What Men Would Do for Longer Looking Locks

The results of a new survey might prove that even more and more men are caring about their hairdos! So much so, that some guys may even be turning to surgery.

Newswatch 16`s Ryan Leckey was in Lackawanna County with the lowdown on the results of the survey and treatments.

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  • Charley

    Interesting, I’m balding… my mothers side (male and female) are full head of hair and my fathers side has a couple of balding men.

  • Robyn

    Humm did anyone else catch that his father was bald???? Sorry, but the suspect gene variation sits on the X chromosome, which is handed down to men by their mother. So a man may get an idea of his scalp’s future from men on his mother’s side of the family. I don’t think I’d go to this guy of he doesn’t even know basic Mendel’s law.

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