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Texting During the Movies: Alright or Annoying?

SELINSGROVE — Imagine you are in a dark movie theater trying to watch a movie when you see a bright light somewhere in front of you. Someone is texting.

“I would rather not see that,” Lynn Hackenberger said.

A man in Florida was shot and killed earlier this week during an argument over texting during a movie.

While Lynn Hackenberger says he thinks that is horrible and extreme, he does not think people should use their cell phones at the movie theater.

“I think it’s an interruption. I would rather they not do it. I think if you go to a movie you go to see the movie and not be texting,” Hackenberger said.

Several people came to Digiplex Cinema Center near Selinsgrove to see a matinée showing of Lone Survivor. Richard Beck of Lewisburg says he hopes no one texts during the movie.

“I think it’s annoying. I don’t know what people did before they had cell phones, texting and things like that. It’s not my cup of tea,” Beck said.

There are signs posted all throughout the movie theater to silence your cell phones and refrain from texting. It is also posted on the list of rules here at the theater.

“No not the whole movie I don’t text. But occasionally,” Toni Bowersox said.

Toni Bowersox says she is sometimes guilty of texting during the movies.

“I occasionally check my phone but I don’t think people should have their brightness on that high because I find it kind of distracting. Other than that I don’t really mind it,” Bowersox said.

“I really don’t care as long as they’re not answering their phone in the movies and it’s on silent,” Patricia Culbertson said.

Some people we spoke with at the movie theater say the keep their cell phones close by at all times in case of emergency.


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