Man Arrested Facing Thousands of Rape Charges

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TOWANDA — A man arrested in Bradford county is accused a raping a woman for decades, starting when she was a child.

Donald Burrell, 55,  from Towanda is facing an astounding 5,162 charges.

Police said during an investigation that began last spring, they learned that the Burrell allegedly sold hundreds of grams of the designer drug bath salts.

They said they also learned Burrell had allegedly abused a woman for decades, starting when she was a little girl.

Here is the list of charges Burrell faces:

  • A combined 2, 870 counts related to rape and the rape of a victim under the age of thirteen,
  • Another 2, 248 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse.
  • 28 drug counts,
  • 16 counts related to child pornography.

In all, a total of 5,162 counts.

Burrell is being held in Bradford County on $2 million bail.

Neighbors in Towanda are horrified by the charges.


  • Dismayed

    Every time I watch media by TV, always sex scandals and child molesters in NE PA, Schools, Scranton area, Wyoming, Catawissa, why arent child clearance checks, criminal and FBI checks mandated? Lets not forget the Old Forge Police.This area is disgusting, Ive lived in many states, and the amt. of sexual crimes here are high, never do you watch local news with so many child molesters. Guard your children.

    • Sundown

      I agree, I see TOO many young kids wandering around with no supervision…when I comment as such in my town, I get chastised because I am from the city and I am told that’s why it bothers me because I am not used to it..used to what? relinquishing my responsibility to keep my child safe as possible? My son was not allowed but from one end of town to another until he was 13, and not allowed outside of town unless I know where he is at and I dropped him off, and there is a responsible parent THERE, and that’s the way it’s going to be until he is 18. Before 13, he could be outside of my or someone else’s yard if I was there, or anywhere else WITH responsible adults. I was driving up my 25 mph road AT the speed limit, there is a blind spot at the crest of the the middle of the road sat a 4 yr old on a bike. his two older brothers, 10 and 12 took off on him. they were the responsible adults watching him. so what does this have to do with whether we live in the city or the country? when I first moved here there was a registered sex offender down the street..where I lived in nyc, there were none on my street..and that only counts the ones we know about..WATCH YOUR CHILDREN! KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!

  • Death penalty too humane

    The death penalty ends his punishment too quickly and humanely! First castrate him! Then sentence him to hard labor until he dies. No medical treatment if he can’t handle the hard labor. If he gets sick let him die where he falls. Or better yet send him over to Iraq to walk ahead of our troops to check for IEDs and snipers dressed in bright colors with a target on the front and back of his shirt!

  • eric

    I am not surprised at all by this report. NEPA has been refuge for sex offenders for a very long time. If anyone were to look at the stats they would see that this area doubles the national average for rape. Sex offenders come here because they know that they can hide and be accepted by the abusive people in NEPA. That is, as long as they go to church and appear to be decent.

    • Sundown

      Must have something to do with the prison(s) and them just setting up camp where they’re let out? When they’re let out? Where I am from there is more crime all around by nature of population, however, there wasn’t a perv on my block until I moved NEPA…awesome. Don’t live on that block anymore…there was once a perv in the bathroom at a park we were at back in the city, a father caught him…and oh boy! when the police came they asked what happened to him cos he got beat up, everyone said he musta fell… ooops

  • Chuck Biscuits

    SEE!! SEE!! Another NEPA smushy face.. Yucko.. He’ll be someones punk in general pop in no time. Rapists and child touchers are on the bottom rung in prison.

      • Chuck Biscuits

        You know what they look like.. Their face is smushy.. No teeth.. Scrunched up face.. They usually are found around bus stops wearing lavender or ppurple sweat suits to hide their fat roles.. Gross looking.. Think ‘ bitter beer face’

  • Lisa ASoda

    Just let the victim shoot him like a horse with a broken leg and save the tax payers a lot of money. OR use him for an experiment instead of a helpless animal. Rot in Hell!!

    • mitch

      I have a thought….how about we just let someone shoot people like you.Save everybody from your ignorant comments.Have you ever heard of “Innocent until proven guilty”?Maybe one day you’ll be fortunate enough to have your name and picture plastered all over the news for something you didn’t do…..then maybe when people are saying that YOU should just be shot… will eat your words.

  • John Doe

    if there is anyone that deserves the death penalty, it is this man, if he doesn’t get dealt with first before his execution date by multiple inmates in whatever prison he gets sent to. And if he doesn’t get the death penalty it goes to show just how screwed up our judiciary system really is.

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