Postal Carrier Honored for Reaching Milestone

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LAKE ARIEL -- A postal carrier was honored in Wayne County Tuesday for a milestone.

Andy Box was unsuspecting when his family came by the post office in Lake Ariel to help surprise the longtime mail carrier.

After a hug from his wife Kelly, a humble Andy was recognized for three decades of driving without an accident.

A plaque and a "Million Mile Club" jacket, were both rewards for a long, safe career.

"Years is a long time and I'm glad to make it without an accident. A lot can happen out on the road with the weather and what not, i'm pretty proud of it," said Box.

So are the folks he works with. The Lake Ariel postmaster arranged a surprise party for a guy she said is completely deserving of the honor.

"It's not easy, especially considering that they travel through the snow, the wind which is an issue, the sleet, the rain," said Shelley Corey.

Andy Box started his postal career back in the 1980's in Honesdale. He's finishing his career in Lake Ariel. His father spent years in the postal service as well and is very proud of his son.

"Indescribable," said George Box in regard to how proud he is of his son.

Like father, like son each has thirty years under their belts delivering the mail through any kind of weather or terrain.

And now Andy Box has something special to remember it by.

"I was very surprised," he said. "I figured sooner or later they'd get around to giving me it, this is a little over the top."

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