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Addtional Charges Filed For CVS Robberies

Posted on: 2:04 pm, January 24, 2014, by

dannie bradford mug

SCRANTON — The man accused of robbing a CVS pharmacy in Scranton last month has been arrested again for two other robberies at the same CVS.

Scranton police announced Friday that they arrested Dannie Bradford from Moscow for robbing CVS on Moosic Street in March 2012 and June 2013.

They accuse him of taking prescription medication in both armed robberies in Scranton.


  • Sundown says:

    Arrested again? meaning you had him out on bail for one armed robbery? or was he charged with more while being held in custody? how many armed robbers do we let walk around, or should I ask, how many armed robberies do they have to commit before they are held without bail?

  • Greg says:

    He can share his Rx with Bubba up in the big house…lol

  • angie says:

    Not enough competent affordable rehab opportunities for those suffering from addiction.

    • Sundown says:

      I think the only “free” rehabs are the prisons, hospitals, or mental institutions if they’re really “gone,” and the hospitals don’t keep them very long. There are some free out-patient clinics that are very good, but the addicts have to take the initiative to go to them, however, it is often part of their parole/probation agreements. When we were growing up there were more free services, but that was in the city…unsure if they still have as much available as in the past, but my guess it’s a no. We had people we were trying to get into rehab that had no insurance..wasn’t easy…they can’t hold ‘em against their will either, they can leave anytime unless it’s part of a legal agreement of parole/probation, or if they’re minors.

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