Update: Verdict In Double Homicide Case

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MONTROSE — The jury has reached a verdict in a double homicide case in Susquehanna county.

A jury found Lloyd Thomas not guilty on the most serious charges of first and third-degree murder.

The jury did convict him on two counts of voluntary manslaughter and two drug charges.

The jury began deliberating Thomas’s fate late Thursday afternoon.

Earlier in the day, they heard the man accused of murdering two people testify in his own defense.

Thomas was the first and only witness called by the defense. He is accused of shooting and killing Joshua Rogers and Gilberto Alvarez almost two years ago.

For two hours, Thomas told jurors that he only shot at the men out of fear.

“It was scary. I was scared.”

That’s how Lloyd Thomas described Feburary 11, 2012, the day he saw two men in his yard and shot them both.

He claims he shot Rogers and Alvarez out of fear and in self-defense.susq victims mug

Thomas says he spotted the men while he was inside his father’s home near Hallstead and watched as they separated, one going to the front of the house and one to the back.

“I kind of stood there watching him and I saw a shotgun moving. I fired twice,” Thomas testified.

Thomas also claimed in court he thought Alvarez was also armed. When Thomas yelled out, he claims Alvarez didn’t stop.

“I couldn’t see his (Alvarez’s) arm. He made a quick turn when he got to the corner of the house. I shot him. I thought he had a handgun.”

Testimony revealed to jurors that Thomas had marijuana and drug paraphernalia scattered in the home. He admitted to smoking pot a little more than 12 hours before the shooting.

Thomas showed little emotion while on the stand, but claims immediately after he fired the fatal shots two years ago, “I was crying, panicking. I don’t know. I was very scared.”

After his two hours of testimony, the defense decided not to call any other witnesses to the stand.

The jury began deliberations a little before 4 p.m and reached a verdict just after 6 p.m.


  • Jim

    So let me understand some of you really believe they went there to sell a gun? Seriously? One in the front of the house, one around back. There car blocking anybody from an infil or exfil from the property… And oh by the way the shotgun they were there to sell was loaded!!!! Wakeup!

    • ken

      your right jim But if it was them men killed him ?
      we pat for to asshole’s to sit in jail for 50 years on are Tax dollars
      for showing up and taking the man’s life 1st !

      them he did show you can’t make fear in others or you might just get back more then you asked for !!!!! LOL

      God bless you Lloyd !

    • Wiz in Harrisburg

      I am a personal friend of Lloyd Thomas. Lloyd is the kindest and most gentle soul that would never hurt anyone unless he thought his or his family’s life was in danger. If there is any true justice in this world, he should be released from prison immediately. He stood his ground as these criminals came to him. This was 100% self defense. There should not be any prison time for Lloyd Thomas, he feared for his life and took appropriate action. The only crime that was committed was when the two criminals came to the Thomas house, parked in the middle of the road to block traffic and approached the house with a loaded firearm that had a round in the chamber. Justice was served when Lloyd shot the two criminals. Let Lloyd go.

  • james

    Well verdict done!!even in combat there rules for engagement !you probabley never served so you dont know that ! But your not to smart ken!!t

  • james

    Well sorry ken there laws that you must obey and if you feel threaten then use common sense a warning shot not kill !you need to get a life and learn how to act!!not kill people for coming on your property could of been the ups man!

    • ken

      sorry !
      I no ! way better then that !
      Just as Them men did go looking for ? You No it !
      a car cost them two men Life !
      sorry the fear was not with them when They tried to take the law in to there Hand’s and Go to His Home !
      Them men new that was a wrong Move just to late now !
      Vet’s don’t make it Better sad for that service to us !
      But still did not Give them The wright to Go to make him have fear for his Life !

    • get a clue James

      Seriously James? warning shots? Are you touched? You are missing the point here. The jury has said he was not guilty of murder because he was in fear for his life. He was guilty of manslaughter because that wasn’t a rational fear. That is a travesty of justice. When does it become rational to fear for your life if not when one of the men who have surrounded your house is armed with a shotgun. I suppose If Mr. Thomas waited until he was shot dead it would have been ok then?

      • ken

        I must say Thank you for getting my point !
        Loyd was 100% in the right !
        if i was put in the same spot id do the same !

  • Tired of people who know nothing thinking they know it all

    Theres still a lot of speculation. I am not taking either sides as 2 of the men arent here to tell their story. They were on the property of a gun shop after being shot at themselves. The I you read above, Mr Thomas stated that he had shot at them twice because he ‘thought’ they had a gun. And even if they did have a gun, it was a gun shop. How did he know they weren’t coming there about a sale fo some sort or a fix to a problem. theres a lot of missing info. But I don’t think its fair to slander 2 soldiers names because of this. They have a reason to go AWOL after doing their tours. Mr Thomas just seems to be delusional. The 1st reports of this story state that no weapon was found near Alvarez and he appeared to have been turning away from the home when he was shot. Mr Rogers was all the way down the hill dead by the road. If they were so threatening and had gone ape sh*t why did they try to flee?I show no testimony as per above where he said he, Mr Thomas, was shot at. Theres a reason he was found guilty on these charges and I think its because theres a lot of info not bein told or not told truthfully. Let these 2 men rest in peace and go bash Obama instead.On a side note, if you cant use the correct spelling of a word, please do not post negative things. Example know vs no; our vs are (that one gets a Really?) Good day!

    • Tired of people who know nothing thinking they know it all

      and yes I did not proof read this entirely and am aware there are a few typos.

    • ken

      LOL your Good !
      I did that just to see if the person is on the side of the two men or loyd !
      Gun shop or not them men DID NO it was wrong to take a gun.
      as for the reason them men did go was to see if it was loyd that did shoot up some Car !
      Not to have a Gun fixed .
      That was to intimidate The wrong Man …..Sorry
      intimidating ….Did not work out as planed .
      in the usa we have the person with a Wright to Cary law ! in the state of pa …..Loyd had that wright the county of Susquehanna,
      Gave him the card to Cary a Gun !
      He did not ever brake the law !
      so he did have his wrights to kill a person if he was in fear for his LIFE !
      we all have the same right’s it is the 2nd amendment !

      Just with the new law the person don’t need to be inside your Home .
      as long as you have fear for your life !

      as for The DA ! he new it was in self defense !
      so as for Gilt ya the man had some weed !
      That is just so the DA can say he never lost a case !
      LOL shame on him ….He LOST a lot more then a case !
      But did get some attention.

    • Jim

      The thomas did own a gunshop. I dont believe they sold them out of the house. You are mistaken to believe they were coming to the house to sell a gun. They both deserved their dishonarables! Loyd has never ever hurt another living soul until this.

    • ken

      sorry James
      I will not !
      But i am a farmer that care’s we all have law’s for a reason ! as for the law that was made was used for that reason !
      you need to get a life and move on .

  • ken

    AS FOR THE Highly awarded vet’s
    know way did that Give them the right to Cary a gun to loyd’s HOME !
    sorry Them men did goo looking for it !
    as for THAT in it self show’s 100% loyd was at his home he did have the right to Cary a gun he was a GUN DEALER !
    so as for them men if that was loyd that was killed at his home !
    OK that is the reason for the new LAW !
    that is the true reason ! so we can all feel safe in or home or in are yard know other person has the right to just show up with a gun,
    Just to make us all feel we live in fear !
    Sorry you show up at my door and do the same with a gun I will do just as loyd did !

    as for the DA he new it was in self defense !!!! From day #1
    he just love the attention ………………..

  • Bullcrap

    Yea especially when one is buried in Arlington Cemetary and the other was a Highly awarded vet with multiple Purple Hearts. Once again the system fails the people.

    • ken

      That still don’t change
      that did not give them the right to have a gun in hand to use or shoot at Loyd !
      sorry Not very smart !!!!

      as for the Purple Hearts Loyd need’s a few for his service to Susquehanna county !

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