Hazleton Cougar Point Guard-Sal Biasi

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He is the quintessential point guard every coach dreams of having. Quick, precise and deadly. Sal Biasi is riding high for the Hazleton Cougars again this season. Sharp shooting, dishing out the rock, and leading his team to quality wins over Crestwood and Williamsport in just the last week.

"Talk about the skill on the basketball court. The ability to stop on a dime, hit the three, penetrate-pass. Where does that skill come from? I'm going to have to give a lot of the credit to my dad, my mom, and my coach. I always had a ball in my hand. I always working on sports in general. It's a lot of practice by yourself just how good do you want to be," said Sal Biasi.

"He has a lot of great instincts that I think several great players that we've had you know he has. If you go way back he has old-school Hazleton 1970's I think he has the scoring instinct like somebody like Mike Palumbo, you know Chris Long you know take your heart out on the floor mentality, and I think he has a lot of that. And Terry Kringe and Mike DeMarco had a lot of skills where they could score in a lot of different ways," said Mike Joseph.

It's not just Sal Biasi that makes up this Cougars team there are seven other seniors playing for Head Coach Mike Joseph and playing at a high level.

"It's awesome. It's a lot of playing your game. He doesn't really have many sets that you have to do this or you have to do that. What your good at anybody on the court getting the ball to the big man-getting into your shooters-getting into slashers and play how you want to play," again said Sal.

Biasi took the drama out of his basketball future back in November when he committed to Penn State for baseball, but that hasn't stopped his drive for a state title in basketball.

"My goal is to get to the state tournament and win the conference and the district and the farther we progress as a team I think the better chances I'll have," added Sal.