Details Emerge In Scranton Shooting

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SCRANTON -- There is new information about what led a Scranton Police officer to shoot a man in the shoulder after a domestic dispute this weekend.

That man is now facing attempted homicide charges while recovering from a gunshot wound himself.

Javar Josey who lives on New York Street was arraigned at his bedside Sunday.

According to court paperwork, when Josey was approached by police outside his home on Saturday night, Josey pointed his gun at Patrolman James Weaver, and prepared to shoot. That's when Patrolman Weaver took a shot, hitting Josey in his left shoulder. Josey is now facing a long list of criminal charges including attempted homicide.

The girlfriend of Javar Josey said he threatened to kill her. She wrestled him for his gun and lost. A Scranton police officer showed up, and Josey pointed the gun at the officer.

That's when Patrolman Weaver fired. According to court papers, neighbors heard two shots. One bullet ended up in Javar Josey's left shoulder. He's since been charged with attempted homicide and making terroristic threats.

Newswatch 16 first met Javar Josey, better known to many as Anxious MC, when his fellow DJ became the victim of a deadly shooting.

"He is not supposed to go, not him. He would give anything to see someone make it,” said Josey in October.

Newswatch 16 spoke with Josey when his friend Michael Onley, or DJ Mo, was shot down and killed in Wilkes-Barre.

Josey said then that the shooting made him turn against violence.

"He gave me that hope, that I could do other things besides fighting, shooting, stabbing, and that I could take care of my family with doing music, doing something that I love. He gave me that hope."

Javar Josey is still being treated at Geisinger-Community Medical Center in Scranton, where he is in fair condition but a magistrate placed $250,000 bail on him at his arraignment Sunday.

As for the Scranton police officer involved in the shooting, Chief Carl Graziano says he's been placed on desk duty until the investigation is over.


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