Mount Carmel Holds Classes on MLK Day

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MOUNT CARMEL -- Students filled the classrooms in the Mount Carmel Area School District in Northumberland County despite a federal holiday.

Kids had mixed feelings about the school day.

"Pretty mad. Yeah I'm pretty mad," Said Danny Lynn, a high school junior.

Freshman Harry Yeager said, "It was actually for the better good because we learned more about what he did. "

Some students from the Mount Carmel area school district might be a little upset that they had to go to school, but community members said what better way to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. than in the classroom.

"Kids get into trouble when they're out in the world on their freedom. This is a learning experience and how to grow and be more in tune with the real beliefs of our country," said Valerie Coffman from Mount Carmel Township.

Kathy Rearick from Mount Carmel said, "I still think they should have it off. I mean the banks and everyone else gets off no matter what. So, I mean, they should have them off for the holidays. "

Superintendent Bernie Stellar said students hit the books on the holiday because the district has already used three snow days.

However, Stellar thinks teachers are taking the opportunity to teach a little history.

"Our teachers have received numerous lesson plans and ideas to share with our students about Martin Luther King day," Said Stellar.

Students said they prefer to be in school now rather than add extra days in June.

"It's ok because then we don't have to make to up in the summer," said one student.

A middle school student thought the day was a breeze anyway.

"If you have school on Martin Luther King day, it's basically you color pages, it's pretty cool," Said Tiniesha Harvey, 7th grader.

The Mount Carmel area district will also have classes on Presidents' day and another day in March to make up for missed time.


  • Nonya

    Why have off? This is strictly for black people only. The only thing they get out of this is pitty,a free day off and learn how “racist white people are” Give us a white day to be fair and then well care about your stupid holiday

    • DarwinIsMyHomey

      Congratulations on your public display of ignorance. You must be very proud. As a white man, I am still disgusted by white people who clearly have no idea what MLK did our was really about.

      And by the way, we do have a white people holiday. It’s called “Columbus Day”, and it’s the day that we acknowledge the discovery of the New World. And for those of us who actually read and know history, we know that it is also when white Europeans began their wholesale slaughter of Native Americans.


  • Elija Muhammed

    My nephew goes to this school and it is a shame it is in the news for something like this it is a wonderful melting pot of cultures and is very diverse it is like a big box of chocolates you never know what your going to get

  • Cory Dobak

    I feel pretty good they had school today. My son came from and told me all that he learned about MLK, his message of equality, and he was really excited about it.

    Having him tell me about MLK Jr. and hearing his excited tone more then makes up for it. Gotta love it when kids love to learn, having a wonderful teacher makes it all the better.

    • TheWizard

      The kids will be pretty happy when their day off comes in June.

      You and the President need to be aware that everything isn’t about race, no matter how much you want it to be.

    • logan

      Mike what does being racist have anything to do with making up a snowday? maybe you should have went to school more often

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