MLK Honored in Scranton

SCRANTON -- Throughout this past weekend, people have been honoring the work of a man who helped millions fight for their civil rights.  Monday marks the 27th observance of Martin Luther King Day.

An awards ceremony honoring Martin Luther King Jr. was held Sunday at the University of Scranton.  It was put on by the Greater Scranton MLK Commission.

The awards are given to two people whose work in the community echo the work done by king.

"We are remembering the ideals and the works of Dr. King for the same ideals that we have today," said James Williams, President of the Greater Scranton MLK Commission.

The commission has more events planned Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.  It starts with a youth education program at the United Neighborhoods Center on Olive Street followed by a freedom march to Courthouse Square in Scranton.

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  • jellystoneranger

    Just the facts ma’am! MLK was a notorious womanizer . His wife new and did nothing about it because of his notoriety and the money that came her way from it. Sound familiar ? Jesse , Sharpton and of course our first black President ……William Jefferson Clinton!

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