Yuengling Ice Cream Makes A Comeback

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WALKER TOWNSHIP -- Most of us associate the name Yuengling with the beer brewed in Pottsville. Now there's another product with that name: Yuengling's Ice Cream.

The first batch of Yuengling's Ice Cream rolled through a plant near Tamaqua. It's got the Yuengling name, but it's not associated with Yuengling beer brewed in Pottsville.

Production of Yuengling ice cream stopped 28 years ago. But David Yuengling, the ice cream company president, said the comeback is long overdue.

"It brings back good memories and it's good to see our family product, ice cream, to come back in the market."

Ice cream company officials believe the famous Yuengling name will entice consumers to give it a try.

Robert Boharhd, the chief operating officer of Yuengling's Ice Cream, believes it should be on store shelves next month.

"We're going to start our distribution to the north to Binghamton, New York, Pittsburgh in the west, the Jersey shore to the east and Virginia to the south and we will start off in 500 stores," Boharhd said.

Yuengling's Ice Cream is being made by Leiby's Diary, which makes ice cream for more than a dozen other brands. William Parks is a co-owner.

"We've grown 15 to 20 percent a year since I've been here and we have a good growth track record."

That kind of growth ensures a job for employees like Donna Austerberry. She said making Yuengling's Ice Cream brings back memories.

"I used to get it years ago when it was made across the street from the brewery. They used to have a little ice cream shop. I used to come out of church and have ice cream."

Company officials said people without a sweet tooth should give their product a try. They predict it will make you a believer.