Snow Causes Early Dismissal In Carbon County

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KIDDER TOWNSHIP -- A few schools in our area closed due to the snow and cold.  Others opened only to close early.

About 2,000 students in the Jim Thorpe Area School District got to go home early thanks to the weather.  After several hours in class, school officials worried about the snow and decided to cut the school day short.

Heather Madhavan said she has several children at the Penn-Kidder campus.

"It's pretty cold and we're going to buckle in. The kids are pretty excited they may be able to play in the snow but I've had enough for winter, these kids need to go to school."

Principal Brian Gasper takes his role very seriously.

“The safety of our students is on mind and the roads are getting bad here and make the decision to get out, get our students home safely,” Gasper explained.

The job of getting the kids home safely falls on those who drive the buses including Betty Palmen.

"I usually go a lot slower. I leave earlier to make sure I have enough time, just in case you'd spin and have an accident or something or there would be an accident in front of you and I always ask my kids to keep the noise down so I can concentrate on where I'm going," Palman said.

Bus driver John Dewald knows he has a lot of responsibility.

"It's slippery and you have 50 kids on the bus that you have to take care of.”

There are colder temperatures in the forecast so it's anyone's guess if school districts in our area will have classes on Wednesday.