Fight At Race Track Leads To Jail Term

susq race fight

MONTROSE — A man who assaulted an elderly man at a race track was sentenced Thursday in Susquehanna County court.

Garth Tonkin Jr. received one to 15 months in jail.

He pleaded guilty in November to simple assault in connection with a fight at Penn Can Speedway near Oakland in August of 2012.

Joe Walsh, 80, suffered head injuries after getting into the middle of the fight that started after one car cut off another during a race.


  • Michelle

    A son defending his father…Garth did the right thing…I would do the same…The first punch was not thrown by the Tonkins…Enough said.
    Oh and BTW, an 80 year old man would not use “IDK”…just sayin!

  • Ramboracer

    All you ppl are sad sobs. Tonkins are a very reapected family in carbondale. All very food racers. Mr tonkin had the rite being his son is a dirtball and did what he did. The old man prob dropped his kane tipped over and bumped his head. Now all a sudden a good guy is in deep crap. Walshs sucked anyways. There cars were junk

    • Ramboracer

      Garthy take care of your buisness and get back to racing. Screw penn cann there track is junk. For walshes. Ol well. Maybe the old man wont give em the funds anymore force em to close up shop. Oh HOW MUCH YOULL B MISSED. :)

  • Kelsey

    If you’re the real Joe Walsh, an 81 year old man’ then what are youdoing on the internet at 11 at night.. shouldn’t you be in bed or something? Especially if you got ‘brutally attacked’, shut the hell up. You’re so full of it. And if this isn’t Joe, then grow the hell up.

  • Jon

    I seen this go on. It was a fight where a few guys got into it on the track and tempers where lost. Its unfortunate this had to happen. I saw this fight and I must say what I saw was pretty brutal, however this is dirt track racing we are talking about. My question is where was the security? The Tonkins seem like great guys and they are both very talented drivers but they do seem to be a bit hot headed at times. Ive had instances where Ive lost my cool on the track and when you want to go confront the other driver you don’t care who stands in the way they will get it to. Im thinking the pits aren’t for old men or kids. All you that are bashing people when you don’t have facts get your facts straight before you pipe up.

  • Kelsey

    Was Newswatch 16 at Penn Can Speedway on the night of this event? No? That’s what I thought. You people have NO idea what you’re talking about at all, therefore you should not write any comments or post anything about Garth Tonkin, one of the most generous and most caring people I’ve ever met before in my life. Until you have ALL the facts, don’t post anything about the situation. You guys have to be the worst, and I mean worst, news cast I’ve ever seen before in my life. Before you tape and write something, make sure you have the whole story especially since you guys have no idea what you’re talking about. People also need to stop running their mouths, I’d appreciate it.

  • Jessica

    You people have no idea what even happened that night the Tonkin’s are nothing but great people. Everyone keep there comments to themselves and shut your mouth and newswatch 16 next time you want to tape something get the whole story before you post anything you guys are a terrible news cast!!!!

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