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Chris Zimmerman Shamokin Coaching Success

The Shamokin Indians basketball team suffered a serious blow Monday night on this play their leading scorer and 6-4 senior center Austin Stine breaking his arm after hitting the floor against Pottsville. Up until that point the Indians had a perfect season going under second year head coach and former Indian player Chris Zimmerman.

“We went thru our struggles last year and growing pains, but you talk about playing all the freshman we also had a lot of juniors that didn’t really have any varsity experience and the chance last year to kind of grow even though it wasn’t in the win department. The kids took their bumps, but I think they really learned a lot. They got a lot of experience going thru what they did last year, and they built on it in the off season,” said Chris Zimmerman.

When Chris graduated here in 1999 he took with him three Schuylkill League championships and three District IV titles and is still the School’s all-time leading scorer. The transition from player to coach is taken some time, but learning under Joe Klebon has helped and now at year two at the helm 10 games 10 wins.

“Teaching in the school district and coaching at the JV level and then the varsity level you know the kids really well. I feel like I have a pretty good relationship with all our kids. You know the kids they know what to expect from you so it definitely has helped,” again said Chris.

Being part of the Heartland Conference now Chris is aiming his sights first and foremost on that, but shared some special moments on his trips to Martz Hall.

“It was a lot of fun. We had a great time and myself, my friends, and people I graduated with we loved it. It was a great atmosphere getting a chance to play in the Schuylkill League playoffs at Martz Hall,” added Chris.

Chris and his wife Lauren and expecting the birth of their first child a baby girl Mackenna any day now and you can expect her to be with daddy court side.

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