Western Wayne School Board Member Suspected of DUI

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WAYMART — A Western Wayne School Board member was taken into custody Wednesday for suspicion of DUI.

It happened around 1 a.m. in Waymart.

State police said Andrew Gaudenzi, 27, of Waymart was on Gravity Plains Road in Waymart when police say he lost control and hit a fire hydrant with such force that the hydrant came out of the ground.

Investigators said Gaudenzi left the scene without notifying authorities. He was taken into custody when his car was found nearby with front end damage.


  • ww2000something

    Here is an inside look to his character: He was a sweet boy, then with childhood insecurities he started to bully and even his senior year in high school he was disrespectful to women & a bully to both sexes. i hope hobbs arrested him. they graduated the same year.

  • Ben Simmons

    @Dave Lane – You miss my point. A.J. is suspected of DUI, which is a criminal offnese. There is a forum for contesting criminal charges, and if he is guilty of DUI he will be adjudicated as such. “Stacy” (no name provided), rather than discussing the DUI charge and how such allegations should affect eligibility for school board positions, chose to use the forum to lob very personal attacks at A.J. knowing he has no meaningful opportunity to rebut her accusations. It’s gossip, pure and simple, and has no place within an adult conversation about the issue at hand.

    I choose to use my last name because I despise people who run their mouths online in a way they never would if they could be identified. My Facebook photos are readily accessible because I have nothing to hide. As for your comment about your family, you simply sound paranoid or deluded. I’m an attorney. I respect the law, and I couldn’t care less about your family. I went to college with A.J., and though I know he has had problems and is apparently still dealing with them, I take issue with some faceless girl hopping on here and smearing him with personal accusations that are undocumented by the public record. It’s impertinent and cowardly. If she wants to be “free to speak her mind” she should identify herself. Otherwise, she’s just a troll.

    P.S. – I have no idea who Bob Woodward is, (though I appreciate his input). I have no time to recruit people to post on an online comment thread. I have a life =-P

    • Fox Trot

      I’ll start off with that I feel that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and sshould voice them good or bad. Unfortunately those opinions also show how out of touch some people are with the real world. Everybody’s got a little dirt on them, only one man was made perfect and they hung him on a cross.

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