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Mom Defends Son Arrested After Crash

SCRANTON — Three teens were arrested on Monday and charged with receiving stolen property in Scranton.

Two of the three teens will be released to a parent.

The driver of the SUV will also be charged with receiving stolen property but also reckless endangerment. He will be sent to the juvenile jail across from the Scranton City Hall.

Police thought the driver of the SUV that slammed into the Vine Street Garage in Scranton’s hill section, was its owner, who lost control.

Then police said three boys between the ages of 14 and 15 years old from Dunmore stepped out of the car.

Officers then learned the SUV involved in the wreck was stolen from Dunmore on Saturday.

Sharon Rice’s 15-year-old son was one of the three arrested.

“Even though he didn’t steal the vehicle, he was in the vehicle, and when he found out the vehicle was stolen, he should have got out and went the other way,” said Rice.

Rice said her son has never been in trouble with police before.

According to a source in the Dunmore Police Department, one of the other kids picked up is wanted for a break in, and may be questioned in another auto theft in dunmore this weekend.

In Scranton this afternoon, a worker at the Vine Street garage got hurt when the SUV plowed through the garage door and under a lift, under this white car.

Later at the Scranton Police Headquarters,  parents and relatives waited to see if their kids were headed to jail or headed home.

Sharon Rice hoped officers would see her son as a good kid who made a bad decision.

“How do your son got in a position where he is being arrested for this? Being with the wrong two kids,” said Rice.

“He made a mistake, he made a bad choice, but I also told him, there are consequences,” said Rice.

According to Dunmore Police that there may be consequences for a fourth teen involved in what happened.

A source told Newswatch 16 that a teen in Dunmore who was not riding in the SUV, may have stolen the keys, and handed them over to the driver in trouble Monday night.


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