Veterans Receive Medals

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On Friday, a group of veterans received the medals they earned many years ago, but because of red tape and other issues never received them.

It was long overdue. Congressman Lou Barletta presented medals to veterans from World War II and Vietnam .

One of them, Joseph Heintz, served in the Army for more than 40 years and was a witness to history at the end of World War II.

"I started in Germany with the war crimes, when Rudolf Hess went to Berlin, and I took the head of the German youth up to Berlin," Heintz said.

Rudolf Hess, was Adolf Hitler's deputy. Hess was convicted of war crimes and took his own life. Heintz said his interaction with Hess was discouraged.

"He was a pretty cold guy, and I stood guard outside his cell once or twice, most of the time we didn't get to talk to him because we weren't allowed you would look through a little peephole through the door," said Heintz.

George Zeeb said he received war medals for his father who had passed away.

"I had no recollection where the medals were, if he ever got them, and it's important that we get them, just wish he was still living that's the sad part," said Zeeb.

Air Force vet David Sturdevant explained he appreciates getting his long overdue medals.

"I often think of it, it was a good part of of my life and I often think of it," said Sturdevant.

If you're a veteran and don't have the medals that you earned the best advice is to contact your local federal representative.