UPDATE: Body Found In Beech Creek Identified

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CLINTON COUNTY -- State police investigators were called to Beech Creek Thursday when a body was discovered under the Beech Creek Veterans Memorial Bridge.

On Friday, the Clinton County Coroner identified the person as Alex Witherite, 17, of Beech Creek.

The coroner says he is waiting on the results of toxicology tests.

The state police are also continuing their investigation into Witherite's death.


  • Coon

    God has nothing to do with this. Stop the bible thumping, no god or devil was involved in this. Humans live, humans die. We are a mind, body, and spirit. Two of those are temporary. All you can do is hope for the best as to the third aspect.

  • Dan

    the discussion happening is not about whether religion is wrong or right or if god is real or not. This discussion is about the right to grieve as you want without others telling you its wrong. It is a shame that this young man died and hopefully a lesson can be learned from it, but saying who ever isnt christian is wrong is just absurd. To add insult to injury it was something copy and pasted from facebook so its not even a heartfelt sentiment.

    believe what you want to, let others do the same. This young man lived and died and it is unfortunate to all humans.

  • Sam

    Our debate has nothing to do with this young mans family. My condolences to the family, I don’t wish that upon my worst enemy. Just because this is a tragic event, though, doesn’t mean that we can’t converse back and forth about it. If you don’t like what you’re reading, don’t read it.

    This entire debate started when someone posted a comment saying that we need God or something of the sort. No, we don’t need god, or prayers. We need proactive human beings who will take it upon themselves to change situations.

  • Chelsey

    Thoughts and prayers to this family that has been struck with such a tragic incident.

    And shame on the people who make this about something else (something to fight over). Just give your condolences.. thats all. Can’t do that then move on.

  • debra

    The Atheist View on life…..
    I will live my life according to those beliefs
    God does not exist
    it is just foolish to think
    that there is a God with a cosmic plan
    that in all powerful God brings Redemption and healingto the pain and suffering in the world
    it is a comforting thought however
    Is only wishful thinking
    people can do as they please without Eternal consequences
    the idea that
    I am deserving of Hell
    because of sin
    is a Lie meant to make me a slave to those in power
    “The more you have the happier you will be”
    Our existence has No grand meaning or purpose
    in a world with no God
    there is freedom to be who I want to be
    but with God
    everything is fine
    is rediculous To think
    I am lost and in need of saving

    A Christians View on Life….
    ( read this bottom to top)

    • Dan

      this couldnt be any more wrong honestly. If you want to post something nice just post what you think and what is in your heart…. dont just copy and paste from facebook.

    • Sam

      I’d like to rebut this, in my own words, not something I copied and pasted from the internet. I do as I please, sure, but not if it negatively effects others. I don’t base my actions off of the fear of “eternal consequences”, but rather consequences in my own lifetime, brought upon by people that I care for. In other words, it’s not the “fear of hell” that prevents me from committing unjust actions, it’s actually the Golden Rule: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”.

      You’re correct in saying our existence has no meaning or purpose. We just exist, we just are. I’m sorry if that is depressing to some people, but as far as we know, it’s the truth.

  • Cooky Lewis O'connor

    sundown GOD is helpin’,its the ppl since they took prayer out of schools look at all the tragedy involvin’ school-work places,,,we’all need 2 pray that the ppl in charge would plzzz bring prayer back in schools/flag poles-‘r/young need the LORD now more then ev’a,,,im in prayer ev’yday 4/the youth of AMERICA-AMEN <

    • Sam

      Right, because tragedies NEVER happen when people pray. Everyone, don’t take any initiative action, no. Let’s all just get together and pray. That might help.

      Let me ask you both this. I was raised, and continue to be, an atheist. I don’t believe in God, prayers, superstitions, extraterrestrials, etc. I’m also a good person with strong morals. I would never consider stealing or harming another human being in any way. How do you explain that?

      The point that I’m trying to make, is that people can have good morals and be upstanding citizens, sans religion altogether. What people need is guidance, whether that comes from a parental figure, government bodies, or an invisible man in the sky. But to say that “not having prayer in schools is the source of our problems” is totally naive, not to mention ignorant and arrogant.

      To sum things up: I don’t pray, ever. I never have, and never will, because in my honest opinion, the time spent praying, can be better spent doing something productive to actually help the situation, rather than just sitting back and saying “well it’s god’s will!”. No, it’s not. You can change your life and the lives of others, just take some initiative.

      • Dan

        this is very well written and completely true. If you want religion in schools then let the child decide what they want to believe AND YOU BETTER NOT GET UPSET IF THEY CHOOSE SOMETHING YOU DONT LIKE. This is supposed to be a land of equality and acceptance, if somebody wants to believe in jehovah they should be able to, if somebody wants to live by the satanic bible they should be able to.

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