Shooting Victim’s Daughter: He Did Not Deserve To Die

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP -- The daughter of a shooting victim is speaking out against the violence that took her father's life early Tuesday morning.

State police said the victim was not the intended target. His son was involved in a drug deal.

Now Anyssa Kravchenko said her father did not deserve to die.

Bruce Murray, 23, of Tobyhanna, Jacqueline Harrigan, 20, and Dygunn Mitchell, 16, both from East Stroudsburg are locked up charged in connection with an alleged drive-by shooting.

Investigators made the arrests on the same day the victim Darcey “Chip” Kravchenko was found dead inside his home in Hamilton Township with a gunshot wound to the head.

“I was sleeping so I didn`t hear gunshots or anything, I just heard my mom yell, and I came out and the whole house was shot up,” said Kravchenko, the victim's daughter.

State police said the trio went to Kravchenko`s home on Timber Road looking for his son Brandon who reportedly ripped off their friend in a drug deal.

According to arrest papers, Jacqueline Harrigan told the group “Bunnell said Brandon was not there but the guy who robbed me is inside."

Now Anyssa said she fears for her brother's safety.

“I`m very frightened, my brother is my best friend, I don`t want to lose my brother, I just lost my dad, I can`t lose my brother,” said Anyssa.

When police came to Kravchenko`s home, they found him in a pool of blood, shot through the head.

At Kravchenko`s house, blood is visible under the window, the window punctured with a bullet hole.

Bruce Murray reportedly told police “Dygunn Mitchell said he saw someone at the window, shot at the glass and broke the window.”

“My dad got up to check what was going on, and he ended up getting shot and killed,” said Anyssa. “My dad had nothing to do with it, he didn`t deserve to die.”

Court papers also say another man named Simon also fired at the house; there's no word on his whereabouts.

It is not clear if state police plan to charge another woman, Kaylynn Bunnell, who they say was also involved.


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