Vandals Strike Church Billboard Again

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP -- Some people are fuming over vandalism done to a picture of Jesus in Carbon County. It's the seventh time since October that the picture's been vandalized.

People we talked to want the vandals caught and punished.

The billboard features a picture of Jesus welcoming and encouraging people to attend services at the Ebenezer Evangelical Congregations Church in Jim Thorpe.

Police say over the last three months, the face of Christ has been hit by vandals seven times, disturbing those who have seen it when driving by on Route 209.

“I don't why they keep doing this. I just don’t know,” said neighbor Elaine Ulshafer.  “Everybody passes there all the time and sees what they're doing and they keep doing it.”

It's not known if the church has any plans to install a surveillance camera to try to stop the vandalism.

The sign is apparently an easy target for vandals. All they have to do is park their car and then jump a guiderail.

“They must not have much of a life if all they have to do is mess up something that is paid for,” said neighbor Norm Sterling. “I was pretty sad. I'm going to say what I thought because you wouldn’t put it on TV but I was sad.”

Herman Baeir hopes the vandals are caught and punished.

“Maybe a lot of community service maybe, and maybe a formal apology to the church and something like that and some form of restitution maybe.”

Mahoning Township police are looking for the public's help in developing leads to catch the vandals. If you have any information, give them a call at (570) 386-2241.


  • wayne

    I think they are just a bunch of idiots, and i also think that the idiot who made the comment about shoving GOD down their throats…. should be ashamed of themselves….. people like you are the reason the kids are so out of control, because you condone it……

  • EvilLAien

    Sounds to me like you need Jesus in your life. Maybe having a little God will fix your obvious low self worth that you anonymously on some backroom blog have to ridicule Him and his message of Peace and Love which if you try you might find through him.

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