Three Arrested for Murder of a Man in the Poconos

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STROUD TOWNSHIP --- Police in Monroe County arrested and charged three people with killing a man in Hamilton Township early Tuesday morning. They were led out of court in the Poconos around 9 p.m.

Bruce Murray, 23, of Tobyhanna, had nothing to say to Newswatch 16 about the charges he faces.

Neither did Jacqueline Harrigan, 20,  of East Stroudsburg or Dygunn Mitchell, 16,  of East Stroudsburg.

The three are charged with criminal homicide, conspiracy to commit homicide, and tampering with evidence.

Investigators said the three were responsible for the shooting death of Darcey Eric Kravchenko, 39, of Hamilton Township.

State police said it all started with a drug deal involving Kravchenko's son and some people who felt they had been cheated. To get revenge, investigators said the group of people, including Murray and Harrigan called on some local gang members, including Mitchell.

Around 1 a.m. Tuesday, state police said the group drove past the Kravchenko mobile home and Mitchell and another gang member fired shots.

One of those shots, police said, hit Darcey Kravchenko in the head, killing him.

State police investigators said this case is not closed.

There maybe more arrests in connection with the homicide.

As for the three who have already been charged, they are due in court later this month.

On Wednesday, investigators said Kravchenko was not the intended target.


  • Becauseeekay

    The guy bruce murray lost his mom recently and has been stuggling his entire life with tons of issues. Also not his first time for hurting somebody he deserves every year he gets in jail. He was offered plenty of help threw out the years he choosed not to accept so this is where it lead him

  • Sundown

    @Sam the simpleton, you would be lucky to have me as a parent because you might just learn an thing or two like it or not, one’s father’s head getting blown off because of the loser crowd he hung with is hardly a simple “mistake,: duh, and God comes first, THEN law…pot is not better for everyone anymore than liquor or psych drugs are. When I was young I DID drugs, no I am not as naïve as you think you are…

  • Capt Bogart

    First off our nation’s judicial system has failed to protect the people. If its intent was to make money, then the Judicial system has achieved success. In our county, law enforcement risks their lives arresting these people, then the Judicial system fines them, then continues to use the revolving door on these criminals. The Judicial System keeps releasing these people back out to commit their next crime. The system is already counting money from their next occurrence.

  • johnobrien1960

    These kids act like there gang bangers but there not at all, what they are is 3or more kid junkies strung out on pills(blues) or herion who probley tried to get even with the one who shorted them. This is very,very, big problem and a true epidemic in the poconos. I can’t put any blame on the police and different law enforcement agency’s because very recently I myself was locked up for a traffic violation here in the Pocono region area and I could not believe what I saw in the county jail. I counted and figured out that approximily a huge 90% of the people in there were all in for the 2 drugs I mentioned , the blues(percocet#30)+ the worst of all drugs herion!!! The kids today get the pills from doctors in+mostly out of state and the herion from Paterson+Newark N.J. Or from NYC. The herion now is cheaper and better then the pills and there high last longer, the pills typically sell for about 30.00 each while the herion is only 10.00-15.00 per bag. Anyway these kids now joined the big time list and they don’t have the faintest clue what is in store for them now! The police+law enforcement agency’s can use this tragedy to help many other young kids stay away from these+all drugs by spreading this into all schools and showing them what deffinetly will happen once they pick up that very 1st drug.whats needed is for more police to go into more schools and places where youth hang out and start talking about these problems and not try to arrest or hassle these kids all the time !

    • Jabba

      Heroin is definitely a big problem in not only this area but across the country. We need to stop and ask where is all this heroin coming from??? It originates as the poppy plant and the huge majority of poppy is grown in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran.

    • Sundown

      In 1973, (in nyc), we were shown a film about a kid getting addicted to heroin and dying when he was just 13. True story. I know this much, it didn’t stop me from experimenting with other drugs, unfortunately, but it did imbed in me to NEVER touch heroin in any shape, way, or form. But back then also they didn’t nand-out psych drugs to kids like they were M&M’s either. But you have to stake-out, put a stop to, and bring down the users else the drugs will just keep coming…yeah, the big-time drugs DO come in from the city, but there is plenty the kids get their hands on right here when it comes to Meth, Molly, and that synthetic garbage the gas stations were selling..Yes they need to talk to the kids, but they do need to arrest for possession and find a better way to discipline are recondition them before it’s to late. This kid had pics on his FB page of pot and booze sitting on a washing machine and pics of himself posted high…If you live in my house, transparency is the rule, we know who’s coming, who’s going, and what’s on your PC, Lap-Top, Phone, who’s calling the house, etc…or you just don’t get to live here..if my son has friends here I check out their FB page and want to know who their parents are, they don’t like it? they was the same when my step-sons lived here and they were in their 20’s. I don’t care of anyone likes it or not, it is what it is. That’s the way we have to live these days.

      • Tara Thorne

        Thank you Sundown! We feel the same way you do. It is nice to hear of another parent that feels as we do. We had to put our 23 year old step son out because he wanted to bring multiple women, drugs,and booze into our house. We also had to put our 19 year old son out for the same reasons. It is so nice to find that there are other parents who would do the same as us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a wonderful stand up parent. Keep up the good work!

    • Sundown

      Turns out two of these are no home-grown criminals! one is from nyc, and the other jersey, and I would imagine the one they’re looking for that ran to nyc, is prob from there as well..another girl is from much for my arguments with my home-grown husband that all the bad doesn’t come from the cities! well, perhaps not ALL…

    • Marcel La Vigne

      There,s 4 or 5 story lines here poconos pulp fiction I bet there was no rip off and the guy lied and all the players jumped in and It triggered a long run, with everyone involved in a murder[ the lie grew to where it played out bad]The driver of the car is guilty,no driver no murder she drove getaway .This car load of fools was on her behalf . the police are short on arrests, the way this went down after the first shot if you didn,t jump out of the car you are a part of the felony.There,s probably about 8 people who deserve a day in court

  • meow

    You can’t blame the boys for her actions, she chose to do what she did. She chose to get involved with drugs, She chose to help with the killing of a father.

    • Sundown

      true that! she knew right from wrong! she is guilty on her own merit!
      and how is she out on bail even tho she killed someone? this is ridiculous! what idiot judge allowed that?

  • Lindy Rispo

    The father died because his son was involved with drugs. That son brought his father and family in harms way and it back fired. The innocent parent died because of his son’s actions. Very sad.

    • Ann

      you don’t know the full story..yes the son shouldn’t have been involved with hat was goin on but there’s things you aren’t aware of..another party involved..I just hope the full truth comes out for everyone to know so that the other party gets arrested..they all are at fault and Chip got caught in the middle and now he’s dead =(

  • christine

    gangs will be wherever there are people in poverty, a shortage of police protection and kids without parental supervision. anyone concerned with this situation ought to be petitioning their elected officials to take measures to correct these perfect conditions that attract gang activity. we need more officers, more local squads, laws that govern how old children must be to be left on their own and more public attention and assistance for those needing financial help. the working poor here in the Poconos need more help.

    • mdog

      Rich and middle class do it too, Stupid Movie Star folks also fall in to the trap.Some movie star flea bags promote it.

    • blckace

      Gangs r everywhere high class ppl hide it a little better. I’m sorry for all of u that knew him for ur loss. A life is a life low, middle and high class.

      • christine

        without a doubt any class is susceptible to getting into trouble. I went to a private high school and the joke back then (early 80’s) was “rich kids have better cars and better drugs”. ALL kids today have a serious distortion of “reality” and we are desensitized as a whole b/c of how fast news travels – the horrors of the world are reported 24-7 and it all seems “normal” at some point. there is no respect for authority, for rules, for human life, for one another and most importantly, for ourselves. without self respect, there is no motivation to achieve and be an upstanding person.

  • Tammy

    Growing up in the Poconos it is dad to read how prevalent gangs have become. If you live there and think otherwise you need to get your head,out of,your###! And second sad a man is dead,but u seem to be ignoring the,fact his,kid was dealing drugs. If not for that he wouldn’t have been put in harms,way

      • Sundown

        Jesse, Tammy is right, because on his FB page are pics of pot and booze…did his parents know? You have to be a cop these days to be a parent, and a Corrections Officer in your home…
        This is a nightmare! Be careful the company you keep! the girl involved is supposedly out on bail even tho she is being charged with a pervious homicide? this is why half the people that cross our threshold aren’t allowed on the property let alone my home! I think I am going to get a sign, trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of MY law!

    • kp

      Just because the son smoked Pot or drank alcohol doesn’t mean he was a bad person or his parents did a bad job..and just because a drug deal went bad doesn’t mean anyone deserved to die or be hurt.. you have a problem with someone you confront them you don’t go shooting at a house when you have no idea where those bullets could land.. those shooters are scum bags and murderers and deserve to rot

      • Sundown

        t’s not about anyone deserving to get shot, it’s about raising awareness to steps that could lead up to a situation like this, people gotta stop going thru life with eyes wide shut! Right now the ones who deserve to get shot are the ones who did this disgraceful thing..What the hell is a 16 yr old drinking and smoking pot and posting pic thereof and everyone is ok with that? One minute it’s all innocent, and the next a 16 yr old is involved in a bad drug deal, his father is dead and another 16 yr old on the other side just crapped his whole life away, as did the 20 and 23 yr old? and you’re ok with all this? somebody needs woke up!

  • Nicole

    KS I’m very sorry to hear that… his family and friends will be in my thoughts during this difficult time.

  • Eric

    This article states, “Harrigan called on some local gang members, including Mitchell.” LOCAL gang members, that’s odd since every local I have heard from furiously denies that street gangs have spread into the smaller towns of Northeast Pennsylvania. They claim that gangs are currently only in Scranton and Wilkes-barre. It seems the spread of crime in NEPA is occurring faster than most will admit.

    • Sundown

      I’ve been saying that since I moved here from NYC in 2008, from a two-year pit-stop in NH, where my husband lived, and then we came to NEPA to be where he grew up to live out the rest of our lives. I do not regret the move, however, the quality of life here is little different lately, and the kids aren’t alright. Being where I am from, I recognize it quicker than my husband’s family that’s for sure! Every young adult male in his family has already been in trouble several times. And they are all from NEPA, not from the city. Almost every young adult female in his family has been involved with a young adult male that has been in trouble.
      I saw this in the city, see it here is the same!
      My son already had been given pot by a 21 yr old when he was just 16, given a spice mixture by someone else, and yes my son knew better but we have to fight this from both ends of the chain if we are going to win this more proactive in our homes and communities as to what people are getting into and worry less about offending others! I personally could care less WHO I offend if I am standing on the right of side of God and Law.

      • Sam

        I would hate to be your kid. There’s nothing wrong with pot, and people make mistakes in their lives. You sound like an arrogant prick. You say that you don’t care who you offend as long as you’re on the right side of god and the law. What if the law changed tomorrow, would your morals change along with it? If so, that’s silly.

  • Frank Rizzo

    They’re “due in court” next week while the state tries to get more info from them and turn them on the gang and other drug dealers. Then they will probably get consideration for their testimony. It’s very very sad that this man died this way and left behind children. Justice will most likely depend on what information if any they have to trade.

  • Sundown

    “As for the three who have already been charged, they are due in court later this month” and the fun never stops! I hope this statement doesn’t mean they are waling around on bail!
    all we hear is bad news involving our young people…this is why I am like a cop in my house not that won’t prevent anything but the second we find out someone is shady, they’re not only past history they are WARNED brute force will be exercised if necessary…

  • Tommy McMickle

    i cant beleive this happened. he was a nice man. he was my neighbor in fact. i feel sorry for his family and he will be missed.

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