Poll: Should the Governor Have Gone to the School?

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Protesters crowded outside a Philadelphia High School Friday morning where Governor Tom Corbett was scheduled to honor some of the city's top performing public high schools.

The protesters hoped to confront the governor about the nearly $1 billion in funding cuts for public education in the commonwealth, but the governor decided to avoid the school.

How do you feel about the governor's decision to head to his office instead of the public school in Philadelphia?

Should the governor have gone to the school despite the protest?


  • m.t.

    nearly all public school systems are money-pits…get rid of non-essential subjects and go back to basics,since students can’t read,write and do simple math..as far as corbett,maybe it was better he didn’t show..these teachers looked like rabid dogs ready to attack

  • observed

    Hey prove my logic wrong……it sounds like you want to segregate some kind if virus by remanding our chikdren to home…..kids need to be socialized and that can be learned in a cliset. Your an udiot.

  • prove my logic wrong

    Let’s talk fix

    Why can’t we video tape classroom sessions and put them online. This could move the public school into the home with a small group of teachers reviewing and updating the video, tutoring students, and grading online test. Imagine a group of 10 math teachers handling all the online students in the state.

    Why can’t this be done? Why can’t this be the public school financial correction needed? Why can’t this be the saving path, preventing the need for added school buildings, extra building maintenance, or a gaggle of future teachers.

    Why can’t this path work?

    • Barbara Bresee

      Prove it wrong: Your logic has some very big holes. If all of our children were Cyber-schooled it would create a problem for working parents, as well as the social development needed in a public setting. And most households are working households where both parents or even parent has to work to support their child(ren). As it is now, most people I know have issues with before and/or after school care and summertime is always an issue. That type of system would only work for the wealthy, or persons who live off of our government (those that collect disability and/or welfare). And where would that leave the state? BAD IDEA, EVEN WORSE GOVERNOR!

  • prove my logic wrong

    We need to take actions to make our children stronger.
    Paying teachers more to get better teachers is a great argument as long as the we recognize that the failing teachers we have now must be replaced with this higher pay and the old excellent teachers we keep don’t need the higher pay. Only new, replacement teachers must get the higher pay, current teachers must be exempt.

  • stan

    It’s obvious that Corbett never attended any school at all in his idiotic life. He is a failure as a governor and as a human being. If he and the simpleton republican majority house implemented a severance tax(like all other host states do) on the greedy marcellus shale oil barons, then, there wouldn’t be a bogus educational funding cut and another gasoline tax. This coward and idiot needs to be thrown out on its keister. Your days in office are numbered, Puppetnor Tommi Corbett. You are a pompous liability, too. Throw rotten tomatoes at this bum and imposter.

  • Clint

    It was time to stop spending and spending for our public schools to keep failing and failing. My children go to private school while my tax dollars pay thousands more per public school student with brand new buildings and the latest Mac Air laptop only to perform at below 20% of all the schools nation wide. Of course Phila gets more money than any other county in the state. Money is always the answer… just like Psychic wins the lottery. Business as usual, it will never change, but get worse. Our “poor” children, they do not know it yet.

  • Mike Collins

    School subsidies would be more forthcoming if our Governor taxed Marcellus Shale Gas instead of lining his war chest with Gas Company Money.I think he is under the impression it will buy him another term.

  • bobc74

    I think it’s funny these people wanted to protest the “cuts” Corbett has made to education. The real blame should be going to the Federal Government. During the last few years of the Rendell administration, the Federal Government gave each state stimulus money to be used specifically toward education programs. That program expired. If you lost a source of income, you certainly couldn’t afford to keep spending money the same way as if it still existed. Well, neither can the state, unless it taxes you more to make up for it. And I’m sure you’d be protesting that too.

    • Could B. Anybody

      Was worth looking into, however Corbett was scheduled for the appearance in the morning but the shooting occurred reportedly at 3:20 PM.
      I’m still leaning towards “wimp”.

  • b

    Remember to vote this prick out. He raised your gas tax and you will see it increasing for the next 5 years. Penndot has enough money and just has to spread the corruption around more. Your roads getting fixed? Nope.

  • Anne

    The “Governor” is such a wimp! His educational cuts have had drastic results for millions of PA’s students and families. Clearly, he cannot defend his policies, nor is he willing to answer for them. Instead, like a small child, he hid behind his mother’s skirts (this being his political entourage). I suppose he had an expensive lunch and drinks in his limousine, while those students ate peanut butter sandwiches on their reduced-lunch meal tickets, and those teachers had to re-calculate their mortgage payments.

    LOL! What greeting did he expect in a public school? He’d better re-hire a new PR team!

    Such a coward! No new news there.

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