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Stun Cane Provides Self-Defense For Seniors

WILKES-BARRE — Weapons for self-defense are becoming a growing part of business at one store in downtown Wilkes-Barre.

There is a new product that’s meant to protect older people.

Outlet Army and Navy on South Main Street in Wilkes-Barre is stocked with the typical clothing and winter boots, but owner Sheldon Block says the most popular products are for self-defense.

“We get older customers all the time and they like to be up with the times, too,” Block said.

With purse snatchings and armed robberies on sidewalks recently reported in the Diamond City, Block says the newest product that’s drawing attention is the $75 stun cane.

It looks like any other black cane except for a flashlight built into the handle and metal prongs toward the base.

“It’s got a wider service area than a stun gun and could be used at a longer distance.”

While the pink stun gun has been targeted toward female customers, the stun cane is being marketed toward older people who already rely on a cane to get around. It packs quite a punch, up to one million volts.

“Sometimes around here, you do need it,” said Dolores Davis.

Davis works on Public Square and says the thought of a stun gun for herself has crossed her mind before and a stun cane for someone older or disabled makes sense.

“If you do need a cane, you’re at a disadvantage. That would probably give you a little more protection.”

Four stun canes have already been sold and the owner of Outlet Army and Navy says it’s no shock that he’s having trouble ordering more canes and stun guns because of the growing demand.


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