Water Woes In Pottsville

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The deep freeze of last week is still being seen in Pottsville and it’s effecting a fire company.

Dennis Ward is a member of the Good Intent Fire Company in Pottsville. Ward explains the company has along proud history but on this day a lack of water too. The spickets are dry. Officials blame the the deep freeze last week for the issues.

“We have a fund raiser for Saturday night and things going on here because you can’t use the toilet, water, you can’t wash dishes, glasses anything like that.” Ward said.

Jason Witmier is the fire company president. Witmier said he reached out to their water supplier, the Schuylkill County Municipal Authority.

“We had some thawing done and we pretty much determined that after several days, this is defiantly located outside of where we’re responsible. When we call the municipal authority they we’re very uncooperative in the first call they said we don’t un thaw lines.”

According to officials of the Good Intent Fire Company the cold air got down into¬† storm drains and froze the pipe on the authority’s side of the line.

Patrick Caulfield of the Municipal Authority explained the problem is where the pipe froze and who will fix it.

“We’re ongoing with the investigation and we’re working with the Good Intent Fire Company and their local plumber on their side is ok on our side that line would have been constructed with the proper depth not be be exposed to a frost.” Caulfield said.

Fire officials say even though their drinking water has temporarily dried up, fire protection in Pottsville is not affected.

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