Snow Keeping Many Busy In The Poconos

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BRODHEADSVILLE -- Another snowfall and the race to keep up with it continues.

In Brodheadsville, Matthew Rosselli of West End Rental was busy clearing a parking a parking lot.

“I'd much rather be on the beach right now,” he said.

Something else that's not fun about the snow is driving in it.

Messy road conditions near Brodheadsville had vehicles moving very slowly on Route 209.

On Interstate 80 east near the Ninth Street exit for Stroudsburg, a tractor-trailer lost control on a snow-covered ramp.

Something else snow-covered were sidewalks that needed to be cleaned.

“I wish it was gone. I hate this. Three in the morning, I’ve got to get up at three in the morning to come do this in 16 degrees out. It's not fun,” said Nate Duncan from Mother Nature's Way Landscaping.

For some people, this snow is just a nuisance but for others, it's given them a job to do.

Back in Brodheadsville, Rosselli says he will be busy all day removing snow from parking lots that need to be cleared.

“Snow is a good thing for us. We not only plow snow, we sell snow plows, fix snow plows, snowblowers, all that type of stuff. So as much as I don't like the snow, I do like it.”

And Nate Duncan, who has been up since 3 in the morning working in Stroudsburg, explains the benefit of all this snow.

“I don't ever remember shoveling this much,” Duncan said.