Delaware Valley Wrestling Team

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Delaware Valley head wrestling coach Lou DeLauro is committed to winning. If Easton calls his kids are there. Up next the Escape the Rock tournament-there are no shortcuts to success for his program. All this dueling building towards another successful campaign in District II.

"All that stuff is stuff that we do to get ready for the end of January district duals as well as a plan to be at that state tournament. We want to win a district title, but our ultimate goal is to get a state medal," said Lou DeLauro.

The team dual championships this year will take place at the end of the month at the Kingston Armory and for Delaware Valley they are looking for their fourth district title in a row.

"The biggest one for me was probably the freshman year it came down to the last match. The last five seconds Mike Stager really stepped up big for us. It was probably the turning point for my wrestling career that's when I realized I had to step up and keep it going," Colin Irwin.

Colin Irwin is one senior co-captain for Coach DeLauro the other is Jalen Palmer closing in on the school's all-time win mark of 160 held by his older brother CJ.

"Feels amazing I'm almost there it's about 20 maybe 15 matches and as soon as I get it I'm going to feel like I accomplished something. Those are my top goals and once I have that it's always going to be up there and always a good thing to look back on," said Jalen Palmer.

"Jalen is not a vocal guy. Jalen does not say much, but he leads by example. He's been tremendous for the program," again said Lou.

While Palmer is piling up wins guys like Frank Carrozza, Matt Wagner, Matt Decker and Patrick Testino provide major contributions keeping the warriors on that winning track.

"Also this week we started our morning workouts again. We always do that in January and that right there is what sets us apart is getting those morning workouts getting the kids in a little early better shape so come that third period they can outlast their opponents," added Lou.

Regionals rankings from District 11 came out on Wednesday afternoon and the Warriors listed as the 7th team in the area. Bethlehem Catholic listed as the top team.


  • stan

    Hi Joe, if you stated the aforementioned rhetoric, then, it must be the truth. Easily believable, though, and I no longer need to do my due diligence. Tell little Joey that we said hello and hope all is well with his studies/athletics at Carnegie Mellon University. If he wrestled or played football in district 11, he’d probably be playing and earning an education at a division I or II university, though. Sometimes the easy road becomes the hard road and sometimes the hard road becomes the easy road, Big Joe. Good to admit your transgressions and come clean. There is hope for you, Joe. No more BMOC(big man on campus).

  • stan

    No anger here, happy as a lark and exposing phonies and “shortcut” artist like the DV wrestling program. Just calling a spade a spade. The offer still stands. Step up to the plate and join District 11 or continue running scared of real competition. Sorry for you and your son’s loss, though. Lou should practice what he preaches and elevate his team to a higher level of competition (District 11). The aforementioned act would only improve his reputation and wrestling personnel. Laura, you and the boys get a COMPETITIVE life, too. Can’t wait to see you at the regionals, again. Real competition is far better than inflated statistics and egos, Laura. Stop living the lie, Laura.

  • Joe Fagan

    BTW Stan, just kidding about my post. DV’s program is all class, all heart and the kids buy into the hard work. They keep their grades up, represent themselves as model student athletes and win or lose as a team!

    • stan

      BTW, Joe, if what you say is true, then, elevate your program to district 11 and truly grow, instead of being an “inflated” wrestling program. Have more class, more heart and buy into harder work with the pending advancement of your wrestling program. We at district 11 are watching and waiting for your arrival.

  • John

    I’ll tell you one thing the young men and coach from Disrict 2’s Warrior program have: CLASS. Take a tip Stan. Got it Stan? Okay Stan. Thanks again Stan. Any questions Stan?

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