Woman Nabbed After Dunkin Donuts Robbery

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Workers at a Dunkin Donuts in Luzerne County were robbed right in the middle of the day Thursday.

Police say an armed customer helped officers track down the crook.

The Dunkin Donuts on Route 315 has been robbed several times before at night, but police say this is the first time a woman robbed the place during the day and a customer with the gun helped catch the crook.

Diana Hardy, believed to be from New York, hid her face with a hood as she was brought to an arraignment on robbery charges.

Court papers say around 11:30 a.m. she walked into the Dunkin Donuts, put her hand in her purse, and threatened workers saying she had a gun.

When hardy ran out of the store with cash, police say a customer in the parking lot ran after her with a handgun.

Police say that armed customer who had a carry and conceal permit directed officers through the parking lots where Hardy ran.

Court records say Hardy put up her hands saying she did not have a gun. Officers say she was unarmed and likely lied about the gun but officers did find $177 in stolen cash.

One woman who works at Deja Vu Salon about a quarter mile away said it was frightening to see officers with guns running by her business.

“Scary! It really is. Being a business owner and having a salon right here, it’s scary,” said Danielle Yedloski.

“Witnesses were chasing her and we caught her by El humidor and 315 Plaza and she gave herself up,” said Plains Township Officer Brian Baranski.

Plains Township police say that customer with a gun was a Good Samaritan and he never threatened to use or pointed the gun.

Hardy is locked up on robbery charges.


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