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Pastor from Susquehanna County Facing Sex Charges

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THOMPSON – The pastor of a Baptist church in Susquehanna County is facing sex charges in New York State.  Loren Winn of Thompson is accused of inappropriately touching a 16-year-old girl in 2011.

At the Thompson Baptist Church, members attended services as usual this weekend, listening to their pastor preach in Susquehanna County.

Sheriffs in Broome County, New York say that same pastor, Loren Winn, is accused of forcibly touching a 16-year-old girl there and endangering the welfare of the child a few years ago.

Rob Severs lives just across the street from Thompson Baptist Church and heard of the accusations that upset many in this small community.

"It’s disgusting. It’s upsetting. It’s just very, very sad that we live in a world like that," said Severs.

According to court papers, the alleged inappropriate contact began in March of 2011 in the Town of Maine, New York, near Binghamton.  The alleged victim told detectives the abuse would happen after Sunday service in the First Baptist Church of Maine’s gym.

She said, “Every Sunday he would start kissing me and touching me.  At first, the touching was over my clothes but (it) eventually progressed to him touching me under my clothes.”

Some church members say despite these allegations the pastor was there preaching just this past Sunday and they hope he’s here to say.

"Very much so, he’s a very honest man. He’s a trustworthy man, and like I said, there’s two sides to every story,” said Earl Cottrell of Thompson.

Cottrell says he grew up in Thompson and attended this Baptist church his entire life.  Cottrell learned of the allegations when his pastor called him.

"He was asking me to pray for him, that everything gets straightened out and I have been doing that," said Cottrell.

Thompson’s mayor also only had kind words for the pastor who serves this congregation and previously Buckingham Baptist Church in Wayne County.

“He’s really a good pastor that I heard, really well-respected man in Thompson borough. He’s well known as helping people," said Mayor James Delaney.

The pastor was home when we stopped by the Thompson Baptist Church.  When he answered the door he said he had no comment about the allegations.


  • Donna in Texas

    These men who prey on young children are experts in grooming them to do their awful bidding. They often “hide” in helping professions like teachers, coaches or ministers. We need to always believe outcrys of abuse until they are proven wrong. I for one am proud of this young woman coming forward knowing there would be members of her community who would immediately side with her abuser. I believe you and your willingness to come out is the first step in recovery.

  • Jeff

    Wow another Priest/Pastor doing “Gods work”, I would never leave my kids alone with one of these scumbags.

  • toni

    I do not believe this at all! Pator winn is a very well respected man. He always looked out for the best interest of anyone. He cared for a lot of people. The truth will come out in the end!

    • whatstheworldcoming2

      Its always someone you would never expect. ..of course its someone well respected.Its hardly ever the weird guy..its the husband, father..or a preacher or teacher.We never thought my sisters father was guilty…until she described his private parts exactly to the PSP.

  • whatstheworldcoming2

    Its a shame he didn’t try to touch her at her home. Her father could have shot him, envoked the castle doctrine and saved us and Broome county buttloads of money.

  • J. Pudish

    Gonna start with this. How many 16 year old girls do you now? How they talk, dress, walk? Listening to other people and the way they talk and the things they say. Does this sound like something (wording) a 16 year old would say? “Every Sunday he would start kissing me and touching me. At first the touching was over my clothes but (it) eventually progressed to him touching me under my clothes.”. Not something 16 year olds I know would say. Sounds like instructions from an older adult. Guessing to be 50 years old +. Another thing. How did they get alone? No one was ever around and she never said stop or ewww or anything that would give anyone a reason to look. Broom closet? Iv been to a load of churches and doesn’t make much sense. There always seem s to be people around even sometimes hours after church is over. Where were her parents? And after the first time she didn’t know enough to stay away from him, say something, or stick close to her parents. If anything did happen sounds to me like she was up for it. She 16 not 8. 16 year olds know enough to stay away or avoid situations after the first time. Unless they want it to happen. But from the way it sounds happened again and again. Not saying that he didnt do anything. But it doesn’t from the information here sound like something that would be normal in this type of situation. We will have to see if anyone else steps forward and says anything. I am sure as with all other pedophilia type of people there is more then one. Even if it were touching in other way that made them feel uncomfortable. Shoulders, hands, arms, anything that shows affection in a younger girl or boy. Then we can get a better idea if these accusations are true. I am on either side as I know either party but these are my thoughts.

    But personally if it were my child and I caught him. He wouldn’t live to see another day. Even if he is a servant of god.

    • colleen

      If you’ve never been a victim of a crime such as this, you’re opinion is moot. Victims fear their abusers and are often threatened by the abusers or are told that they (the victims themselves) would be to blame if the acts came to light. Look at all of the victims of Jerry Sandusky! He repeatedly forced himself on multiple victims-all of whom kept quiet. for fear or shame. It really fractures the psyche. Look into the subject of victims psychological responses to abuse. I have no idea if the man is guilty or not but, the girl deserves to be heard.

      • J. Pudish

        I am also a victim. I am not for either or side. But the sad part about these things are all someone has to do is cry wolf and it turns someone elses live upside down. I have seen this many times. Allegations are the same as saying it really happened even if the crime didn’t. Either way even if the court or investigators find he didnt do anything. People will still look at him as a person that has committed a sex crime. People take these things seriously and usually only see one side of it even if they say they see both. Because there is always that what if.

        And yes my opinion may be moot but people really need to see 2 sides instead of one like usual in these cases. As I said all she would have to do is say it happened and people work hard to nail a guy. I know someone who got in trouble for rape and nothing happened. I know for a fact it didn’t because I was with him. This women got turned down by him and was also a stalker. Said that he raped her and he got locked up for 3 years for it. Yet they had no physical evidence it happened. As I said I was there and we were together all night. He even stayed at my house that night and the following day. No one came over and he never left.

        These cases always make me wonder if things really happened. Or even if the girl wanted it to happen or maybe even provoked it. Loads of possibilities but as like always they will turn this man life upside down.

        Get evidence before anything. If there is none or no witnesses let him walk. his word against her. Nothing may have happened or maybe even he turned her down.

        And yes like I said I am a victim.

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