Mourning The Victim Of A Hit And Run

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GREAT BEND TOWNSHIP -- A wreath along the road now marks the spot where a man was hit and killed and then the driver took off.

Now family and friends are mourning him and hoping whoever is responsible for this deadly hit and run comes forward.

State police in Susquehanna County say they found the SUV involved in the hit and run and are now questioning people to determine who the driver was.

Investigators say that driver hit Earl Youngs, 20, around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday on Route 11 near Great Bend and then left the scene.

The victim's fiancee is pleading for that person to come forward. She said Youngs was just going for a walk to cool off after an argument.

But minutes later, only a hundred yards or so away, he lost his life along Route 11 north of Great Bend.

Spray paint on the road marks where Youngs was hit by an SUV and killed. His fiancee says she got there just after the driver took off.

“I knew that he wasn't with me anymore. I knew that he was gone. He wasn't moving. They had to stop me from running over to him and I just kind of lost it from there,” said Alyssa Wright.earl youngs mug

A photo from happier times sat on a table as Wright tried to let the hit and run driver know who was killed.

“He was my best friend for seven years until we got together, and after we fell in love it got even better.  He would do anything for me and did do anything for me.”

Friends say when Youngs went walking he was wearing all dark clothes, that it was so foggy, it was tough to see. They say it may have been an accident that he got hit, but for the driver to leave the scene makes this loss so much worse.

“There's no words for that.  I just really hope they find the right person.”

Becca Barton owns Valley Lanes bowling alley. The hit and run was right in front of the business. She saw the suspected SUV just after it happened

“He came up, turned around in the lot, pulled off on the side of the road, stopped there for a minute, then took off towards town.”

A wreath now stands at the spot Earl Youngs was killed. There's no doubt to his loved ones that the driver knew what happened here.

“He wasn't just a nameless person on the street that they hit. He was someone's fiance and someone's son and someone's grandson and someone's best friend and now he's gone and he's none of those things anymore,” Wright said.

State police found the Jeep Liberty they say was involved in the hit and run. Troopers said they were conducting interviews but they haven't said if they have a suspect or if there will be an arrest.


  • Alicia

    What gets me is to hit someone like that then turn around to look for what you hit and then drive off is crazy!! Prayers and Thoughts go out to his Family and Friends

  • stan

    Tragic. This heartless coward should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, without the possibility of parole or probation and made to pay restitution. Better to walk facing oncoming traffic, instead of being surprised from behind, especially with Pennsylvania drivers at the helm. Probably a DUI/narcotics involved, too.

  • MaryLou Moran-Cobb

    it may have been an accident seeing of dark clothing and the fog BUT when the person knew they hit something or in thsi case someone why would they just leave makes you kinda of guilty of sumthing maybe a DUI????

  • Sundown

    Hope they find the one responsible and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, but to hit someone and take off like that is inexcusable!

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