“Great Rock Salt Caper” Gains Attention Online

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SCRANTON -- A Scranton resident, frustrated with recent thefts from his home, took to social media with his sense of humor.

He caught a thief on camera taking rock salt off his front porch and the video has now gone viral.

His west Scranton neighbors said social media is being used to try to keep the neighborhood safe.

When Jeremy Collier checked his security cameras Monday night, at first he chuckled at the tip-toed steps of the young woman who came up on his porch in Scranton, takes his bag of rock salt, and then does the same to his next door neighbor.

"So nonchalant about it, I love how she drives through slowly casing out the neighborhood. So, this is premeditated rock salt theft," Collier said.

Collier bought the cameras after another theft from his porch last month. This time, he's only out a few bucks and has a slippery sidewalk. However, he said it's still frustrating that not even his rock salt is safe. So Collier sought help the best way he knows how, on YouTube and Facebook.

"It reaches a lot of people, and the police don't have time to investigate somebody stealing a can of rock salt. But, it takes two seconds to read a post on Facebook, and if you recognize the person you can reply," he added.

Collier said a few people have left clues to who the woman in the video may be and it is all being passed to police. Almost 4,000 people have viewed the video on YouTube, and that doesn't count views on other social media sites.

Mike Siconolfi is part of the West Scranton Hyde Park Neighborhood Watch. He shared the video on social media and said this form of community policing may work for west side neighborhoods.

Plus, you could get your 15 minutes of fame too.

"It also shows that it's ok to put security systems on your house. You never know, you just might have the next viral video," Siconolfi said.


  • daedalus

    you really want to stop that from happening at night get some old roof shingles and put a few nails thru and put it nail point up on the steps, that will stop it from happening, just remember to take them off the steps in the morning.

  • Sundown

    Girl if you’re reading this, everyone thinks you’re a loser, so stop doing stupid things like this…The only people who think this is slick are other losers. Obviously losers got some sorta club going on..You’re being a real T-head. Smarten up.

    • Sundown

      Um, someone stealing rocksalt shouldn’t get shot for the love of God, but a shot in the dark would be a good scare! just gotta have a plan for that!

  • eventgirl

    In our neighborhood, residents use Nextdoor.com to share information about crime & safety, lost & found, community updates & concerns, help needed, items for sale, etc.. Recently, our neighbors were able to help apprehend a thief by posting photos of the person + car and later others seeing the car and noting the license plate. It feels good to have a neighborhood network that keeps us connected and informed.

  • Amanda

    I can’t believe it actually comes down to people starting to steal peoples rock salt. So, the Ford Focus hatchback that was pulling out behind her car, was it coming from a neighbor’s driveway or side street? If they were leaving their house didn’t they notice this girl creeping around? They maybe got the make, model and color of the car? Possibly saw license plate?

  • Sundown

    ““It also shows that it’s ok to put security systems on your house.” That’s a weird statement? Why wouldn’t it be ok? As for those who are so petty as to steal flower urns, salt, and garbage pails, etc…you’re not clever, just a cheezy, cheap, and tacky criminal.

  • Similar situation

    I also live in west Scranton, in the Tripp Park area. And in one year I have not only had one of my garbage pales stolen, but just this week my second, junky bent up metal one has been stolen. I don’t even have a garbage pale left. My recycling bin was also swapped out for one that looks like it was hit by the bus. It’s totally absurd.

  • observed

    Its probably the same person who stole my flowers off my front porch this summer…..then turned around and stole the next door neighbors urns right out of her front yard.

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