im saying.
    Okay, bear with me here, I have an example: When you plant a seed, let’s say a walnut, you expect to grow a walnut tree over time with the appropriate care. Right? Ok, from that walnut tree, you may want to use it for something other than being able to say, ‘hey! I grew a walnut tree!” , agree? Maybe use it for its walnuts that you’ll be able to harvest from it after time, maybe use it for a tire swing for your children (or yourself), maybe use it for shade, maybe even put a tree house in it, maybe even make a house from it! (Or a door, or a table, it’d have to be quite a big tree for a whole house.) The same was said for that darn cannabis plant about a hundred years ago believe it or not. It was being used for its textiles, building properties, medicine, recreational use, providing people with jobs to farm the plants, and among other things. Long story short, someone who was running for a political position got mad that cannabis was a booming and promising industry for its building properties putting the lumber industry at risk, rallied against it, won, thus resulting in a prohibition of cannabis. (google it, educate yourselves. If you cared to read this long you can care enough to research). Because of that, making everything cannabis related illegal, it made people who broke the law to use it look like a criminal. Just like alcohols prohibition. But, alcohols pros and cons aren’t as big of a topic as the cannabis plant.
    So, since I’m not a doctor, and admitting that I’m ignorant on the point of all of the medicinal uses for marijuana, I cannot comment on that any further than knowing that there are many, many, many beneficial medical related properties associated with marijuana, just not the ins and outs.
    With everything being said, there are quite a lot of arguments on the topic of marijuana. We know this just by seeing how difficult it was for Colorado and Washington to pass their laws regarding marijuana. It’s a topic so broad, with so much weight on it, that I personally do not think that we the people of our state are educated quite enough (not saying at all, we almost passed!) or are just so obtuse to allowing a topic to be proposed and possibly agreed upon that can change things. However, that is for recreational use, for medicinal use, I see it as if it helps the same way or better than a older method and is healthier and safer, it should be available as an option or a need. There shouldn’t be any resistance to a patient who is in need of any sort of drug, anywhere from Tylenol to Vicodon. (notice I said ‘need’.)
    I can hope for a public realization of this topic so that everyone knows what they are talking about, and can move in a direction to either get this proposed and passed or to kill it, but I feel that if other states can and are benefiting from this, there’s going to be a hard argument from those who are against it. I am not implying I know 100% of this topic, but I know that there is a lot to learn, and all im asking is I suggest many of you try to learn about the topic and not be so one sided, whether it’s pro-legal or totally against it. I’m for legalizing, but not yet, because just by reading comments on here it’s clear people are not prepared, and it starts by educating yourselves.

  • sonia gregory , says:

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  • Steve C says:

    For all you clueless, brainwashed, ignorant clowns, that find it so easy to posts your “opinions”, backed by nothing but stupidity based assumptions, thousands are curing themselves of every known form of cancer, just from using cannabis oil. Not to mention MS, crohn’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and many other illnesses are being cured just from using cannabis oil. You clowns would rather see a loved one die from chemo poisoning than to have to get off your lazy @ss to find out the real truth. Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe you. When a wheelchair bound MS patient can walk normally again just because of the oil, you lazy clowns would rather keep them wheelchair bound.
    A simple search online would amaze you but you’re to dam stupid to even do that. It’s easier to run your mouth about something you’re clueless about than to actually shut your mouth and educate yourself.
    For those that truly want to find out the truth, do a search on youtube for “Run From The Cure”, by Rick Simpson and get ready to be educated. For those that want to remain ignorant, get out of Pa because you’re giving everyone else a bad rap. If women knew what this oil would do for them, it would already be on every shelf of every WalMart around, or they would be growing it every where they can. If you doubt me, then educate yourself, because I was once like you, until my dad was killed by chemo poisoning. It takes a reason to want to learn, but you don’t have to wait for that reason to be a loved one.

  • Winola Rhode says:

    I see that the stoners are out in force. Maybe if you had jobs, you’d have something else to do with your time! Otherwise, slough through life like you are. I guess I’ll just have to get ANOTHER job to pay all these taxes to keep you dead-beats on welfare, so you can continue to destroy the area. Nice, old neighborhoods full of Section 8 housing and drug runners from Philly. The old coal miners who built the area are all rolling in their graves.

    • Steve C says:

      Winola, I’m NOT a “stoner” like your ignorant mind thinks. I also hold a job at the same company for the last 25 years. Unlike you, I prefer to educate myself so I know what I’m talking about. You can remain stupid and ignorant, that’s your choice, but a loved one might actually depend on your for some IQ. Educate yourself so you don’t sound like a “stoner”. Did you know that Michael J. Fox uses cannabis oil to function normally in life? An ignorant clown like yourself probably doesn’t. Educate yourself.

    • Sweendog says:

      46yo. Married 18 years to my first and only wife. I own my house outright. I am an asset to my community, city, and state. I am the father of 2 amazing, smart, talented, honor roll children. Yep, my wife is the mother of BOTH. Many of my friends are just like me. I don’t like alcohol but I like to unwind from time to time. This makes me a felon. I LOVE smoking marijuana.

    • S says:

      I will have you know. I have two jobs, I go to school and have a perfect GPA, and I completely support myself. I also smoke weed every single day of my life. I am not a dead beat and I am an active and positive member of society. People who think that all stoners are lazy and a waste to society are ignorant. Not to mention the numerous positive medical benefits, smoking marijuana does not make you a leech on society.

    • Bross says:

      I got something thatll make you fear your own words. Your intelligent I must aay to bring up coalminers maybe if they had smoked cannibis they wouldnt be in their graves let alone rolling around. And if it wasnt a sin or a crime to use it alot of people would have jobs that are more intelligent than you so i would fear it because you will fall out of the times and be considered incompitent to keep up. You see that friendly dude or lady fetching your food real quick because otherwise theyd be frowned upon anyway by you. That person across the way that you say hello to and consider well mannered that person could possibly be a user. Think before you speak. Not to be fececious with that coalminer comment its just that wait what did they inhale at work coal dust oh yeah thats right that causes cancer. Hmmmm should i educate you anymore. Im not a doctor but im a doctor ya dig?

  • mdog says:

    Money for Dope
    Money for Rope
    John Lennon.

  • garry says:

    I think all u people that think. Weed should stay illegal are rediculusly many deaths has there ever had with weed ZERO….and there has been how many deaths with alcohol use your brains numbskulls if weed should not be legal neither should alcohol …everyone vote for John hanger for gov…lets get. The ball Rollin to legalize..

  • Mike says:

    The ball is now rolling. 5-6 years and we’ll be able to enjoy it legally just like beer or wine in PA.

  • Capt Bogart says:

    Reply to JR:
    You are correct… Unfortunately northeast PA is already full of this type of people.

  • Mr.Grey says:

    People just simply don’t understand.
    First hand experience, second hand experience and job experience all tell me that marijuana should not be legalized. Im a therapist incase you were wondering.
    No marijuana does not effect everyone in the same way but just the plain and simple fact that it can and does seriously harm peoples minds should be reason enough. Anxiety, depression and depersonalization disorder are SERIOUS problems and not something to be trifled with and these are just a few of the cons for recreational marijuana use.
    I have a problem with you peoples twisted logic, saying things like alcohol is worse, cigarettes and cigars are worse, god put this plant on the earth for a reason or that out founding fathers smoked weed. OK just to straighten things out for you a bit.
    1. Alcohol in responsible amounts is HEALTHY for you, nothing is good for you if you binge even Vit. C.
    2. Cigarettes are bad for you yes, even the all natural ones such as American spirit or Winston still contain tar and nicotine however one joint has almost as much tar in it as a entire pack of cigarettes also one does not inhale cigar smoke.
    3. God? First of all do you actually believe in god or just drop his name when its convenient like so many other people? Secondly its a ridiculous argument, Even if god does exist, irrefutably, its pretentious, naïve, arrogant and borderline blasphemous to assume you know what his plans and purposes are. Furthermore saying that god put marijuana on the planet for people to smoke is no different than saying he put the tobacco plant her to smoke as well (which so many of you seem to be against) practice hypocrisy much? To a more extreme extent but just as valid its no different than saying he put water hemlock, angle trumpet, monkshood or white snakeroot (all deadly poisonous plants) on the planet just to kill people you don’t like.
    4. Our founding fathers did NOT smoke marijuana, this is a myth which most of you probably picked up from watching Dazed and Confused one to many times. In reality they grew hemp which is a variety of cannabis but not marijuana, it was used for paper, rope and clothing. Rest assured they did not smoke their clothes, ever. Hemp contains so little THC you couldent get high off of it even if you smoked a pound, so there was no point to smoke it especially since they had tobacco.
    Of course like most addicts many of you will deny and deny but maybe just maybe some of you will at least think twice before lighting up.

    • Charly Lucky says:

      You said you were a therapist? What kind of therapist? There are alot of different type of therapists.

      • Mr.Grey says:

        I’m a mental health therapist, why do you ask?

      • Charly Lucky says:

        Youth or adult? Masters, or doctorate? Because you sound as if you worked with the 2 “Kids for Cash Judges” . If medical marijuana, was legal, you would be out of business.

    • Scott T. C. says:

      Mr. Grey,

      I am not a user of Marijuana, however if you would like, I can enlighten you on Marijuana as a medical use standpoint and to also prove to you that it is healthier than many of the vices you spoke of.

      Also, as a “Mental Health” therapist, I would think ‘you’ as much as anyone would understand that there are much worse drugs out there than Marijuana.

      I could sit here and make you a lovely list of other psychologically addictive drugs on the market all provided by Big Pharma. to the public. I could also make an comparably lovely list of physically addictive drugs on the market all provided by Big Pharma.

      Bottom line is I am an EMT working towards my RN in which I will continue my education through my MSN to achieve my Nurse Practitioner. So I am medically trained and read medical journal articles about medicines and I could support my data.

      I have spoken to MD’s, DO’s, RN’s, PHD’s, Pathologists, Surgeons, etc. about whether they support MMJ as a viable medical treatment & out of every one I have spoken with, not one said they didn’t feel it had a place. Not one of them was against it as medically viable. So, explain to me why even those with more medical training than you possess support it and you don’t?

      Personally I love seeing people like yourself that shoot down Marijuana constantly because you have a closed minded viewpoint. You also seem to be a therapist that asks “are you addicted to Marijuana” in a loose sense. I could ask the same about just about anything: sex, alcohol, smoking (cigarettes, cigars, pipes), soda, candy/chocolate, prescription drugs, etc.

      So, to wrap things up…I would be more than willing to do a complete discussion with you about why MMJ (Medical Marijuana) is a completely viable medical treatment. I could also argue why it should be decriminalized in every state, why it should be removed from Schedule I, why it could be viable to overall legalize it to adults.

      • Mr.Grey says:

        I’m not close minded, I use to smoke weed quite a bit actually until I started to get symptoms of DPD which was one of the deciding factors for me to pursue a job in the mental health field and yes, no one is saying that there aren’t worse drugs out there but simply stating that there are worse drugs for one, doesn’t mean its not bad in its own right. In fact you using the term “worse” shows acknowledgement to some degree that marijuana is not “good”. Secondly its like saying lets legalize rape, rape is bad but there are worse things out there like murder.

        As far as your Big Pharm statements go yes I agree there are medications that are addictive. Some medications are good some are so bad that I refuse to prescribe them unless there is absolutely no other option and some just not at all. ever.
        I’m not disputing the fact that medically marijuana can do some good but lets not kid ourselves .01% of these people want it medically, the rest just like to smoke themselves into oblivion for one reason or another like boredom or as a coping tool, an unhealthy and irresponsible one at that.
        If someone was abused as a child as I was, they need to talk to someone and face their problems in order to overcome them. Getting lit is not a solution, quite frankly its a cowardly cop out that just buries the problems temporarily.

        Now, as far as your doctor friends go ask them if they believe it more sound for someone to smoke marijuana or to use some sort of derivative from marijuana such as cannabidiol, which mind you is what most of the medicinal value and cancer fighting element comes from and funny enough it doesn’t get you high as a kite.

        Your pathologists and surgeons and I disagree because they work in a medical field that deals with the body and as I said cannabidol can do good, cannabidol. I work in the field of the mind where things are a lot more messy, not so cut and dry and the ill effects of marijuana use can be seen daily. People can become mentally and physically addicted to marijuana. People can also as you stated become addicted to sex and chocolate but neither sex or chocolate are a psychoactive drug changing the way your brain views and processes information from the real world, at most you’ll get a slight feeling of happiness which is oxytocin being released naturally in your brain. Furthermore when these addictions become overwhelming help is sought out, as it should be.

      • Scott T. C. says:

        Mr. Grey,

        Lets take a look at a couple statements you made and why they are either possibly incorrect, misguided or plain delusional.

        Statement 1)

        “I’m not disputing the fact that medically marijuana can do some good but lets not kid ourselves .01% of these people want it medically, the rest just like to smoke themselves into oblivion for one reason or another like boredom or as a coping tool, an unhealthy and irresponsible one at that.
        If someone was abused as a child as I was, they need to talk to someone and face their problems in order to overcome them. Getting lit is not a solution, quite frankly its a cowardly cop out that just buries the problems temporarily.”

        Reply 1)

        Lets be frank, the percentage of those that want it for medical reasons are much higher than that and you know it. Secondly, you state they want to “smoke themselves into oblivion”, how is that any different from those that abuse alcohol and do the same thing…”drink themselves into oblivion”? At least the MJ won’t destroy your liver and kidneys. The active compounds in MJ have been found to protect the liver from cirrhosis. We can also say the same thing about all the following drugs: heroin, meth, LDS, cocaine, crack, hydrocodone, hydromophone, Oxycontin, Fentanyl, Morphine, etc. (I don’t see alcohol being outlawed or classed as a Schedule I substance…you know…it has ZERO medical benefits. — research shows a glass every so often or a day could help your body…but lets be real, if that’s the only benefit, which it is, I don’t classify that as beneficial.)

        Yet, we aren’t talking about them. While many of the listed above have medical purposes, they are also easily abused just like anything else, including MJ. HOWEVER…here is where MJ differs from the others: to overdose on MJ, you would have to smoke somewhere in the vicinity of 15,000 Columbian strength joints in 30 minutes to get a toxic dose of THC. THCa can be taken in doses of 1,000-3,000 mg as an antioxidant and possibly at those levels an antibiotic. Whereas a simple drug like alcohol is responsible for one of the highest mortality rates in America. Not to forget all the negative side effects from too much alcohol consumption.

        Statement 2)

        You state: “worse” shows acknowledgement to some degree that marijuana is not “good”.

        Reply 2)

        Sure, it MIGHT not be good for you because, if you smoke it you ‘are’ burning the flower containing the trichomes containing the THCa. By the fact of “burning” the bud, you are creating byproducts such as CO2, CO, & H2O. The CO2 can cause your blood to go acidic if enough builds up in your blood stream, however, the amount you receive from smoking a bud is negligible. The CO can build up in your blood stream starving some of your red blood cells (RBC’s) of their O2 carrying abilities until the CO is scrubbed out of your system over time. Once again, this is negligible due to you are generally “baked” after a few puffs and are not burning enough carbon based material to make enough CO to cause adverse effects.

        So, with that said…I’m sure there could be some things said about how “this” or “that” are bad. However, that can be said, just about everything on the market…both medically and retail goods like (soda, cheeseburgers, etc). We need to weigh out the PROs and the CONs here, and you will see the PROs of MJ –FAR– outweigh the CONs.

        Statement 3)

        “Secondly its like saying lets legalize rape, rape is bad but there are worse things out there like murder”

        Reply 3)

        I can’t believe I am gracing that statement with an answer, that’s how asinine it was. We are talking about a drug with VERY little negative side effects with MANY beneficial benefits…vs…you talking about rape. There is no comparison in any way, shape, and/or form. In no way can your statement be taken seriously in that context.

        Statement 4)

        You talk about asking my medical friends (the Dr’s) about the smoking side…

        Reply 4)

        I have. Yes, we could nit-pick the smoking side of MJ and MMJ to bring out what little negatives there are, but lets me realistic…it STILL has its place in medical treatment. Sure, the Cannabinoids are where we need to place research into (unfortunately the US Government has placed a patent on a large section of Cannabinoid compounds and refuse to allow research to be done on those)…this is the area of best interest for future medical benefits.

    • garry says:

      Mr.grey I am sorry to inform u but u. Are a quack….. pot does. Not harm any part on your body intact it is scientifically proveing that pot regrows dead brain cell stems…so put that in ur pipe and smoke it crazy dr

      • Mr.Grey says:

        “Mr.grey I am sorry to inform u but u. Are a quack….. pot does. Not harm any part on your body intact it is scientifically proveing that pot regrows dead brain cell stems…so put that in ur pipe and smoke it crazy dr

        People like you are detrimental to the very cause your supporting.
        It’s Grey, capital G and there should be a space between the period and g.
        It’s you, not u and there should be no period after the second u or after pot does.
        The a in are and the n in not should not be capitalized.
        I think you mean of you body, not on
        It’s in fact, not intact
        It’s proving, not proveing
        I’m not even sure what a dead brain cell stem is, it’s brain cell or brain stem one or the other not both.
        It’s your, not ur
        the should be a comma after smoke it, it’s Dr. not dr and there should be a period at the end of your sentence no matter how you look at it.

        As far as your statements go, well it hurts your lungs for one, your circulatory system for another. How do you not know this?
        Also marijuana use regrowing dead brain cells is a myth, for one they would if anything be reactivated not regrown also anyone who knows anything about basic microbiology knows that even with the most advanced medical procedures it is an impossibility.
        Marijuana in fact kills brain cells.
        Case in point
        .. you.

    • Melynda says:

      i have to laugh at people who says its addictive…SO IS who the fk cares

    • Anon says:

      Mr. Grey is super mad

    • Steve C says:

      You obviously are one ignorant therapist, not smart enough to do a simple search online to see that cannabis is curing every known form of cancer. It’s lazy people like you, who think you know so much but are truly clueless to any known facts and the only thing you seem to know how to do is run your mouth. This is the internet and if you don’t know how to do a simple search to educate yourself, then keep your “opinions” to yourself. Better yet, move out of Pa because you give most here a bad name.

  • Frank Rizzo says:

    By Psychologically Addicted you mean they do it because they like it? Dumbest statement i have ever heard! I’m psychologicallyaddicted to sex, I LOVE it! Who am i hurting? LOL

  • Shut up and listen!! says:

    I don’t care what anyone says!!! Legalize it!!!! Oh did I make you mad??!! Guess what??!!!! I don’t care!!!!! LEGALIZE IT!!!!!! Done!!

    P.S. If you think I care about your comments towards me believing in legalizing it…… Guess what I don’t care!!!!

    Good day!!!!!!

  • mdog says:

    Nuthin more stupid than a Stoned Parent at the Sports events for the Children, i feel your pain Doperdad Children. These dopers drink to high heaven too, so dont let that fool you. By Golly they are a mess.

  • JR says:

    Just what we need here in PA. Dope Smokers sitting around collecting welfare unable or unwilling to get a job. Maybe you could just sit around and play videos games all day while the Gov supports you somehow..God help us

    • Danielle Winter says:

      God made plants! But its cool. I accept the fact that I was abused my entire childhood by a drunk who hates “potheads”. But go on criticize the one natural thing to help with my depression, ptsd, panic attacks, and social anxiety. Please…only reason I can deal with judgemental people like you. Who just because you don’t understand it you knock it down.

    • Charly Lucky says:

      So JR, you are against it for medical use too? Hope you never get sick with the cancer. I survived it. It was prescribed by my family doctor, relieved my pain, and raised my appetite. Prior to using it, I couldn’t eat, was always nauseous, and constant pain.
      So the primative laws in our state made a criminal out of me, in my own home. I beat the cancer, and I don’t use it anymore. But I thank my friends and familty for helping me with it. Think long and hard about medical use of it, it works.The recreational use, thats a different story, a much longer debate.

    • jane says:

      God Put the plant on this earth for a reason. Did he put booze? did he put any of those hard drugs here on this earth… No he did not . You may thank your fellow man for making those. Just about 80% of PA would like it legalized i believe they should go thru with it.. Yes some people say oh crime rate will go up robbing stores this and that . Wake up , that stuff happens every single day so you cant blame a plant. . Here is a true fact , if everyone smoked pot at the same time we would have peace in the world for atleast 2hours.

    • Capt Bogart says:

      Unfortunately northeast PA is already full of this type of people.

    • Chuck says:

      I see this a lot… that were just going to collect welfare and sit on our asses. Well here’s one for ya… how about this, must be able to pass a drug test to be on welfare, every 30 days that check comes, every 30 days that pers should be test, fare right? It takes upwards of 30 days for the average smoker to pass a urinalysis. I’m on both sides here, but I would also love to inform you that smoke marijuana, I have a full time job and support a happy family. I DO NOT receive government funding. And I am the farthest thing from a lazy person. .

  • e says:

    Ha Ha Ha! There are more posted comments to this article than any other I have seen on this website in my life. I find it funny how the alcoholics put the bottle down to chime in and make ignorant comment toward people who smoke pot. This is an area of alcoholics and uneducated, abusive people who criticize everyone and everything they see to make themselves feel better about their disgusting past and how they have mistreated others. This is common knowledge to people outside this area, but a strong source of denial from the locals. I find it funny when a person who abuses others has the nerve to voice their opinion about what someone else is doing. This is an area of people who gossip to try and take attention away from their own horrible past. The ridiculous, backward beliefs of this area always make me laugh.

  • Everyone I know that does heroin, crack or bath salts, says they started with smoking pot… after time they craved more of it and stronger versions, then it stopped making them high, so they started doing harder stuff………such as the heroin, crack or bath salts

    • kennith searfoss says:

      Ahh the typical gateway excuses!! I have been smoking pott for 15 years and never did it lead me into “needing” harder drugs to catch a buzz, the urge of wanting to find other highs is what brough me to “expirement” with other things. I’m tired of people claiming that weed has caused them to move on to other drugs because they simply can not get high from smoking pott anymore, bullshit! I’ve been smoking large quantities on a daily basis and still have absolutely no problem catching the buzz I enjoy every day!! Its simply not a good enough excuse to lay down the laws on smoking weed. Its only those whom choose to try other drugs like crack and heroin that bring on their own new addictions, if you knew anything at all you would realize that the highs from these other drugs aren’t even close In similarity and that they are chemical compounds that are the cause of being addicted, marijuana is just a straight non additive herbal substance grown with lots of sunlight and lots of water in the dirt and is 100% non addictive natural and safe, far safer than ciggarettes and alcohol so stop trying to fill heads with this kind of garbage, there is nothing wrong with marijuana and shouldn’t be criminalized, god put it there.

    • Charly Lucky says:

      Wow, you need to find different people to hang out with !!!!

  • iza smartass says:


  • Dan says:

    psychological addiction as a reason to stay illegal? Give me a break! Millions are psychologically addicted to everyday substances and items that ARE LEGAL, people are addicted to food, soda, sugar, cotton, wool, cars, phones, video games. Pretty much everybody is psychologically addicted to at least one thing in their lives even if they don’t realize it….. that can even said about people that have worked the same job for years and would go nuts without it because they wouldn’t know what to do.

    • Mike says:

      I agree. How about the girls that have to go tanning 3 or 4 times a week. That’s addiction. Or those who have their iPhone in their hand 20 hours a day. That’s addiction as well.

  • The DEA, DOJ, Surgeon General, and FDA need to work together to remove Cannabis from the schedule class of controlled substances. Tobacco and alcohol aren’t scheduled but cigarettes are taxed. Plus I’m pretty sure Allegheny has a tax on served drinks… They just don’t want to do it! They’re too busy fighting a losing battle on a war of personal freedom. Wake up people. That’s right, a narcoleptic person just told you all to wake up. I think it should be legal, unscheduled, sold in packs similar to cigarettes and taxed. (Honestly I don’t think it should be taxed at all) I think we should wait til the spring and storm the white house dressed as Native Americans and scalp em all!

  • Jeremy says:

    For those that say marijuana makes u lazy and stupid, u just called the father of our country lazy and stupid. As well as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Know your facts before you speak. As all these men and others have both smoked weed and accomplished a lot in their lifetimes! Marijuana became illegal after a smear campaign from a logging company tycoon because it’s cheaper to make hemp paper. Among other advantages. It treats a multitude of ailments, and is natural, unlike pills which have a lot of side effects including death. Fact, NOBODY has died from overdosing on weed.

  • Does anyone have a new product that they sell $1 million dollars worth tomorrow???
    The market is already established and legal or illegal tomorrow a million dollars worth will be sold in almost every state and much more than that in some.

  • mike says:

    I say legalize it completely for adults.. it’s legal to drink and smoke cigarettes when they do bodily and mental harm. Marijuana is proven to be safest and more beneficial.

    Why keep it illegal? If it’s legalized, less drug deals will happen on our streets and instead of putting it in drug dealers pockets, it can be in the states pocket to help us with jobs, roads, landscape, and so on.

    besides, the two states that legalized, football teams use it to help their players in pain and…they are the two teams in the NFL superbowl!

    keep pushing america!

  • Jordan says:

    Wow I cannot believe the ignorance of some of these people making comments with no facts to back up their views on how they find marijuana legalization to be a bad thing. You are the ones that are stuck in the past when it was shoved down your throats that weed was a bad thing, and that it will destroy and ruin your lives etc. Yet at the same time alcohol is so socially accepted and cigarettes are everywhere sickening!! I know first hand some of the great effects of marijuana for my own personal medical benefits. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder as well as social anxiety and I know that to smoke an Indica strain of pot works wonders for anxiety. Also you can ingest it in an edible form rather than smoking if you prefer not smoking and want the effects to last longer. It’s real important to add into this that I was prescribed Xanax for the anxiety disorder a few years ago I started out fine but after about two months I started needing more than I was prescribed and before I even realized there was any problem I was taking 20 pills in a single dose to achieve the same benefits I did when I first started taking it. I spiraled out of control blacking out and going weeks at a time with no recollection of anything I did for an entire week. Now to get to the point I have been away from Xanax for 3 years and I don’t use it anymore and do not plan to ever again. Why should I use a drug that hasn’t been around for even a decade and has been found to be majorly addictive and habit forming when I could use marijuana and I can put it down at anytime and not have any withdrawal, and also I can use it for weeks at a time and not develop a big tolerance like with the Xanax. Come on people don’t be stupid and stuck in you own world there are real benefits to this wonderful plant. God put it here for a reason as a medicine to us as well as hemp as a resource to us. If your bashing marijuana your bashing god and his creation. There are many many benefits this plant can give than just relieving anxiety. There’s appetite stimulation, cancer fighting properties, pain relieving effects, and many more. Also the saying it is a gateway drug is the dumbest bullshit I ever heard. I smoked a cigarette before I smoked weed for the first time cigarettes were my gateway. That is nothing more than an excuse to try to validate that marijuana should be illegal which is complete bogus. So get some real facts before you try to bash marijuana. I can go on and on and on about the positive of this plant but I’m not writing a book I’m just putting facts out there and some of my own experience with marijuana. I hope some of you people open your eyes and see the positives and read the real facts before you open your mouth or type your own assumptions you made up or false scare tactics you learned growing up.

    • a yes vote to legalize weed says:

      I did a lot more damage drinking than I ever did smoking weed. Having experience with both and I am convinced that alcohol is more dangerous and puts me in a more confrontational mood than weed. Never got sick from weed and much more mellow with weed. It is hypocritical to have alcohol legal and not weed! As far as weed being a start to stronger drugs: BULL!!!!!! I have never went on to hard drugs from smoking weed and felt no urge to do so! Are they saying all hard drug users started out with weed? Bull again. There are plenty of heroin and coceine addicts who didn’t smoke weed! With that logic all beer drinkers will become whiskey or gin drinking alcoholics! Just as there are many responsible drinkers there are responsible recreation weed users. If someone is unable to handle what is going on within their lives they will find a way to cope whether it is alcohol or drugs. The problem is their inability to deal with whatever haunts them not the means they find to avoid their problems!

  • akbaby says:

    The results to this are awesome. Proof of what the people want. There is no justification why alcohol is legal and weed is illegal. Furthermore, its legalized industrial use would truly bring about a revolution.

  • Emily Jackson says:

    I think 23 would be the right age actually. I’ve been told many times that the brain stops serious developments around that age so if people started legally at 23 then there would be no damage not that there is damage at any age but I’m just saying if that’s the opposing argument and it usually seems to be then there’s a good answer to it.

    • Since marijuana was legal with no age limits for thousands of years and it didn’t keep man from settling the earth I don’t see how it could start hurting kids now.
      Every study that has reported loss of IQ from marijuana use has been peer reviews and dismissed,,some of them with very nasty opinions on the research methods and limited number of subjects in the studies.

    • Danielle Winter says:

      True, but what about when it comes down to medicinal use for people who suffer from seizures, including children? They can break it down into a liquid form which excludes the part that gets you high, and reduces the amount of seizures drastically.

  • Greg says:

    Yes pot should be legal for adults 21

  • Sue says:

    I can’t believe that so many people actually think the costs of prosecuting people for drug use justifies making it illegal. Look at all the idiots that drink and drive and kill people! Now we’ll have more people driving under the influence! Seriously people need to get a grip and get a productive life. Funny how one person said, you may as well legalize it, because people are going to get it anyway. Yet, people want our rights to bare arms taken away. Hmmm, don’t you think the criminals and lunatics who kill people will still get them anyway. Sorry, different subject! But annoying none the less!

  • shawn says:

    Leagalize it for many reasons

  • Mike says:

    Having spent most of my high school and college life in a “haze”, I can attest that it will only harm society if they legalize it. Pot only makes for lazy, hungry stoners. Job? Yeah right. Unless you count 9 hours a day playing Halo. Of course, then we’ll have to put them on unemployment since it’s the gov’ts fault we have so many people too stoned to work.

    • Eric says:

      True, and there are just as many, if not more, men who go out to bars, drink all night then go home and abuse their families. That’s clearly not the case with everyone who drinks, now is it? The fact is keeping marijuana illegal is pointless and absurd, considering alcohol and tobacco are both legal and much more harmful. Keeping it illegal is not preventing people from using it, so why not legalize it and put the tax money towards the public, like schools and roads.

    • Danielle Winter says:

      Okay! So my in-laws who smoke legally every single day must be super stoners who are in real estate, selling and renting homes, welding, certified handwriting analyst, soccer coach, phenominal parents to a child who grew up achieving every goal she has had so far, like horse back riding, traveling around the world for schooling, and she’s well aware of her parents smoking marijuana, supports legalization, and she has never touched it in her life. They are very hardworking, intelligent business owners. Gorgeous home, barn with horses, vegetable garden in their back yard. Mountain biking on their down time, make stained glass, bid on storage units, volunteer at animal shelters,……should I continue. This is only example of two people! So yes I highly disagree with you! Marijuana made my seizures stop! Not all the pills prescribed! It helps my anxiety and panic attacks due to pts, and I’m a hard working single mother.

  • Matt says:

    I think it shoud be legal for all purpose because honestly if you get caught with even just a gram it takes more tax money to prosecute and jail the person then it is even worth. And just think of how much it can help. Look at the numbers of Pennsylvania residents who are diagnosed with all types of cancer or are put on a chemo treatment. I have seen someone who had pancreatic cancer that was given three months to live on chemo and he opted not to take it and he just smoked marijuana instead and lived for a year and a half. Look at the numbers of residents who are put on all the harsh addictive drugs for anxiety or depression or any type of mental disorder in that matter. There are different strains that are meant to treat or chemicals that can be either added subtracted or anything to just try to help. So Pennsylvania really needs to open their eyes and minds, because if it’s legal or not people are still gonna get it somewhere and most likely abuse it. If it’s legalized it can at least be monitored…

    • joey says:

      Actually, you’re ignorance is profound. In the presence of cannabidiol (CBD, or the active cancer fighting chemical in cannabis) cancer cells produce ceramide which kills the cell. Healthy cells in the presence of CBD are left unaffected by this. Secondly, injected directly into tumors causes fast decreases in tumor size and also restricts blood flow to the tumors. You are a prime example of misinformation working. My information comes from government websites presenting controlled studies. Please take your ignorance out of my region. Its bad enough here.

    • Danielle Winter says:

      Keep on ripping into them, looks like there’s quite a few on here who need it!!

  • Dan says:

    All these idiots and a huge push to stop smokin. But the same idiots wanting to legalize marijuana. You know what legalize it all. This nation needs to be thinned out anyway.

  • Laura says:

    Open your eyes and legalize!

  • Eugene B. says:

    What should be illegal is the corrections industry

  • Making any drug illegal obviously does not stop those who want to use them from doing so. It only makes the wrong people rich.

  • denise kibler says:

    The only thing I worry about it getting in to the wrong hands like guns do,,,!,, ,,, like kids

  • Dan Holland says:

    Even if Pa does legalize it I could lose my job just from being in the same room as a smoker , still not legal in the federal governments eyes . If you turn up hot for thc you will have had a positive test . Losing a job from surrounding people using a controled substance would be against my rights to pursuit of happiness , just as no smoking in bars , would one have to be in private? Kinda of in hiding like now?

    • richard mclain says:

      Dan. Listen man you have to smoke it for it to be in your sysrem. Being around it will not effect you in any way.. so relax and vote legalize it. Let the cops and dea focus on the heroin addicts, crack heads anfd child malestors…

    • papokergod says:

      Did you know you can pop for heroin as well if you eat too much poppy seed roll? Should we criminalize that too because you might loose your job?

      Give you a hint, a good drug test will be able to differentiate between second hand smoke and actual usage. Just like it can between poppy seeds and heroin.

      My only worry is how do we set limits for a DUI like we do for alcohol and how to we ensure levels are too high (aka breathalyzer).

      • eric says:

        i was not allowed to eat poppy seed buns when i was on probation, so you may want to think again about a “good drug test” that can tell the difference, since there is stuff out there that can help hide what is in your system, thats why they take no chances on the amount that shows up in ones system

      • papokergod says:

        Probation much different then living a free life.

      • Eric…if you come up hot on a drug test they send it out to a lab where they CAN tell the difference between weed and poppy seeds. You will have to pay extra for your probation for that though.

      • eric says:

        they dont give you that type of time. you fail they take you to jail. it was not a drug screening for a job, it was because i already was convicted of a crime and was allowed to walk the streets under their rules. Everyone that wants it legal is still very much immature and only look at the false facts put in front of them from fake news feeds and from word of moth from friends,.i have live the life and been there done that. dont try to make since out of what YOU do not know. so get off the drugs, stop wasting your money on memories you wont remember, and go take a vacation with the money you save on memories you will rember

  • Wade Hollenbach says:

    I do feel something needs to change for penalty. Sending people to jail is bleeding the penal system to death. And we do need to make it legal for medical use. I just can’t see legalization for recreational use as being a feasible thing.

    • Tedd says:

      Why can’t you see it being legalized…. Alcohol is legal and is a poison yet society see it to be more safe then pot…. Why is somthing that can kill you seen to be less dangerous then somthing that can’t…. The weed being illegal is a fairly recent thing it became illegal in the 30s when they made alcohol illegal but everyone forgot about it while they were so concerned about their booze…. Doesn’t surprise me tho that society chose to fight for the more dangerous drug and now are seeing their error

  • eric says:

    from a personal point of view. i use to sell it. if it became legal it would not stop the drug dealers, instead they would switch to worse things to sell like crack, coke, or heroin. i do not believe it should be come legal for that reason, but in stead do away with jail time and put only steeper fines in place. i would rather see the police fight crime regarding pot instead of the worse drugs. our authorities have even been brain washed to believing legalizing it would cut down on drug crimes. you are a moron for believing so. and since that time i have become a responsible father, and would not like to see more of the harsher stuff on the streets.

    • eric says:

      and no i do not believe it should be a jail time penalty of the law. only harsher fines to make up for the taxes they could make off of it, since that seems to be most peoples logic for legalizing it. remember you wont beet the drug dealer by legalizing 1 drug

    • Mr.Grey says:

      Your correct and this is something no one is thinking about. Taking money out of drug dealers pockets.. they are just going to let it happen and say ohwell?? Get real, they will sell harder stuff, “legitimate” marijuana distributers will get firebombed and ROBBED. This is only one reason why it should stay illegal, I don’t have a lot of time because I have to get back to work but real quick. Your concern is about taxation? legalize hemp production, it would be more than enough revenue. Your concern is about your well being? Two things, a. if your so concerned maybe you shouldn’t be smoking weed. b. If your so called natural harmless plant is being sold by people that make you nervous for your safty Id bet buying weed wasent a smart decision huh? Alcohol is worse? no actually its not, alcohol in reasonable amounts is actually good for you, while one joint has the same amount of tar in it as almost a whole pack of cigarettes, it has a lasting effect on ones body and mind and im not just talking about its half life of 20 days, I mean permanently, it effects the memory terribly, causes anxiety, paranoia, depression, marijuana is the number one reason for depersonalization disorder topping LSD! How are we going to keep people safe on the roads too?
      Driving while high is just as dangerous as when drunk. Oh getting ripped helps deal with pain? I don’t believe this, ok maybe when your completely obliterated but then again when your that far gone it dosent matter even matter, you might as well be a potato that’s not right because even a potato can serve some function, and if your not obliterated.. I twisted my ankle one time when I was high, its all I could focus on and thought I was going to die. So if we legalize marijuana we will once again be a prosperous nation… but one of HIGH-ly non functioning lazy invilids, and if you disagree your obviously delusional, probably because of all the weed your smoking.

      • Victor Rymer says:

        You have all the facts twisted so bad. You have so many false facts in your tirade that i dont even have enough time in this day to break down all the lies and crap you just posted. Ignorant people like you make me sick.

      • Greg says:

        Your theoretical scenarios sound fantastic, however, marijuana is decriminalized in so many places that we can gather empirical evidence from, and there is nothing that shows what you guys are predicting.

      • LJ says:

        … have absolutely no idea of what you’re spitting. “Tar” in a joint? Worse than a pack of smokes!?!? You need to relax sir and smoke a joint.

      • JAG says:

        You’re an idiot dude. Tobacco cigarettes contain more than just tobacco. They contain nicotine, which is the addictive portion, and they also contain various chemicals that arsenic is composed of. Pot, even when rolled as a joint, contains no such thing. It contains THC, which is a natural chemical that’s also used in a great deal of medications anyway. THC also reduces aggression in various individuals through relaxation, helps those who have trouble keeping food down, and it contains mild antioxidant properties, which help reduce illness.
        Marijuana also contains CBD and pinene, which aids with the recovery from MRSA infections, and can help those with Parkinson’s disease. CBG, which helps relieve interocular pressure (aka glaucoma) is also found in it. There is no record of anything harmful in Marijuana, and the most that’ll happen, is you’ll get the munchies or get tired and go to bed.

      • Charly Lucky says:

        Mr.Grey , what is the name of the movie you watched, Reefer Madness? “they will sell harder stuff, “legitimate” marijuana distributers will get firebombed and ROBBED”

  • joey says:

    And for anyone who would like to throw the “gateway drug” argument out there, federal websites have even refuted that myth. The schizophrenia possibilities…less than 1%? But anti depressants are legal when they cause people to have homicidal ideations. Paranoia? ..yea from getting caught. Munchies? So what? Latest research shows regularnusers don’t show any abnormal weight increase for some reason. Alcohol: go out partying and go to bars not knowing what you’re doing. Cannabis: sit home with friends, a pizza, and watch TV

  • cronic pain says:

    Lets see keep it illegal spend billions trying to get it off the streets OR make it legal and make billions in taxes hmmm fg

  • Someguydie says:

    Either way I’m still gonna smoke everyday, it doesn’t limit your potential unless you make the decision that your gonna be lazy and do nothing. Legalize 2014

    • J. Pudish says:

      Agree with you on this one. I own a business, went to college for a BA in software development, have and keep up a CDL, Have 4 kids, pay my taxes, bills, and buy all the food for everyone in my household. Clean, cook, do all my own work on my vehicles. Well i guess im not lazy. And I make plenty of money. More then most I know that do not smoke.

  • Vee says:

    Do or dont legalize it either way im smokeing it lol

  • Rich Miller says:

    Marijuana ,,the most unsafe thing about it…the purchase

  • Brenda says:

    I have chronic pain, and I would rather smoke a bowl then be addicted to pain pills. Booze ruins more lives. Legalize

  • sinsibility says:

    A lot of people in PA use marijuana safely, privately, and without causing any harm whatsoever. They do not deserve to be stigmatized or criminally prosecuted when they do so responsibly.

    Having it legal allows public discussion that begins to do away with the misinformation that has lead to all the irrational fear about it.

    While you might not ever use it yourself, it has been around you all of your life. It’s not going away, so let’s get it where responsible use can be defined, understood, and reasonably regulated.

  • Ryan says:

    “Take PILLS to help you sleep,no one bats an eye, smoke a bowl and everyone loses their f*****g minds.

  • Albert Hoffman says:

    Would you really rather see a someone get feed pharmaceutical addictive drugs or would you rather see someone eat a brownie or some a few doobies or a non addictive harmless natural organic earth?
    really think about it medical all day legalize

    • Sean says:

      “A growing body of research show that marijuana can cause a true addiction syndrome encompassing both physical and emotional dependence.” “One of the main reasons people deny experiencing withdrawal symptoms is that their onset is often delayed for several days or weeks after cessation of use.” “Urine tests of chronic marijuana users can remain positive for three weeks to several months.” (Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs (Inaba, D.S. & Cohen, W.E. 2011, CNS Productions, Inc. www.

  • Hmm…? Both Washington and Colorado legalized, marijuana use is prevalent amongst NFL players for pain and swelling management, and the two states that legalized are in the SuperBowl.

  • Full Legalization for Adults is the only way to free us from the pharmaceutical companies’ grip.

    Plus, today’s medical marijuana regulations are getting it wrong again, by demonizing THC, an essential part of daily health and healing.

    Some people have reported getting CBD headaches, since the medicine has low-to-no THC.

    Don’t let politicians write arbitrary laws about your CBD/THC ratio, when most of them don’t even know what these components mean.

    Pharmaceutical companies want to maintain control and force us to pay them for a plant that we could grow easily in our backyards.

    Vote for full legalization for adults; let us grow our own medicine.

  • e says:

    I have always found it amusing how the majority of the local population, whom are alcoholics, tries to put down anyone who smokes marijuana so they can feel better about themselves and their violent habit. Again these are things that define Northeast Pa. LOL.

  • Drew Pizzo says:

    Let’s gather around God’s Plant and celebrate the end of prohibition for marijuana. Go Green America.

  • ROB KOSICA says:

    Legalize it..Don`t criticize it.

  • JIM says:


  • Brian's Mom, Denise says:

    Your father is right dear. You’re making a fool of yourself.

  • Barbara Walter says:

    I think if you want 2 smoke it u should be able 2 . Everyone over 21 is able 2 drink legal. Well I think if or over 21 u should be able 2 smoke it legal. Well now if u smoke u have 2 buy it of drug dealers that’s making the money why not make it legal& let the state make the money 2 help fix the roads & help get us out of the debts that we r in ? I have a bad back & a lot of other troubles so if I can get it I smoke it & it helps me that I can relax & then get some sleep when I don’t I don’t sleep good & that’s most of the time I might smoke 3 or 4 times a month . Well years ago when it was easy 2 get back in the 60 I really didn’t like it I tryed it sometimes or I smoked it when I was with a bunch of friends that did I did it then but it was a lot easier 2 get & not as much bs as now. If they made it legal the jails wouldn’t b over full & they might get the people that really needs 2 b in there like the people that rapes ,kills or many other things than light up . If we want it we get it some how so it should b made legal. If u drink that’s fine but light up a joint that’s not fine . W ell that is wrong Cruz most people that drinks drive & they can kill a love 1 I lost a good friend over someone that was drinking & I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who did but I know people that drives after they smoking & they drive safe. So I think they should make it legal so alot of people can b able 2 smoke & not b in pain. So if u have it light up & smoke if I did I would do it but I don’t have any right now back in the days who ever had it would share it now if they have it they try 2 keep it for them self cuz its hard 2 get 4 some people. So puff puff pass 4 all of us

    • Jeff says:

      This was painful to read, another reason not to smoke it.

      • Mike says:

        Illiteracy has nothing to do with the effects of pot. The people on here who cannot spell or use correct punctuation were illiterate before they started smoking weed. So don’t try and make a case point that smoking marijuana causes brain damage or whatever you were getting at, Jeff.

        Ignorance and illiteracy starts at our sub-par joke of a public school system that lowers the bar for passing students, thus cutting many people short of a decent education. That’s if they’re not busy skipping class to go get high *rollseyes*.

        Like many have said before, do your homework before you get schooled. If you don’t know the pro’s and con’s of marijuana use and come here stating it should be illegal than you are more ignorant than the illiterate wellfare smokers who just know it makes them feel better.

        More research needs to be done to better understand the other minor cannabinoids and their medicinal properties. The plant is nothing short of a miracle. For pain relief, It’s up to 25-50% more effective than morphine without the harmful side effects. That’s just one reason it should be legal. It’s safer. Give me one good reason it should be illegal. You can’t.

        To the guy who said drug dealers will just switch to selling harder stuff if it becomes legal, well that might be true for some of them, but many people who only sold pot prior to legalization will probably still sell pot after legalization, without accountability. A fewer percentage of those people will probably attempt to open their own smoke shops, selling it legally and paying taxes like they should. Switching to harder substances has more to do with lack of proper education and unemployment. It’s the money they are after, not the propagation of the drug cartels opiates. If they had money they wouldn’t be selling a highly addictive, highly illegal substance that will eventually land them behind bars.

        People need to stop with the gateway drug argument, seriously. It’s not a gateway to selling harder stuff, it’s not a gateway to your kids trying harder stuff. ALCOHOL is the real gateway drug. Once I started drinking I started doing cocaine. I’m fortunate to still have enough braincells to tell me to stop, and I did. I’ve been sober for about 2 years.

        Marijuana is a billion dollar industry which is continuing to grow and is here to stay. Get used to it. If you’re smart, try and make some money off it. Don’t be stupid.

    • Mike says:

      Wow, maybe you should put the hooka down and learn proper English. You ARE the poster child for not making it legal.

  • Meg says:

    We waste so much money prosecuting people for selling and smoking pot when we could use those resources elsewhere. In addition, if it were taxed highly then the country could actually make money off of!

  • J. Pudish says:

    Its people like this take makes the US the way it is. I’m guessing you voted for Obama to. Am I right? You really need to stop listening to everyone that opposes it and gather your own information. Maybe some of us are Liberals. “open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values” Yes maybe some of us are. I know I believe I should have the right to do what I wish without someone like you telling me when I can wipe my but. You don’t like it. Don’t smoke it. But I do have to say you are the minority here. Way out numbers by millions across the US. And also by people much larger power then our local government.Corbett can veto all he wants. It just hurts him more in the long run. It will get passed and it will be soon. They can not look away from the numbers.

    As I said you are the minority here. Regardless of what we are. It doesn’t matter what party you are from. Republican, Democrat, Liberals, or any of the others. There are people who support it. Me im about being free. Free from people that tell me how to run my life. If its a live and learn experience. Let me learn on my own. I don’t need someone to do it for me.

    Seems like you don’t even really know what marijuana is what it does’t or what the benefits are.

    I think that makes you the idiot here.

  • Patrice says:

    I feel it’s about time. Does more good then bad in my eyes. Helps people with cancer and give them an appetite so they can eat when the disease and treatments are making them sick. The cannabis has been proven to give them the ability to eat, giving them a chance to a better life. My son has ADHD and anxiety and it helps him get through the day. It gives him hope and he knows it does more good then bad. It has been proven it helps people that have seizures. This plant has been around for along time and it has more benefits then negatives. It is all natural and it is not altered like all this other drugs that are destroying lives. There is no documented cases of anyone dying or overdosing on this natural plant. Makes people relaxed, happy and creative. It is another herb that grows for our benifit like parsley, thyme, basil, rosemary ect. I feel our jails need to be filled with real criminals not for a plant that does good things. When something is illegal that is why we have drug dealers and crime. If this is legalize not only will people benifit but so will the Goverment. Money from this will help out country get out of dept. Like the gold rush now we have a green rush and this is more beneficial for man kind.

  • Sean says:

    Okay would you want someone behind the wheel smoking pot or the person doing your heart surgery or the dentist doing your root cannel? How about a parent who smokes weed and watches their children? Come on people, get educated there is too much addiction (and for those who say pot is not addictive, you are wrong, yes it is) I adopted 3 children who’s parents were or still are pot heads. The foster care system is full of their kids who’s lives are shattered because getting high was more important than buying their baby milk or diapers. So what about Colorado, talk to me 5 to 10 years from now and lets see what the real affects are.

    • brian says:

      right on sean they r just idiots

    • The Voice of Reason says:

      Learn how to use words and then we’ll talk, Sean.

      • Sean says:

        Read the book, Uppers, Downers, and All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs by Inaba and Cohen. Be informed than come back and talk with me.

    • Greg says:

      Completely not true! No studies, no government, private, or even DEA studies have found it addictive. You are 100% wrong, and you are unable to show proof (because there is none) It kills cancer cells (that’s a fact) It has 0 recorded deaths ever. People use it all the time, either way these laws won’t stop anything. It is just a major waste of money, we raise tax’s to pay for this enforcement and hurt the American people.
      You just need these drug laws to protect yourself, because you need the government to help and care for you. You would never be able to say no if it was legal, what a nanny state you promote. Pretty soon you will be preaching for the government to tell you what to eat. How bad is this going to get? How much will the American people (including yourself) rely on government. No responsibility for oneself.

      • Sean says:

        Go out and purchase Uppers, Downers, and All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs by Inaba and Cohen. Be informed

    • Meghan says:

      how many foster kids’ parents are alcoholics and “shatter” their childrens’ lives? its hypocritical for one to be legal and the other not. it’s proven that marijuana is better, particularly healthwise, than both alcohol and cigarettes. both have been legal for quite some time in colorado, long over 5-10 years, and is still functioning just fine. sorry, your argument is invalid.

      • First of all marijuana is NOT addictive, and has numerous medical benefits. And as to whether I would want any of the professionals you mentioned smoking performing their jobs…it depends. However, alcohol is legal…highly addictive…and attacks every major organ in your body…but it’s LEGAL! Cigarettes cause cancer and all kinds of lung and bronchial problems, not to mention being one of the most addictive things out there…but again…it’s LEGAL! Marijuana is nothing more than a plant, a part of nature…how do you justify making God’s gift of nature illegal???

    • Ben Dover says:

      when people are left with arguments such as “Okay would you want someone behind the wheel smoking pot or the person doing your heart surgery or the dentist doing your root cannel? How about a parent who smokes weed and watches their children? ” what does this say about prohibition? ill answer though im hoping you got it already…..its dead and people are left looking like complete idiots trying to justify it.

      its a simple formula most people use many times every day. if I do this whats the pros vs the cons? there is no sane, logical argument at ANY level that supports the prohibition of cannabis. if you think it should remain illegal you are one of 3 things.
      1. stupid
      2. uneducated
      3 a beneficiary of the prohibition industry (law enforcement/corrections/etc.)

    • They wanted Cannabis over milk they could’ve gotten through WIC? Diapers? Did social services tell you that? Are you related to Nancy Grace or something? I don’t know where to begin. If the foster children’s biological parents only smoked cannabis and that’s why they lost their kids to you. Wow! There really isn’t a God after all. They probably abused prescription drugs and alcohol in order to lose their kids. I could really tell you what for but you’ve already made up what little mind you have.

    • Sean, what you’re saying is exactly what people fear will happen when they don’t understand marijuana.

      Try rewriting everything you just wrote, but replace the word marijuana with alcohol, which is legal.

    • Charly Lucky says:

      Calm down, have a drink, there, now thats better, isn’t it? And legal too!

    • Derf says:

      Sean that wasn’t even remotely correct about foster care.I myself was raise in Children and Youth for 17 years.I went on to get married have three children and adopted two more.It’s not because of pot that the Children and Youth Service are over run it’s because people having children that are not responsible enough to have them.You don’t blame a pencil for miss spelling a word so please let Children and Youth out of your argument when it comes to pot,the two are not even remotely connected.Maybe in your case they did smoke pot but that had nothing to do with their children bad choices did.I’m sure if you took a survey on people that are good parents but yet smoke pot you maybe surprised.I’m not saying smoking pot makes you a better parent but I’m saying you can smoke it and still be a parent.Blame your government for making it so easy for parents to have children for money then when in their minds it’s not worth it anymore they can just get rid of them.An example the mother of the two children I adopted 2 years ago went out had another and now that child is in foster care.Drugs aren’t her problem the refusal that she is mental is but if your government were to regulate these situation she would have had no choice.In closing I’d like to congratulations on adopting those 3 children it was a very honorable thing you did but think about it,if it wasn’t for life’s imperfections in people your nor I would have been blessed with these children.

      • Sean says:


        The point I was trying to make is that many of these parents choose substance (drugs and/or alcohol) over their role as a parent. Ingesting just a small amount of pot can cause impairment, just as having a “couple” of drinks. Both can diminish a person’s ability to parent. We are becoming a nation that runs to substances to cope instead of learning healthy coping strategies.

    • Dave says:

      This is directed at Sean and all the other people who are so uneducated it’s sickening. Sean states the question “would you want someone behind the wheel smoking pot or the person doing your heart surgery or the dentist doing your root cannel? How about a parent who smokes weed and watches their children?”

      Well let me ask you this Sean. Would you want someone behind the wheel drinking alcohol or the person doing your heart surgery or the dentist doing your root canal drunk? How about a parent who gets drunk and watches their children?

      If marijuana was legal people would treat it like we treat alcohol. You wouldn’t get high when you need to go to work or need to be driving somewhere, or need to be uninhibited.

      And as for the addictive part Sean? It has been studied numerous times by creditable agencies that it is not addictive. You state we need to get educated, well us “pot heads” as you would like to call us ARE educated. You are the one that is not educated and you sound like a complete fool when you state the things you did.

      Marijuana is a cash crop. If it were to become federally legal it would change this economy and the way of life as we know it. Forget about people getting high, the prospect of a real hemp market is what has me the most excited. Imagine the new medicine and new materials hemp would provide us? It would solve the country’s economic troubles and bring the United States back as an economic powerhouse.

      If you are not for the legalization of marijuana, you are completely uneducated on the issue.

      So my call to action is, please get yourself educated on the legalization of marijuana and the benefits it will bring.

      • J. Pudish says:

        Ill say one thing to sean. I would rather get in a car with someone stoned then someone drunk. Any day. For most people it doesn’t impair you like you think it does. Why don’t you smoke some and find out for yourself. Like I said I would get in a car with someone stoned but not drunk. Plain and simple. You do not lose coordination when stoned. Unlike people who are drunk. Hell they can’t even walk.

      • Sean says:

        “A growing body of research show that marijuana can cause a true addiction syndrome encompassing both physical and emotional dependence.” “One of the main reasons people deny experiencing withdrawal symptoms is that their onset is often delayed for several days or weeks after cessation of use.” “Urine tests of chronic marijuana users can remain positive for three weeks to several months.” (Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs (Inaba, D.S. & Cohen, W.E. 2011, CNS Productions, Inc. www.

        P.S. I am not advocating drinking alcohol either. That is an assumption on your part. I have seen the effects of drugs and alcohol. We have enough social ills and legalizing pot will not make it better. Its just adding gas to the fire.

    • Russ says:

      Haha your dad’s a smoker. Brian if you don’t like it that’s your choice. But for the little girl that went from having hundreds of seizures a week down too one a week because of medical marijaunna the answer is clear. Legalization is the only answer. Look up info before your dad kicks your as*.

  • Sterling says:

    Yes it should be totally legalized all the way around it can be grown naturally with out any thing like any other plant : carrots,potatoes,beans,strawberries,tomatoes,etc.. So that said god created it it’s natural then should be no law under it.Plus no one has ever died from it by it self and also it helps people with pain in joints such as arthritis , Glaucoma patients , Cancer patients, Neck and Back pain from accidents, could go on and on. Point is Government made mistake with Alcohol and they corrected it.Well it was a mistake with Marijuana also so it should be Legalized again now to.

  • Greg Strazdus says:

    I want it legalized, and I am most certainly not a liberal. I am more anti-government than anything. I want the government out of the business. I want them out of our personal lives. If you want it illegal you are basically preaching big government.

  • alicia says:

    i think only the oil and edible hemp should be used. not the smoke. i cant see how smoking it can help health issues but ingesting it might. i have seen where the drops cure cancers[ on the internet].

  • Analise says:

    Legalize it. And to this brian calling everyone a liberal idiot…you sound like you’re in desperate need of a prescription antidepressant. For real.

  • Brandon says:

    Brian’s comment “u have to get an education” as he’s spelling like an 8 year old… And by the way. I have an education in criminal justice and almost every CJ and Sociology professor believes in legalizing pot. We pay $35k a year to incarcerate a person. Over %35 of inmates are incarcerated for misdamener drug offenses. Do the math! And get an education yourself

  • Brian, you are obviously VERY uninformed. Marijuana is NOT addictive…NO ONE has ever over dosed on it, and it has MANY medicinal benefits. You don’t like the way it smells???? Then don’t smoke it. And I am FAR from a liberal…I am a conservative, but I have done the research and firmly believe marijuana should be legal.

    • brian says:

      i never said is was addictive i just dont want to stand next to someone smoking it dont put words in my mouth thank you

    • Sean says:

      “A growing body of research show that marijuana can cause a true addiction syndrome encompassing both physical and emotional dependence.” “One of the main reasons people deny experiencing withdrawal symptoms is that their onset is often delayed for several days or weeks after cessation of use.” “Urine tests of chronic marijuana users can remain positive for three weeks to several months.” (Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs (Inaba, D.S. & Cohen, W.E. 2011, CNS Productions, Inc. www.

  • Luke says:

    brian, you hypocritical moron, YOU are the idiot. Same as anyone else that supports innocent people being murdered, beaten, or kidnapped for ransom by badged thugs…..simply FOR INGESTING A PLANT. Cannabis is going to be decriminalized because people are finally waking up to the lies and the fraud that the govt created 100 years ago that cannabis is dangerous. We the People are sick of $20 BILLION a year being wasted on harming law abiding who are just minding their own business. Something cops, judges and other hypocritical pro Prohibition should try. The DEA has been exposed as the biggest drug importer in US HISTORY. Why does our govt get to break the law and make BILLIONS but other people simply ingest a plant and need o go to prison? FOR NOTHING. End the failed wasteful drug war!!

  • Maria Pizzo says:

    Marijuana isn’t as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol and yet those are allowed– the prohibition ended for them and it’ll eventually end for pot, too. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Gladys Girton says:

      ta know I agree 100% with you they should leagalize it and stop listening to the anti drug people i know so many people today and back in the day and they never went out stealing for it or commiting crimes because they smoked it all it did was make them hungry and let me tell you these people should have to take care of people after chemo treatments i did for ten years broke my heart they could not eat threw up all the time and was in pain.

    • Jean59 says:

      Your just another rep that doesn’t know how to spell or type and just likes to pick on people who are more intelligent than others. Being an Liberal is a great thing you should try it, you wouldn’t be so miserable, smoke a joint, be happy. :)

    • Gumba says:

      Brian your just a troll. Give it up already your just trying your hardest to get people going.. Go troll you friends on Face Book and let intelligent people talk about important things.that effect there life. Instead of your negativity and liberalism talk. i know plenty of conservatives that smoke marijuana

  • Jean59 says:

    Legalize it and stop arresting and fining people just because they have some on them or smoking some in their home. Have you ever heard of anyone dying because they smoke marijuana? No, tests were even taken that when driving a car while under the influence of marijuana they might drive slower but they drive better then if under the influence of alcohol. Years ago the marijuana you smoked made you laugh, and you had the munchies, that was it, what harm did that do? If the suppliers can go back to making that same marijuana, please, I would rather deal with that than an alcoholic who is throwing up all over the place and who could die of alcohol posioning. It also comes with helping people with illnesses such as eating disorders, (women can eat good without the gage reflex), muscle spasms for back and leg pain, of course cancer patients, and most of all adults with anxiety disorders and ADD and bi-polar disorder (helps with mood swings). Tell me how could you not legal something that helps so many illnesses, plus put revenue in a state that could be in the billions?? To me it is common sense, so what I say to the legislators in PA, get smart and get all the votes you can to legalize marijuana and help the state and the people. It took one man years ago to start a smear campaign against it and he won, but it can take all of us to get it back working for the people again. Remember Billions of dollars in revenue, jobs, happy people, less stressful people, less painful people, equals happiness. Oh yeah! and there is no proof that it leads to something worse like coke or heroin, if this was always available the other drug needs would go down, I believe that, Back in the 80′s if weed wasn’t found, that is when others went looking for something else, right?

    • brian says:

      being a liberal is a great thing well i guess ur an obama lover he is a liberal

    • Jim Brony says:

      Two brothers high on pot slammed into a vehicle on the Selinsgrove – Sunbury bridge and killed a young father and his son. You’re kidding yourself if you think driving high on pot is any safer than booze. Tell the wife and mother that pot is safer. No doubt driving drunk is a hazard and has caused health issues when abused, just don’t perpetuate the lie that pot is any safer.

      • Kevin says:

        How many people have had accidents and killed people with absolutely nothing in their system? Lets not be one sided!

  • Brian says:

    Only for medical uses – what happened to this option

    • Jean59 says:

      Even if they pass it for medical purposes only it would still be huge. I would say at least 80% of the people smoke to calm down because they have a nervous condition. But there are so many other conditions, so when they pass it for medical purposes are they going to include all of those? What if they leave out the eating disorders, then girls who need to smoke it so they can eat to gain weight can get arrested. It just needs to be legalized so all illnesses are covered and not just for cancer patients.

    • J. Pudish says:

      no one wants it for medical use only.

  • Gumba says:

    Yes to legalizing it but everyone has to be pro active. Corbett will veto it on arrival if its voted to pass, so we need him out of office. John Hanger is running for governor he is Pro Marijuana and is running on this platform and so many other platforms. Please look him up this could be a chance for pro Marijuana Advocates to get involved and get this bill passed for us all here in Pennsylvania just remember it wont pass by itself and it sure will not get pass Corbett’s desk if he gets back in office.

  • shelley says:

    Ive dealt with people in my life who smoked pot and drank alcohol…i would so much rather them smoking pot than drinking alcohol!! Alcohol is so much more harmful to your health and to others involved with the drinker. I hate drinkers! They get so mean n nasty…when smoking pot they laugh…more loving n calm. If you r against pot then i hope you are also against alcohol because it has far worse effects!

  • mdog says:

    Ha!55 percent of cnn sheep are dopers !
    or dope dealers, ouch.

  • jack says:

    It should be. I smoke it every day its healthyer then beer and stuff like that drinking kill ppl every day I use it it helps me sleep at night helps with my pain after crashing my dirt bike everyone has there thoughts some ppl don’t like it but most use it for health reasons so I think it should be

  • It should be legal everyone 18 and older.

  • TheProphet says:

    Just give up.. its gonna be legalized soon enough. For the narrow minded, let those of us who wish to medicate and meditate do so in a safe manner. Lets push convention. Lets use our freakin heads NEPA.

    • TheProphet says:

      And that means legalize the hell out of it. Decrease all the crime

    • Jim Brony says:

      With freedom comes responsibility and accountability. Are you prepared for all the additional vehicle and workplace accidents? Alcohol abuse has destroyed enough lives – now you want to add more mind-altering drugs to the mix? Please, don’t tell me that all the stoners will just sit at home, light up, and not go anywhere. Oh, good luck with your job too. Most larger employers will still test for drugs and fire you for using it, legal or not.

  • Gumba says:

    The Doctor I see your another closed minded person that has allowed previous decades of mis information cloud the real truth. The fact that this could help so many medically and people can not get it and i see this on here really goes to show how ignorant some people still are about Marijuana im sure if it was a child of yours going through seizures and not having a good for-filled life.Dont be so closed minded one day god forbid you ever come down with cancer and need something like this while on Chem o

  • J. Pudish says:

    Legalize it no matter what anyone of the others who oppose it say. I do not drink as I have seen many peoples lives destroyed because of it. I have seen people die simply from drinking to much, I have seen people die in alcohol related care wrecks, i have seen people die from liver failure due to the use of alcohol. I smoke weed. for 2 main reason. 1. Being my back. Have had a bad back for years and it takes the pain away so I can walk. 2. Helps me relax after a hard long day. There the 2 main reason. For all you close minded people that are posting and oppose it go sit in your lounge chairs and watch tv and stop trying to run everyone elses lives. How many people do you know that have ever died from smoking weed? How many people have died from smoking to much. It doesn’t happen. Do people die from liver failure from smoking weed. No. How many of you are sitting here now reading these posts and have a beer or a screwdriver sitting next to you that you have been drinking? I bet there are a bunch. Look at the facts here. For the ones drinking right now. How many will die within the next 10 years from simply drinking that drink that some people seem to love so much? I bet there are a few. The there are the other who are sitting here and just finished a bowl. How many of them will die from using marijuana? Facts show that general everyday pot smokers are healthier then others who are non smokers. Hows your blood pressure? Are you depressed? Anorexia anyone? Mood swings? Beer muscles? Headaches? Back pain? Anyone?
    The biggest fact here is the war on drugs is over. It can never be won. there are way to many people that want it and smoke it. Oh and by the way there are more Americans that smoke then don’t. Guess that makes some of you a minority. If it is legal or not. We are still going to get it. We are still going to grow it and we are still going to consume it. And by the way I AM A TAX PAYOR. I own my own business, have kids that are healthy, and I have no criminal record what so ever. Have a CDL, went to college for software development and am pretty happy with my life. How many of you are happy with your with that drink you have sitting next to you or your life. Your wife leave you? I said close minded earlier. Simply because the people who oppose it have no idea of what it can bring and have been living in the past for way to long. It is illegal because of political issues. Not because it destroys lives, kills you, or even makes you lazy. If any DRUG should be illegal it should be Alcohol. As that has pretty much no healthy side effects. Oh and did I mention it kills thousands a year.

    I hope I did not come of to harsh on some of this but. I get irritated when people have no clue what hey are talking about. Or have never even tried it. But they don’t mind going to a bar. Do not get me wrong here. I did not say I have never drank. I just do not now and have not for a very long time.

    As I said war on drugs is over and a complete failure. Time to stop using your tax money for something that can not be won and put it to good use. Use marijuana if anything for another income as in tax revenue. Or the political parties voting themselves a pay raise. Help clear the US debt, bring some jobs to local farming communities, re-build the economy.

    Whether it is legal or not it has been here and it is not going away. Guess you gotta deal with it.

    Put that in your glass and drink it. But it wont kill you.

    And for the others who want it. Light up! you’ll be able to live free soon enough.

    Puff Puff Pass

    • Gumba says:

      I couldn’t agree more i have failed back syndrome fron spinal fusion i am in so much pain every single day. Sleep what is sleep? Meds well lets see i take 7 different scripts all of which do considerable damage to my Liver and Kidneys oh these drugs are legal because pharma got a patent on them ummm i dont think they can do that for Marijuana hence why they pour so much money into trying to keep it illegal. So going back to my meds why should i not be allowed to try Medical Marijuana? what because a closed minded person or persons have a peev against it or doesn’t like to do it themselves. Well put yourself in my shoes for one hr i guarantee you change ur mind. Oh wait you probably could never spend an hour in my shoes and handle the pain.. I want to make it clear i do not smoke Marijuana at this time but i would love to make a decision to do so with my doctors permission to see if it works. What if i could get off the meds im on on now and save my kidney and liver from future failure? Who are Joe public or government to make this health decision for me? So to those that do not want it legalized one day maybe and i hope never you might have a fractured spine and have a failed back surgery or cancer will you then be so against it? So dont be such hypocrites and legalize it even though you might think you will never need it one day you just might

    • Sherri Andrzejewski says:

      Well said!

  • Devin says:

    I definitely agree that it should be legalized, for one it has no second hand effects to people surrounding unlike cigarettes, it doesnt cause cancer inlike cigarettes and i have tried it before and i know hundreds of people who do it, compared to alcohol it doesnt make u mean and im not saying alcohol makes everyone one mean but i have grown up with nothing but drunks in my family and 99% of them after prolonged use of it became extremely violent and they still to this day get extremely violent, i have had to protect some of my family members numorous times from their husbands/fathers and yet when they smoke marijuana they are the happiest and nicest people i know… It also has great medicinal uses wich i find is extremely useful and yes of course the tax money our state can bring in from it would be exponential and hopefully they can actually try to fix the roads… But all on all i dont see any harmful things comming out of this and for mary who was complaining about the smell…REALLY?!? Come on cigarettes make much more of a horrible smell and cause yellowing and can cause ur grandchildren to accumulate cancer but its strange how you havent mentioned anything about cigarettes…? Well anyway all in all marijuana is definitely a go for me

  • cory says:

    to the dr. if u refuse to cross that line that is your choice but don’t be so judgmental on people that choose otherwise, especially if you have never done research, or for that fact tried it. if the polls show that it should be it is because the majority of people think it should be not because people call each other, and if it is im sure people like yourself( who don’t think its a good idea) will pick up the phone also. another point if it comes down to who has more friends to put it in simple terms that’s just another plus to marijuana, more people get along when they smoke.

    • J. Pudish says:

      To Cory. Love the post and it is so true. It is good by yourself but better with a group. It has been known to bring together long time rivals. Offers peace to nations. It has happened. Its in our history. and I have over 900 friends on Facebook and over 30 thousand on twitter. I am sure I can get the numbers up. as I know 86% of them smoke. Statistically speaking.

  • Dominic says:

    I never had a problem with weed, but that was before I saw what it did to my daughter. It has literally become the single most important thing in her life. I am not lying. It’s all she talks about. Her social media pages are nothing but comments about weed. There is nothing else.

    It has been this way for two years now. I am at my wits end. She has literally thrown her life away because of weed. She lives on the west coast with her boyfriend. They are homeless, unemployed, no phones, no transportation . . . but they have weed. Lots of it.

    While I assume my daughter’s issues are rare, I can’t support legalizing something that has pretty much destroyed my daughter’s life.

    • joseph donegan says:

      Your daughter’s situation is unfortunate but legalizing or not legalizing isn’t going to change hers or anybody else’s situation with drugs. They’re going to get them anyway. We might as well make money taxing them and there will be less killing over them too.

    • Gumba says:

      Well it sounds like your Daughter might be in the low percentage that get addicted to Weed. I think it was around 5%. I do however think it should be legal for medical use so many could benefit from it and get off many hard prescription medication. So what im saying is this doesnt have to be legal for everyone but legal for medical only would u be ok with that?

    • William Roach says:

      We have texting and driving drunk. Driving killing our love me do we need one more impairment killing while driving ?

    • John Foote says:

      Perhaps the reason your daughter is so fixated on Marijuana is because it’s illegal. Some people want to fight the system and if alcohol was illegal she might be into drinking which is a lot worse than the effects of Marijuana.

    • J. Pudish says:

      I am sorry to hear this about your daughter. This can happen. But it is not because of the weed. There I am sure is a deeper under laying issue. Something she is very unhappy with in her life. Weed makes people happy feel good and dulls the pain of tragic events or a hopeless life that they think they are in. It brings people enjoyment when there is no joy. It becomes some peoples lives because they don’t hurt. Sounds like she hasn’t found herself and is unhappy where she is at. I don’t know her situation but I do know how I feel. I have had some really rough times in my life. Weed helped me relax and look at the big picture instead of having thousands of thoughts run threw my head. It gave me what I call true sight. I was able to figure out what I needed to do to make things better. Have you ever been so worried about something that it clouds your judgement or thoughts so much that you make an impulse decision. Realizing afterward that what you choose to do wasn’t what you really wanted. Weed helps you focus on the things that are important to you. It clears your mind from the everyday negatives and helps bring creativity. Find out what bothers her the most and you may find what changed her.

      • Jim Brony says:

        Wow, you have a four-year degree, a CDL, AND now you’re a pyscotherapist too. What an amazing individual.

    • Jean59 says:

      Your daughter is experiencing trauma and using marijuana to self medicate. Something could have happened that could have traumatized her and she needs to find a release to calm down or forget something in other words put it in the back of her mind so she won’t think about it. It could be worse and it could be heroin or crack cocaine, so hate to say it marijuana is the least of medications out there that she is doing and anything can be a medicator. She needs counseling but she will probably not go. Good Luck with your daughter, may God Bless.

      • Dominic says:

        Oh, I absolutely agree with you. A major part of the issue is that my daughter has a very stressful life. Part of the problem is that he is half white and half black, and one side of her family has revealed itself to be extremely racist. So she has an entire group of people whom she loves, who will not talk to her. Still, it pains me that all she talks about it smoking weed. I am not blowing this out of proportion. It’s really all she talks about. I understand that she’s using weed to soothe her nerves etc. Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter. But it pains me that this young woman has basically stagnated for the last 2 years. She is not a burden to ME, but to society . . yes, she is.

    • joey says:

      Marijuana is not physically addictive, which means that you won’t suffer from withdrawals from not using. It does however, like everything, have the potential to become psychologically addicting, like one becomes adduct d to eating food. Your daughter is not addicted to weed, she has a problem within herself. I personally have been victimized by Pennsylvania’s laws, and cops treat you like you’re a murderer. I have been an outstanding tax-paying citizen my entire life, and my first ever arrest (for marijuana/no DUI) almost landed me 4 years upstate on a technicality. Since it was my first offense ever I qualified for probation. I shared the same sentencing as a heroin addict, had probation officers steal hundreds of dollars from my wallet, and have even been pulled over to have my car ILLEGALLY ripped apart for no reason. The fact that we prosecute people like me is a shame and it is only to make money. Prisons get money from the state for every prisoner they have. While your daughter may be allowing you to see the extreme negative effects of marijuana, it does not mean people should not get help. Media, and people with lots of money try to create misinformation to keep the truth silenced. Marijuana, cannabis, is the key to fighting age related illnesses. You probably have heard about marijuana and cancer…but maybe never thought much of it. It kills cancer cells, and leaves healthy cells undamaged. Newest research even shows it has no effect on driving, according to driving simulators. Its something our bodies are made to receive, as we have an endocannabinoid system in us that regulates our immune system through cannabinoids (chemicals in weed.) I know so much about this subject because after being arrested, I was looked down on by everyone close to me. I pay my bills, work two jobs, have a girlfriend, pay taxes, break no laws, and in don’t even drink even though I am 24. I ask everyone to open their minds to see through the misinformation pharmaceutical companies, drug cartels, timber and oil industries, and even the DEA (recently caught smuggling drugs for cartels.) All the organizations that stand to lose money by way of our benefit want it illegal. Current known ailments relieved by cannabis : cancer, ADHD, depression, fibronyalgia, glaucoma, high blood pressure, anxiety, wasting syndrome, AIDS, epilepsy, M.S., arthritis, headaches, insomnia, and even goes as far to prevent lung cancer to some extent. What’s funny is the last one is a study on a federal website. It causes ZERO damage to our body because it is a cannabinoid like our body produces on its own. Critics will say smoke is bad, but they are mistaken. What’s bad in cigarette smoke is the fertilizers used in the growing process. Tobacco companies use pulonium 210, which is radioactive and that’s why it causes cancer. The government knows about this, its on federal websites, but why not the average American? I am sickened by our outrageous laws and I want help for people who need it and o don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through over a completelysafe plant. And if weeds so bad, then whybis it illegal to grow hemp? Because it makes better paper, plastics, fuel, houses, and clothes. In wonder why its illegal.

      • Sean says:

        “A growing body of research show that marijuana can cause a true addiction syndrome encompassing both physical and emotional dependence.” “One of the main reasons people deny experiencing withdrawal symptoms is that their onset is often delayed for several days or weeks after cessation of use.” “Urine tests of chronic marijuana users can remain positive for three weeks to several months.” (Uppers, Downers, All Arounders: Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs (Inaba, D.S. & Cohen, W.E. 2011, CNS Productions, Inc. www.

  • Alex says:

    Let’s just go through with it already. Cannabis grows from the ground just like many plants and herbs that we use daily.. It is not man-made like most drugs or alcohol. It is not even considered a narcotic.

  • D.JoAnn Myers says:

    Don’t be the most backward state. Get in on the tax goldmine. Maybe then senior citizen property owners could afford to heat their homes and buy groceries.

  • Dan says:

    weed is no worse than cigarettes or alcohol. If the country is in such a deficit when it comes to finances why wouldn’t they legalize it and tax the hell out of it? It would stop police and other law enforcement agencies from spending millions of dollars trying to stop it, its a win win. At one point alcohol was illegal and im sure people had this same debate face to face and now everybody is fine with it. Yes, it does stink, but so does tabaco smoke….. i just dont understand it.

  • mark83 says:

    So because you smoke pot your a druggie thats not fair well if you drink beer you must be an alcoholic than. Thats being narrow minded.

    • J. Pudish says:

      That must mean that someone who drinks coffee everyday all day is a druggie then to. The definition of Drug is: a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. Lets see there is a long list that does this. Sugar being a big one here, coffee, tea, caffeine in general, nicotine, all prescriptions, all sodas, you alcohol. These all do what the the definition of drug states. Guess we are all druggies.

  • Tiffany says:

    Legalize it! I’ve never seen anyone act out of control from it!!!

  • Michelle says:

    yes, I do think that marijuana should be legalized. There are so many people that would benefit having marijuana available to them for medical reasons, especially cancer patients. Plus it would be beneficial for the state of Pennsylvania. Instead of raising the gas tax, this would be an alternative tax. Not to mention the fact, people that are thrown into jail for small amounts of marijuana, or possession, would save us tax payers a lot of money. As well as the state. Everyone benefits.

  • Randy says:

    Colorado is benefiting greatly from it. A few other states are following this year.

    But meth and heroin? You’re out of your mind.

    • Greg Strazdus says:

      If you think I am “out of my mind” for wanting these drugs legalized, in that case, (if you think you are saving people from dying) why don’t you want to ban all prescription drugs, as they cause more deaths than meth and heroin combined. If all drugs were legal, people are not going to go and use all these drugs. It will be their personal choice to use what they want to. You just need the government to care for you so you need these laws.

  • Jeff says:

    Legalize it across the u.s; it could bring us out of debt

  • Brian says:

    Beats cigarettes by a long shot. I used to be against weed but now I love it. Nothing wrong with smoking after a night at the bar. Or just chilling one night to smoke. Doesn’t cut into any productivity and definitely helps me get a good night sleep.

  • Alana Elizabeth says:

    Moreover, hemp should be legalized. The illeagalization of “marijuana” or cannabis was to keep billion dollar industries from collapsing. It would be cheap to grow and be extremely beneficial to the marketing industry.

  • Paul says:

    Legalize it and tax the sale of it, this way we make money from the sale instead of it costing us all the legal and court fees associated with the arrests made from this substance,

  • Terry says:

    I believe that it should legalize all around, both for criminal rates that will plummet and also should be medically legalized also.

  • Jim Golden says:

    i would rather a pot smoker over a drinker , at least the pot smoker gets to work , one exception no smoking on the job.

  • Arthur says:

    I think marijuana is healher then a regular cigar or a cigarette
    It helps with most of people problems. Smoking form and liquid form, oils ? As is stress, seizers, from being hyper, and much more health problems . Many forms of marijuana is made for specific issue and dose for each person . Doc should consider helping others to make it legal.

  • Ue says:

    My Dr has been telling to move so i can have medical marijuana to help with my medical problems. I also know at least 6 familys that moved so they can get treatment so yes

    • Gumba says:

      My Doctor told me as soon as it legal she would prescribe it for me. The amount of pain im in everyday is overwhelming her hands are tied and i wont do it til it is legal. I just cant afford to go to jail over it. So i will keep taking the pharma meds that are killing me instead because my government ok’d it how pathetic is that. What they are saying is as long as it comes from pharma and it has a patent its ok to kill you but just dont smoke something that could help and not cause injury to your Kidney and Liver such horrible BS. I do blame Pharma and big corp greed i bet if Pharma could patent it and sell it through a cvs they would be all over it as long as there greedy bank account keeps swelling but you cant patent a plant that grows anywhere can you so they will keep pouring the cash into special interest to keep it illegal.

    • brian says:

      ur dr is an idiot guess he is a dope head to

      • Cw says:

        Brian your the idiot who has no education or actual input. The only argument you have made is you don’t like the smell and that everyone is a liberal. I think you need to re-evaluate your education and research methods because clearly you are ignorant to the subject and lack proper grammar. You idiot.

      • Kelly says:

        Dear Brian,
        The educational value of your reasoning against smoking pot was very valuable. I am more than obliged to tell you that you have done nothing but make me believe you are an alcoholic or some other type of drug abuser. Maybe even a child who has not been schooled in writing an essay and utilizing a dictionary. But what I will tell you now about myself in a very honest and respectable manner, is that, I work very hard. I enjoy life. I love my family. I read a book every month. I run by myself and with my four-legged child as often as I possibly can. I smoke a joint whenever I can and put my feet up and relax. I am most of the country. I am not looking to black out, make unwarranted decisions and then make excuses for them in the morning, forget my problems, fight a dude, bang a chick, drive to my exes house to beat up a significant other, eat a face, etc. I can off hand think of one hundred things that have been done by a person under the influence by a chemical substance. Not marijuana. Marijuana alone is comparable to sleep aid for more than 75% of people. It is a known pain reliever and relaxant. Read the statistics on people smoking pot who have cancer and auto immune diseases. Those people who are not addicted to pills, killing their insides and livers. Those who say they can live without blood thinners from all the pills and side effects because they smoke a joint instead. Let’s do our research people. Colorado is making billions. They are thriving. We are begging to claim bankruptcy. This is a no brainer.

      • The Voice of Reason says:

        Brian has no Brain.

      • Zappa says:

        Man you are a special kind of fellow.

  • jim says:

    yes it should! it should be a adults choice! and it is safer that alchohol, ,, by far! LEAGALIZE MARIJUANA

  • Vinnie says:

    I would have to say at least 40% of the people I know use marijuana, weather it is a few times a year, or on a daily basis. Me on the other hand, I choose not to use it, tried it when I was younger and I don’t enjoy the “lazy” feeling I got. It didn’t give me thoughts or ideas, it just made me feel tired, hungry, and worst of all dizzy. Anyhow, as long as it is illegal crime is going to come with it, in some cases even death (drug deals). So weather its legal or not people are going to keep using it as much as they want, and get it just as easy if it was legal so why not let the state make money off of it. It could possibly lower taxes in other areas, maybe help fix the roads up a little, help out local cities and jobs, such as what happened in Scranton last year. It would bring in a HUGE revenue, just like the casino did. Prior to the casino being open, between friends, co workers, etc. there was a “poker night” every day of the week. Now I haven’t heard of one in years, which means the state is making money off of these games that used to be played in peoples basements. So I say we make it legal and put the money towards something to help out our economy because smoking pot will always be there legal or not.

  • Greg Strazdus says:

    All drugs should be made legal, what business does the federal government have in peoples personal life. Prescription drugs cause more deaths than heroin, meth, marijuana combined. Get the government out, and let people exercise their rights to liberty.

    • Janet Conner says:

      I think it should be legal for medicinal purposes.. I suffer from liver disease.. diabetes… pancreatitis.. and also a two time cancer survivor. I spent the Christmas before last having a stent put in my pancreas… so that I can eat. I’ve been suffering for the last 15 and a half years. I find smoking very therapeutic and it helps me with a barrage of the many symptoms I suffer everyday. in my opinion… it seems mighty unfair that because I am a resident of Pennsylvania, that I am not afforded to say medicine as other people in these United States are. I shouldn’t have to be forced to smoke like a sneak or feel like I’m breaking the law just to receive relief from the many ailments I suffer. I believe in time people will come around… and realize that this is Medicine. walk a mile in someone shoes… before you pass judgement on why they do what they’re doing

      • Greg Strazdus says:

        Great comment Janet! It is actually proven to kill cancer cells. And I believe it needs to at the least be legalized for medical use on the federal level.

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