Police Investigate Burglaries in Sunbury

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SUNBURY -- Police in Sunbury are investigating eight burglaries in less than one week! Police said the crimes happened at businesses on Market and Chestnut Streets downtown, and one of the places was hit twice.

When Mike Cole and his staff walked into Universal Medical Supplies on Market Street in Sunbury last week, they noticed parts of the store were a mess.

"We just saw that they knocked a few things off the counter, cut the cord on the register, knocked the window out of the door," Cole said.

Cole said burglars made off with around $300 in cash as well as candy bars. This store was not the only place targeted. According to Sunbury Police, there have been eight break-ins at downtown businesses in less than one week.

"We never have that many burglaries in the space of even a month or so, so this is way out of character for us," Chief Stephen Mazzeo said.

Chestnut Street Deli was broken into twice. Employee Debbie Inch said the owners did not find anything missing the second time, but the first time they did.

"The only thing they took was money. They took no food, nothing else but money," Debbie Inch said.

Some of the stores are taking extra precautions since the burglaries.

"We've got all kinds of bars and locks and our doors now trying to keep things under control. You just never know," Inch said.

"We're using the alarm now. We weren't using the alarm before," Cole said.

Sunbury Police said they have evidence which leads them to believe that there may be different groups of people committing the crimes.

"We've put together a major crimes unit which consists of two of my better officers. They've been working on this for over three days straight trying to determine exactly what's been occurring," Mazzeo said.

Sunbury Police is asking for the public's help to solve these crimes. If you have any information you are asked to call 911.

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