Nurse’s Aide Accused of Stealing Crucifix from Dying Veteran

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP – Court records say a nurse’s aide from Lackawanna County is accused of stealing a gold chain with a crucifix off of the neck of a dying veteran in hospice care last month.

Authorities charged Warren Wells, 42, of Madison Township with robbery at an arraignment on Wednesday afternoon.

According to investigators, a 14K gold chain with a crucifix was reported missing from a patient inside the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center near Wilkes-Barre in December of 2013.

Court documents said army veteran Laurel Sywensky, 60, Lehigh County, died the following day, and the woman’s son suspected that a male employee seen outside the hospice care room had swiped the jewelry.

Police based at the hospital say that records from the Northeastern Pennsylvania Precious Metals Database showed that Wells sold the chain and crucifix at J.B. Jewelers in Scranton, within an hour after his shift was supposed to end on the day of the alleged robbery.

Court documents said Wells sold the jewelry for $100, but a jewelry store employee told police that the value was estimated at $360.

Veterans heading to appointments inside the medical center told Newswatch 16 that they were surprised and disgusted by the allegations.

“I had some valuables and they weren’t tampered. It kind of surprises me that something like that would happen,” said Chester Zeshonsk of Scranton.

“He has a lot of nerve to steal it, if he believed in that kind of religion,” said Don Melvin of Scranton.

One neighbor who lives near Wells' home in Lackawanna County told Newswatch 16 that he was stunned by the arrest, and described the nurse’s aide as a “very religious man”.

“Very nice guy. I mean I can’t believe it,” said Rick Sievers of Madison Township.

Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center spokesperson Gail Benner told Newswatch 16 that other doctors and nurses at the facility are focused on helping veterans.

“Each year we serve approximately 39,000 veterans throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, roughly about an 18-county area. A lot of veterans come here to get any kind of medical care that they may need,” said Benner. “We remain committed to providing them with the excellent healthcare that they deserve through their service.”

The spokesperson would not comment on the status of Wells’ employment.


  • Tom

    I’m surprised the news left out that he was supposedly a Bishop in the Orthodox Catholic Church, especially since it was a crux he stole

  • Glenn McBride

    In VA parlance, “nurses aide” actually means “street thug”. The VA has legions of these punks that are hired specifically because they are bullies, then unleashed the scumbags on any veterans that dare to speak out against the horrible care the VA doles out. Research the Robert Rosebrock case at the West Los Angeles VAMC to confirm what I am telling you here.

  • Sad Vet

    I worked there and 99.99% of employee go out of their way to take care of the veterans and honor their service. I guess Warren was the .01% that brings discredit. That facility works hard and his one disgusting act will tarnish all the good work being done there. How could someone be so cold as to steal jewelry off a dying person, veteran or not?

  • Mandy Smith

    Wow. I’m an aide and I can’t take a piece of hard candy from a resident when they offer. I can’t see how he justifies stealing such a valuable, cherished possession from someone who is supposed to trust and depend on him. You have to be heartless and lack a conscience to do something like that. I really hope that people can understand that this was an isolated incident. We’re not all like this man. My thoughts and condolences are with the patients family. I’m glad they got justice.

  • stan

    Warren, your cockiness, arrogance, Mr. T jewelry, cut off t shirts and pumped out chest finally caught up to/with you. You are a stupid coward and you deserved what you got. Enjoy your time in prison and the public eye. How disgusting and dishonorable you are, stealing from a dying U.S. veteran and disgracing your family. How dare you violate that dying woman and her dignity. Our veterans deserve better than this coward and his kind. Real tough guy, Warren, you have removed all doubt, too.

      • wesleyr56

        I have been in the Jewelry Mfg industry for decades. I have seen people caught stealing that I trusted implicitly and you would believe it impossible for them to behave like that. The unofficial belief is that one in ten will at some point. The individual is responsible for this and no one else.

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