Bomb Removal Unit Called To Hanover Industrial Park

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- An area bomb squad was called to the Hanover Industrial Park for disposal of solidified acid in Luzerne County.

Dozens of workers at the Bridon American Plant in Hanover Township were forced to leave the manufacturing area, and New Commerce Boulevard was blocked off for about an hour.

An air quality test showed that acid used in treating some of the steel ropes evaporated, and then solidified.

Bridon American’s president said the process traps and isolates the acid, so no workers were exposed.

Since it becomes a very unstable material, Scranton's bomb squad was called in. The jar containing the solidified acid was removed with a robot, and brought to a container where it was safely detonated.

Company president Chris Dugan said the measures were a precaution and workers were not in any danger.

"When we discovered it, it was inside a locked container inside a part of the building that we don’t access it very frequently.  So it wasn't like somebody was going to get into it or jostle it," Dugan said.

Chris Dugan said that most of its steel ropes are not treated with acid.

In the wake of this incident, Dugan said Bridon American will now hire outside contractors for the acid treatment.


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