Woman Jumped Out of Car Window to Escape Cop Impersonator

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Police believe there is someone in Lackawanna County pretending to be a cop.

According to South Abington Township Police, a kidnapping happened around 2:30 Saturday morning, on Northern Boulevard, near Clarks Summit.

Officials told Newswatch 16 that a man flashed his lights at a car driven by a woman in her 40's. Believing it to be a police car she stopped. The man got out, told her she was driving drunk, and put her in the back of his car.

Police said the woman jumped out of the window when she realized the man wasn't a cop, and got away.

A PennDOT worker found the victim and took her to the police station.

Mechanic Patrick O'Dell says when he saw the woman, he first thought there had been a crash.

He says, "I realized something was wrong, so I stopped and tried to get traffic to stop."

The victim's car was retrieved by police.

Police are looking for a red 4-door Kia sedan that was stolen a few hours earlier in Dunmore, to see if it could be connected to this case.

That car has a PA license plate HLV 9408.

Police say if you find yourself in a similar situation you have the right to drive slowly to a safe area, and call 911 to verify that the officer is legitimate.


  • almost police, vet instead

    I agree with the FACT that if you have NEVER been pulled over and had no contact with police(or training) you really get scared and in the thick of it all will pull over because you do not know if this is a new”way” the police are doing their job. I know that I may initially panic and start to pull over but because I know a little more about this my instinct from knowledge of these things will kick in and I may not drive away but may ask for i d. Some ppl may not think as fast and just react because they were pulled over. they are scared and will do anything not to get into more trouble. We do not know the situation here so if she really was a victim, those commenting negatively against her are not helping her but victimizing her all over again. If she is guilty and it was a lie, when it is found out, go ahead then and make your judgements. I say if that is what you think, maybe you would be low enough to do the same if not done it already and that is the reason why it is the first thought in your mind to say she is lying. Something else to think on hmmm.

  • Semore

    She should have gotten a blood/alcohol test right away. No matter what the kidnapping situation was (whether real or fake), she should have still been cited for dui if she was above the legal limit.

  • Diana Henn

    attention to detail… since when do cops drive red Kias? If she was not drunk she should have made a fuss about it, I would have. Glad she made a brave escape though. Hope they catch the creeper.

  • prove my logic wrong

    the media is failing the public if it is not asking all law enforcement agencies how to tackle the concern for “fake” officers or officer safety.

    Somewhere in my past, I remember a community with a “fake” officer problem,

    The solution at that time was for the citizen to turn on their “Hazard Lights”, slow down, and pull overt were it was “safe”.

    The “Hazard Lights” and speed reduction, then, worked as a signal to the LEO (police) that you were pulling over in a “safe” location. After all a 20 mile per hour escape from police through the one-lane highway construction zone might be ridiculous.

    “Running” from the police is never a good idea. When the second police car shows up….you will know it is really the police. The question is, “How do you avoid getting more than a speeding ticket?”

    Law enforcement agencies insert answer here __________________.

    thank you

  • marie

    my sister pulled into a well lit parking lot when she was being pulled over by a cop at 1130 pm and she got a ticket for not pulling over right aways….so she took it to court and LOST….you are suspose to pull over then even if it is a insafe area!!! this is a true story

  • bob

    All cop cars should be marked . No one should have to pull over if there are no official markings on the car. Not in this day and age.

  • tami

    In this womans defence , my mom is one of the smartest people I know, but gets flustered in a think quick obey the law sittuation. She would of done the same. Unfortunately we live in a sick world and everyone needs to be aware of this localy. If you care stop blaming this woman and inform others.

  • angie

    Are we seriously gonna blame the woman and naively be live this is out of the realm of possibility? Come on folks! This happens more than you think and with the laws written the wat they are, you can actually be charged with evading if you don’t pull over for a “legitimate” officer. She was probably scared and knowing Scranton and Clarks Summit cops was afraid of what would happen if she didn’t pull over. Unfortunately its not just the pretend cops you need to be on the look out for in this area. The so called legitimate cops in this area aren’t so pristine either.

  • Skeptic

    Something isn’t right here. 230am and she pulls over for a red car that flashed its headlights, then gets into this car? My theory… boyfriend/hubby knows she was out drinking and up to no good, so she fakes a kidnapping to divert attention from herself. Blaming the victim? You bet. At the very least, she’s an idiot, but it sounds more like a hoax than anything else. It’s sad that things have to be that way, but it’s more and more apparent every day that “victims” aren’t always the real victim.

    • Annoyed

      Wow! If you read the times first article then you would know that a garbage man who just finished his shift SEEN the woman jump out the moving car & run across the street. Then the man who witnessed it asked her if she was ok & took her to police.

  • Nancy

    I was coming home from work a couple of weeks ago and I was on Coxton Road and a guy in a black SUV coming the other way started blinking their lights at me and stopped in the middle of the road and wanted me to stop. No way! I kept going. If he was an officer he would have turned around to follow me but he just kept going when I didn’t stop. Freaked me out!

    • A woman

      On my way home from work a few days ah car was following me very close and flashing their lights at me. I ignored it and stayed in a well lit area. I read an article about something similar so it made me nervous but not so much so… Now I’m really nervous. Same description but I didn’t stop.

  • Jen

    This all seems too weird to be true. Why is there no description of this guy and just the car? Why did she get into the car when it clearly wasnt a cop car? Why didnt she question why she was stopped or drive to the police station instead. Maybe this was a prank or something

  • Jim

    For a routine traffic stop an officer is not going to have you exit your vehicle and ask you to get into theirs……what in gods name was she thinking ? I agree, there has gotto be more to this story……

    • Hilda (@NadyneLRemetz)

      Not everyone is used to being pulled over by police. If you have never been pulled over by police how do you know what is normally done? She didn’t know any better at first but caught on to the fake before anything worse happened. I hope they catch the fake cop.

  • Jill Bartholomew

    This is why I won’t pull over for any unmarked car!! I would fight any charges filed against me to the end for not stopping. No police officer should ever be allowed to pull another car over while driving an unmarked vehicle, I don’t care how many lights they have flashing and how many badges they have in their pockets, all these trinkets can be bought on line by any psycho.

  • Carol

    Please share this as a warning to others – she was probably nervous and scared – which made her vulnerable. Glad she was able to escape.

  • bob

    Don’t blame her, the area where I live cops drive normal cars so it would be hard to tell if he was real or not, and what would you do say your not a real cop what if he was and then you got fined or put in jail how would she know

  • Darlene

    So she got into a car with a guy who she thought was a cop, and he wasn’t even in a police vehicle??? That just seems odd to me! Wondering if there isn`t more to this story!!??

    • Joseph Peter Klapatch

      If you get pulled over, call 911 and ask the dispatcher if it is a legitimate stop. They should be able to tell you if there is a legitimate officer pulling you over. If it is an imposter they can send someone.

  • Eye4aneye

    @Andrea . Your going to blame the victim . That’s the way society should be to trust your law inforcement . It a shame that people today don’t respect them . It’s not her fault what she did . It just a shame there is people out there that commit crimes like this person did to this lady .

  • Linda Cusick Kasza

    This is why if Im going to be pulled over for whatever reason, i will put my flashers on and make the cop follow me to a place where there are other people. no way in hell am I pulling over if there’s no one around he can follow me at a slow speed with my flashers on, a real cop will realize there is some issue and im not running from him or her.

    • Sundown

      Good idea! When I lived in the city, there was less of a chance of this happening on the street, but it could and did happen with law enforcement impersonators coming to your very door! If that was the case, I would call my local precinct and make them come and check the guy out!

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