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PA Voter ID Law Struck Down

voter id

HARRISBURG — A Commonwealth Court judge on Friday put a permanent hold on Pennsylvania’s controversial Voter ID Law.

The law, passed in March 2012, required voters to show some form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license. Voters who did not have a photo ID were entitled to obtain one issued by the state. That process involved going to one of PennDOT’s photo license centers.

Appeals kept the law from fully taking effect, although voters have been asked, but not required, to show a photo ID on Election Day.

In Friday’s ruling, the Commonwealth Court judge said that the process set up by the state for people to get photo IDs is unconstitutional because it “unreasonably burdens” the right to vote. Therefore, the law is invalid.

The state can appeal the ruling. In a written statement, the General Counsel to Governor Corbett says a decision regarding an appeal will be made shortly.

You can read the 103 page ruling here. PA VOTER ID RULING 1-17-14


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