Mixed Feelings About Early Dismissals

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LEHMAN TOWNSHIP -- Many students in our area came home early from school when the snow caused roads to get slick.

Parents at Lake-Lehman School District in Luzerne County say they understand the reason for early dismissals but wish they weren't necessary.

Parents of students at Lehman-Jackson Elementary picked up their children a little earlier than expected.  The school district in Luzerne County dismissed early due to the snow.

“I’m just mad because I just wake up every day and I always expect to go to school and not have a half day and today we just had one,” said fourth grader Iggy Borger.

One second grader was glad to head home.

“I’m happy, but it’s freezing out here!”

Other kids would rather finish out the school day.

“I don’t like getting out early because we were supposed to have gym today.”

Parents say they have mixed feelings on early dismissals. They are concerned about the children’s safety, but they’re also a little worried about the road conditions.

Fredrick Boston of Noxen came to pick up his grandchildren since their parents couldn’t get out of work.

“Some parents don’t have that luxury and with the economy, the state that it’s in today, it becomes a bigger burden because then they have to leave work,” Boston said.

Emily Kane of Dallas was happy to get her grandchild, as she does every day.

“I just feel bad for the parents who don’t have anybody to pick their children up,” she said. “I think it’s a good idea when the roads are bad,yes, definitely.”

“Do you want your kids out on worse roads or do you want to take the gamble? How do you really determine? It’s a tough situation either way," Boston added.

This is the second day in a row that snow has affected Lake-Lehman's schedule. The district was supposed to have a half day Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day but ended up with a full day of classes to make up for a snow day.


  • Parent

    Lake Lehman School District has a before and after school age program for those parents who cannot get out of work at Lehman Jackson, Ross and Noxen Elementary. I found this to be very helpful in situations such as early dismissals.

    • L

      Not to start anything but 7th graders they don’t offer after school programs for them, its either snow route or nothing. It is un safe for a child just to be left off a bus because the buses cant get around in the snow. They should of waited until roads were better or cancelled to begin with. This today is the schools fault why it was using the snow routes. A lot of parents cant get to them routes there not close to where the child lives.

  • Concerned parent

    I think it was a poor choice for schools to let out in the thick of the “storm”. They announced early dismissals around 10 when it barely started to flake. They dismissed when roads were at their worst! If they waited until a normal dismissal time, roads would have been clear, like the weather report said.ntheseckids are the one who will suffer from jumping the gun too fast. They will be in school until a week before July 4 the at this rate.

  • L

    No its there Snow bus routes when parents cant get to them to pick the our child up, and the snow bus routes are no where near where we live. And then on top of it the bus just drops the kid off where they feel like it and not even at the snow bus route. Sad you have to pull your child from Lehman because of these snow routes just so your child is safe at home. Lehman needs to wake up and think about the safety of these children and stop worrying about make up day’s. I would rather my daughter make up days then something happening from these snow routes. I live on top of a hill bus wont come up it or down it but we have to every time they do there snow routes. It makes no sense to put any ones life at risk….

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