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2014 Pennsylvania People and Places Slideshow

Posted on: 8:49 am, January 20, 2014, by , updated on: 11:06am, March 18, 2014

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  • My husband has been putting out cheaper bird seed along the driveway for squirrels, crow, bunnies because of the long snowy winter. We put premium seed in our feeders. These critters showed last week and finished off the cheap stuff. They have come up to the porch to check out the special seed though! No...No..No!

  • After a great day fishing with his father Eric, Lukas Easton of Trout Run was proud to show off his catch from his first ice fishing experience in Sullivan County. He is very excited to return to the ice.

  • 3 year old Aubrei caught a 14" bass while fishing with her grandparents, Jim and Debbie Dexheimer at a pond in Honesdale. It was all she could do to hold that big bass with her little Barbie fishing pole!

  • 7 turkeys came across the street to my yard and I threw them some corn

  • Tim Space Jr landed this 22 inch 6 pound large mouth bass while fishing at Shohola Marsh this was the largest from his group

  • Brian Cooper of Pine Grove, Schuylkill County took this 8 point buck on the 1st Wednesday of Rifle Season 2013 at his uncle's farm in Washington Township. It was scored by The Pa Game Commission at 154 3/8.

  • Gerald Fitzgerald, Mountain Top Shot this piebald 7 pointer on opening day 7:30am in Marshalls Creek. Had a 16 1/2 inside spread, ~200lbs. He was a bruiser with two points broken off, should have been a 9 pointer. Biggest buck in 40 years of hunting

  • Here is a picture of Sydney Telesky of Milton Pa ice fishing with her father, Nick. She caught and released over a dozen bluegill and sunfish on this evening after school in March. This is her first ever year ice fishing and she surely enjoys it as she is a successful and avid angler throughout the year. She is using her new jigging rod tipped with silver and gold spoons with wax worms.

  • Here is a photo of Tom Telesky of Bloomsburg PA ice fishing on the lake near his cabin in Tioga county. A generous soul stopped by and offered to drill some holes with his gas powered auger to save Tom and his son Nick the work of drilling them by hand as the ice was 18 inches thick this day in February. While the fishing was uneventful, it sure was good to get out and experience nature during the winter hibernation in the North.

  • Here is a photo of Sydney Telesky of Milton Pa ice fishing with her father Nick during an evening in March. Sydney caught and released over a dozen panfish on this outing which was her first time ice fishing.

  • Hundreds of snow geese circled in the air before making a landing in a near by corn field on this cold wintery night in Orwell Township, Pa. Almost seemed to be like the blossoms on the tree. Submitted by: Tammy Allen

  • 6 year old Patrick Verdetto of Thompson, PA caught this large mouth bass while on his first ice fishing trip in Wayne count with his Dad, Dave Verdetto and good friend , Dave Kaneski. What a beautiful day!

  • This Eagle was on Route 348 in Mt. Cobb on Sunday at about 3:45pm. We saw him circling with 2 crows behind him. When he landed we started snapping pictures and it wasn't until we got home to view the photos that we realized he had captured and then dropped a rabbit.

  • Waverly, PA.

  • Taken at farm where I grew up in White Township, NJ Sandra Fritz Mountain Top, PA

  • Sandra Fritz Mountain Top, PA

  • I built this nesting box 4 years ago. It's close to the one you built, except this has a 4" diameter opening. It remained vacant until about a month ago when a screech owl moved in. We can see the box from our house and the owl sits in the opening each night at dusk. My 4 granddaughters enjoy watching the owl. SAFETY TIP: A tree stand is more stable than a ladder for installing the box. Stanley Harman, Williamsport.

  • I spotted these turkey tracks in the snow on 3/7/14 while snow-shoeing in the woods behind my home in Paupack, PA. There were what looked like 3 turkeys walking together shortly before I arrived. I like to think of this as a sure sign of spring-to-come. This photo has started my husband thinking about spring turkey hunting! Name: Carol Morgan, 109 Berkley Rd., Paupack, PA (Pike County). I snapped the photo with my phone.

  • Mill Race Golf Course photo taken by Tressa Landi of Palm Coast Florida

  • Poto sent in by Rylan's Grandma Lu. Parents Rory and Tedi Greenley of Tunkhannock. Rylan didn't exacly like Bear at first, but now he thinks Bear is pretty cool.

  • While I was at work, my father-in-law, Gene Troup, and wife, Lynn Morgan, got a rare treat right outside the front window! David Morgan, Northumberland, PA

  • A black squirrel enjoying a winter feast at our backyard feeder.

  • Watching at least a herd of 30 or more deer at Aylesworth Creek, Jermyn PA. End result of them leaping away.

  • Deer in Woolrich Pa.

  • Brian Cooper from Pine Grove shot this 8 point monster on December 4th. This buck was shot at 2pm after only sitting in his tree stand for a half hour that Wednesday. It was taken in Washington township in Pine Grove, Schuylkill county. This deer was scored by the PA game commission and got a huge official Boone & Crockett net score of 154 3/8 and easily made its way into the Pennsylvania record book.

  • Happened to find this sleeping screech owl in a hollow tree while out for a walk in Mifflinburg. Charles Mensch

  • This picture was taken by Terry Yacko of Berwick Pa.

  • Looking north on Tunkhannock from the confluence of the North and South Branches in Tunkhannock Twp. by Kirk Arnold, Tunkhannock

  • This young eagle often visits us along Tunkhannock Creek. Took this from my kitchen window during a snow storm. Kirk Arnold

  • Long Eared Owls are fairly rare and/or underdetected in Pennsylvania. This bird was photographed during a hometown visit last month. Josh Galicki (Originally from Mocanaqua, PA)

  • Two 22 inch and 6 pound largemouth bass caught by Justin Lasota of Pittston TWP

  • Had a wonderful opportunity to see an eagle take flight along Fishing Creek in Orangeville. Judy Bickel Hoffman

  • Flight continues of the Eagle along Fishing Creek. Judy Bickel Hoffman

  • Katie Kowalski with her first bear. I harvested the bear on the first day of bear rifle 2013 with my 308. The bear field dressed at 198lbs. I was on this bear in archery but couldn't pull it off but we got him in rifle! hope to get one with my pinked out stiletto next year!

  • This is Jenna Dephillips first deer taken in Greene Co. Pa the last Friday of firearms season with her Mossberg .243. She was hunting with her dad. This was Jennas 2nd time hunting for deer.

  • Tony Potter, in Warren Center, PA. This is a picture of a pie-ball deer that has been around my area for 16 years. These past few years she has been coming closer to the house. Here she is in the back yard and we were able to get a nice photo of her.

  • Jd Houck of Forksville Pa. Sullivan County got this 8 point buck on opening day while hunting with his father. It had a 18 inch outside spread.

  • Jeremy Houck of Forksville Pa Sullivan county got this 4 point buck on opening day while hunting with his father.

  • Here is George Reasner holding his 24 inch rainbow trout that he caught on the first day of trout season of 2013. This trout weighed 6 pounds.George would like to thank his Dad, his Grandpa, his Brother, and the Strouse family for all the memories and the oppurtunity to catch this fish.

  • Marissa Gregory 9 yrs old shot this 7 point buck in October during the archery season while hunting with her dad in beach lake, pa with her new 10 point crossbow.

  • Our Cats looking out at a squirrel.

  • I happened to capture this beautiful piebald deer in the Waverly area on Tuesday night. The mother was standing in the roadway causing me to slow down. Fortunately I caught sight of this beautiful animal.... Gary Snyder West Pittston, PA

  • Fish caught by hayden butts from susquehanna pa while out fishing with his broth tom and his dad mike in a small local pond in susquehanna county. One catfish was 30 inches the other 28 inches

  • Food is scarce with all this snow and ice. Besides feeding the squirrels and birds Dan and Elizabeth Rathfon of Northumberland county had to add deer food to the grocery list. At a distance you can see the deer waiting in the woods for Dan to come out with deer food at dusk.

  • Aidan LaTourette from Beach Lake was 8 when he took his first doe on October 24, 2013. Aidan was on a mentored hunt with his grandfather Victor LaTourette and got his deer with one shot at 80 yards with his 222.

  • Aiden LaToutette, 9 of Beach Lake and his grandfather Victor LaTourette took this large mouth bass out of the lake behind their home on January 19, 2014. The fish weighed 8 pounds and was 22" long.

  • Don Kintz his son Kyle and father Ted all from Dallas. They caught this nice mess of fish while fishing in sweet valley with John Barilla and Ben Uzdilla also from Dallas. This was the third successful fishing trip so far. The pickerel was 22 inches and 4 pounds caught by Ben.

  • This fish was caught in sweet valley while fishing with his friends John Barilla, Don Kintz, Kyle Kintz and Ted Kintz all from Dallas on Saturday

  • Perry Emick - Barbours, Lycoming County, PA Looked out my window and seen this guy sleeping on my grape vine rack. Was able to get with in 3 feet of this owl before waking it up!

  • This little downy woodpecker flew into the window and knocked herself silly and my daughter kept her warm till she got her bearings again,

  • This is a picture of me holding my 30 inch catfish using chicken livers and minced garlic caught at Mauch Chunk in august of 2013 it was my biggest catfish i have ever caught

  • This was during first day of rifle season this is my first deer i have ever shot in the picture are my brother Paul Suzadail, and my Grandfather Howard Schaeffer sharing the experience with me of my first ever deer

  • My husband called me to look at something out our front window. Needless to say I ran for the camera. It was hard to get a great shot because it was dusk, misty, under a pine tree and taken through a "somewhat" dirty window. I am pretty sure this is a Coopers Hawk because it is the size of a large crow, not a Sharp-Shinned which is smaller. Real sure that is a red phase Screech Owl it got. Nature is a hard task master, but such is survival. Marion Kozak Lehman Pa. About 6:30 p.m. 2-20-14

  • Charles Knapp of 821 Main St. Forest City caught this deer minutes after going into woods.

  • Steve shot this nice 8 pointer in Bradford county on opening day of rifle 2014 in Bradford County. Steve shot this buck just minutes after his brother Dave shot another 8 pointer.

  • Garrett Enders, 16 of Mifflinburg shot this 7 point buck on the first day of the 2013 - 14 flintlock season in Upper Mahanoy twp, Northumberland County. He made a 50 yd shot with a Traditions .50 cal and a powerbelt bullet. Garrett would like to thank all the guys from the Ernie Klinger Farm that were hunting that day.

  • Peregrine falcon pics taken on the campus of King's College in Wilkes-Barre 2/17/14. This is probably one of the nesting pair from the Market Street Bridge. No leg band is identifiable as the bird was feeding in the deep snow. This sighting was reported to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Barb Sauls Mt. Top

  • 9 year old Brenton Harner of Valley View shot this 6 point buck with his 243 rifle while being mentored by his father and pap in Schuylkill County on 12/7/13.

  • Eric Easton, Trout Run, PA and his 4 year old son Lukas Easton harvested this Bobcat on Christmas Eve morning while trapping in Lycoming County.

  • Jake Burgess harvested this 10 point with a 21 3/4' spread on a mentored hunt with dad James Burgess using his 243. Jake shot his buck on Grammy and Grampy's farm near Laceyville.

  • Beck Chickillo caught a 23 inch, 8 pound largemouth bass out of Lackawanna State Park.

  • Eagle eating his pray, near the Kettle Creek State Park Renovo, Pa Kathy Probst Linden, Pa.

  • River Otters in the Kettle Creek near Renovo, Pa. Kathy Probst Linden, Pa

  • Dino Ragugini of Plains landed a limit of bluegills in five hours. He was fishing a private pond in Meshoopen.

  • This is Gavin, age 5, of Beach Lake posing with his creation, the "Pirhana Whale".

  • This nis my son Seth Pletcher, 13 from Mifflinburg. We spent Sunday fishing at Poe Lake at Poe Valley State Park. We caught 5 nice keeper Pickeral and a catfish. Great day with friends and good food cooking on the grill!

  • Cardinal can't believe it is snowing again. Just decides to sit and take a break.

  • Upper left and lower right are 2 red-shouldered hawks at our house in Tannersville on Valentine's Day. Submitted by Brenda Wilkins P.S. I also submitted the Me and My Shadow Hawk picture also taken in Tannersville. brendawilkinsemail@gmail.com

  • Jim Young , Trout Run. This buck still carrying his rack as of 2/16

  • 9 year old Kaley walker from Mountain Top Pa and shot this 6 point buck on the last day of the rifle season.Hunting with her dad and granpa.This was her first year hunting and was her first deer.

  • The Northeast Panfish League hosted an ice fishing tournament on Lily lake Feb 1st 2014 and there was some very impressive fish brought to the scales at weigh in time. Several Crappies just shy of 2 pounds and one the weighed in at 2.44 pounds Congrats to Darrell Horton of NY and Ron Wagner of Sunbury with a total weight of 10.04 lbs with a 12 fish limit, and John Comstock took big fish honors. Most of these fish are still swimming!

  • John Comstock pulled in a 2.44 lb crappie at Lily lake during a Northeast Panfish League tournament that won the big fish pool that day!

  • Emily Knecht with her father Ray Knecht of Millville and Cory Mowrey and his father George Mowrey of Bloomsburg. Hunt was Feb. 1st at Straight Pine Deer and Elk preserve. Emily shot her boar with a 7mmO8 and weighing 150lbs. Cory shot his with Carbon Night compound bow and weighing 225 lbs.

  • Dale Rudaski from Wilkes-Barre, Pa shot an 8 point Buck with a 20 inch spread on the 1st day of Buck season. He was hunting at Nanny Bertram’s Ponderosa with his father Dale Rudaski and nephew Damien Rudaski along with other family members.

  • Damien Rudaski from Plymouth, Pa shot his first deer a 4 point Buck on the first Saturday of Rifle Season. He was hunting at Nanny Bertram’s Ponderosa with his grandfather Dale Rudaski and Uncle Dale Rudaski along with other family members.

  • Fair chase buck taken in Columbia County by David Hilliard. Boone & Crocket gross scored 173” net score 170 1/8 “ The typical buck qualified for Boone and Crocket’s awards and all time record books. I was informed the buck is the largest typical ever taken in Columbia County and the 28th largest in the State. Dave Hilliard, Catawissa dch1@verizon.net (570) 784-6389

  • Fair chase buck taken in Columbia County by David Hilliard. Boone & Crocket gross scored 173” net score 170 1/8 “ The typical buck qualified for Boone and Crocket’s awards and all time record books. I was informed the buck is the largest typical ever taken in Columbia County and the 28th largest in the State. Dave Hilliard, Catawissa dch1@verizon.net (570) 784-6389

  • Fair chase buck taken in Columbia County by David Hilliard. Boone & Crocket gross scored 173” net score 170 1/8 “ The typical buck qualified for Boone and Crocket’s awards and all time record books. I was informed the buck is the largest typical ever taken in Columbia County and the 28th largest in the State. Dave Hilliard, Catawissa dch1@verizon.net (570) 784-6389

  • What's left of an old dam...circa 1870. Last day of Deer rifle season. Prior to the snow storm, that afternoon.

  • my 16 year old son shot this one-horned spike on the last day of the rifle season at 4:42 pm during the snowstorm. I'm very proud of him for sticking it out !

  • Dan Wise age 85 from Scotrun took this picture with a game camera up in Pike County on Dec 19th 2013 at 10:30am.

  • Bald Eagle Soaring Along Susquehanna River River Walk. South Williamsport, Pa

  • This is the Monsta 10 Pointer I got with the Bow 11-12-13 a 35 yard shot in Monroe County 20 " Spread with 10 " tines the bigest Buck I had ever goten !

  • John Ball Jr. age 15 from Susquehanna caught this big catch while fishing with friends in Susquehanna County. Feb. 2, 2014.

  • I shot this buck while hunting on public land in Schuylkill county the 1st week of rifle season. It had a21 inch inside spread and weighed 246 pounds and had 11 points.

  • 15 LB. Brown trout 29 in long 19 in girth. Caught in Oak Orchard River, New York in November on a egg pattern by Larry Seely of Bloomsburg.

  • Two eagles enjoy part of the carp that was caught early in the day.

  • eagle enjoying the day near Lackawaxen, so close to the water.

  • Here is a picture of a successful goose hunt we had on Christmas Eve in Tunkhannock pictured left to right is Matt Novitski of Kingston Jason Walton of Larksville and Devin Schappert of Swoyersville

  • Kate Mattern from Sterling Township was ice fishing with her father and friends at a local pond in Sterling.

  • Bryan Benscoter of Laceyville shot this 31 pound bobcat in Bradford County on February February 1. Joining him on the hunt was Andy Sible, Steve O'Connor, and Clayton Dulaney.

  • 15 year old Ryan Songaila of Harding caught this 16" Crappie ice fishing on 1/31/14 while fishing one of NEPA's busiest waters. Ryan's caught many nice crappies to date but, this one may be hard to beat. I'm sure he'll try.

  • Driving down River road near Shawnee, saw this coyote hunting for lunch. It was very cool watching him.

  • Don Kintz from Dallas fishing with John Barilla also from Dallas caught this nice bunch of perch and pickerel from a lake in sweet valley on Saturday. Don and John have been doing very well the last two weeks.

  • Don kintz and John Barilla from Dallas with their mess of fish from a local lake in Sweet Valley on Saturday. This was our second good catch in two trips.

  • I caught this 34" 19 lb 3 oz Channel Catfish at the Lackawanna Lake Ice Fishing Tournament on Feb. 24, 2013. Jeffrey Conklin, Susquehanna, PA

  • Grant Lewis, age 9, harvested this doe as a mentored youth, with a Remington 243 youth model. He was with his father in Nicholson.

  • The 3 pictures in the Pine tree were taken on December 17 on Fourth Street in the Western section of Williamsport, Pa. The last 3 were taken January 31 in the parking lot of Bowman Field. These 2 trees are only a block apart, and it is the 3rd time I have seen an Eagle in the same general area. Same Eagle ?? William Sober, Jr. 2703 Grand Street Williamsport, Pa. 17701

  • Jason Voitek of plains spent his Saturday out kicking the brush. He was lucky to get this rabbit with his 20ga. shotgun. He was hunting with his father Robert.

  • With all of the Snowy Owl sightings of late, we wanted to share this picture of the Snow Owl that appeared on our deck. Photo taken ( and snow owl created ) by Susan Walters of Mountain Top

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